Forum Rules and Terms of Use (last updated 12th October 2012)
By using this forum, you agree to and accept these rules and terms of use in their entirety.

General items you need to know before you do anything else

  • This site was created for pure bred dog discussion (ANKC recognised breeds)
    The primary purpose of this forum is to promote and discuss pure bred dogs (as recognised by the ANKC) so we ask you respect our aim when visiting here. If you own a cross breed dog, you are also welcome here, but we ask that you refer to it by its proper name (eg a pug-x or cavalier-x instead of the designer term 'pugalier').
  • Think carefully about any possible consequences before posting.
    Be aware that a large audience may see your post (via Google searches etc), and your words may come back to haunt you. Unlike the spoken word, your written posts will exist on here for a long time. We are not obliged to remove your membership or any post you make.
  • The forum owner (Dogz Online Pty Ltd) does not actively monitor the contents of and is not responsible for any message posted. We do not vouch for, or warrant the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or authenticity of any message (or user). We encourage you to seek your own independent professional advice on all matters. The result of any action you take based on the content of any post on this forum is your responsibility alone.
  • You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). In the event of any legal action taken as a result of a message posted by you, we reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you). We also reserve the right to disclose any information we know about you to any law enforcement agency upon request.
  • When using this forum, your computer's IP address is recorded when you join and whenever you make a post.
Forum rules that you need to follow

If you break any of these rules, you will be suspended for a period of not less than one day, up to a maximum period of 30 days. The length of time (if any) is up to the administrator of the forum. The rules at the top have highest importance and will incur the greatest length of suspension if you break them. If you continue to break the rules (ie if you have had 2 previous suspensions), you will be permanently banned. (3 strikes and you're out)

  1. Dogz Online requires that members respect the decision of administrators/moderators.
    Threads and posts that are created to question the actions or decisions of any forum moderation and/or any abuse directed at moderators (including messages sent via PM/email) will result in your access being immediately removed. Ultimately if you are not happy with the way the forum is run, it will be in your and our interests if you find another forum.
  2. Don't attack other members
    A simple definition of 'attack' ... the word 'you' (either stated or implied) combined with a negative comment (or image). If you don't agree with what a person has written, then explain why without resorting to insults.

    For those that need examples of what we class as attacks, it includes (but is not limited to)
    • name calling etc (eg you are an idiot)
    • referring to a member by an uncomplimentary variation of their username
    • having a dig at someone via a comment / quote in your signature
    • calling someone a troll (if you suspect someone is a troll, report the post and let us deal with it)
    • any post that we could class as 'just you being a bitch'. You may not like a person or have any time for them or what they write and if that is the case, skip their posts or put them on ignore.
    If you believe someone insulted or attacked you, do not respond in kind. The excuse of "they started it" is incredibly lame and it won't stop you getting a suspension as well.
  3. Keep personal disputes off the forum
    If you have a personal dispute with someone, keep it off the forum. We don't want to know about it.
  4. No denigration of pure bred dogs
    Speaks for itself. This is a primarily a pure bred dog forum (ANKC recognised breeds) and was created to promote and discuss these breeds. If you don't think pure bred dogs make the perfect pets, then maybe this forum is not for you.
  5. No denigration of responsible, registered breeders and breeding practices
    Our site has a lot of breeders with a lot of knowledge to share. We will not tolerate members who denigrate (however subtle) responsible breeders and breeding practices.
  6. No denigration of dog shows or exhibitors (and no show ring 'politics')
    Our site actively promotes the exhibition of pure bred dogs. We prefer to concentrate on the 'positives' of this activity. If you have a gripe about what happened at a particular show or the conduct of an exhibitor, please take your soapbox elsewhere.
  7. No promotion of cross breeds and/or un-necessary cross breed discussion
    This site has nothing against cross breeds (most of us have had one at some stage in our life), however we are against the promotion of them as being superior to the purebred dog and people cashing in on the 'designer dog' craze.
  8. No 'What Breeds make up my Dog' type discussion
    Speaks for itself. If you have a cross-breed, then what breeds are in it doesn't really matter (and is very hard to tell anyway in a lot of cases). Just accept that it is a mixed breed and be happy :)
  9. No topics expressing dismay at the latest dogs you saw in a pet shop or advertised in the paper or another web site.
    Discussing it here will not make any difference to the ad or pet shop being in existence. Selling dogs in a petshop is still legal (as is advertising on web sites/ newspapers). If you believe there is a welfare issue, report the business to the appropriate authorities.
  10. No crossposting of links to canine ads on other sites.
    This is not permitted for whatever reason (even rescue purposes).
  11. No 'Vote for Me' topics
    Don't post just to request someone to vote for you in a competition. If everyone did it, it would soon become annoying.
  12. Keep on topic and do not purposely railroad threads
    Have some respect for the topic starter and keep to the topic being discussed. You may not think the topic is worthy of discussion, but others may. You are not the moderator, so don't take it upon yourself to decide what can and can't be discussed here. This includes posting things such as 'get out the popcorn/snacks/chocolate etc' or 'trainwreck coming'.
    If you do wish to sidetrack from the original topic, start a new thread in the appropriate forum.
  13. Do not make any post that is defamatory
    Defamation is a communication from one person to at least one other that lowers or harms the reputation of an identifiable third person, where the communicator (the publisher) has no legal defence. The law of defamation aims to balance free speech with the right of an individual to enjoy a reputation free from an indefensible attack.

    There can be no defamation unless the person about whom the communication is made is identifiable in some way. At its simplest, that will be when the plaintiff is actually named, but even if the plaintiff is not actually named, other information may achieve the same result.
    Do not think that being relatively 'anonymous' on a forum will protect you from being sued. (see the Dick Smith case)
    See the Defamation Laws in more detail
  14. No Commercial Advertising (including banners in Signatures)
    No commercial advertising in any form is permitted (except in the Commercial marketplace forum). This applies even if you are a 'hobby' business. This includes signature images, competitions, awards, sponsorships, 'product research', feedback requests etc. We will permit a text link in your signature as long as the font size is a maximum of '2' and the site that it links to does not contain dog forums and/or similar content to what Dogz Online has. Commercial Advertising does not refer to discussion about a business by a member who is not related in some way to the business in question.
  15. Don't post material which violates a person's privacy.
    Never 'name names' or post the personal details of others (including but not limited to private emails and personal messages).
  16. No racism, pornographic type posts or graphics (including jokes) or posts that the general community would take offence to.
    Again this is self explanatory. We will remove any post that we believe may cause offence to others.
  17. Only start a new topic ONCE in the appropriate forum
    For example, if you have something for sale or have lost your dog, there is a forum set up for those purposes. Whilst we understand your topic may be important, if everyone posted their topic in multiple forums, it would soon become annoying and confusing.
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice to you.