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  1. Bark busters Specialists?!?!?!!? I do hope that the dogs who are having this issue get the underlying cause of their barking resolved. Particularly if it is anxiety based! Frustration, over arousal are other options. A veterinary Behaviourist should be the one making an anxiety diagnosis and prescribing appropriate treatment.
  2. Bulldogs shouldn't have small nasal cavities
  3. Thanks guys!!! I work a lot with dogs with HD. Manual therapies and therapeutic exercise are vital to their management to have and awesome life. I would be happy to look at the X-rays- my email is [email protected] It is also important to remember that just because we know a dog has HD that we dont rule out other issues occurring at the same time, particularly if there has been a sudden change in the symptoms.
  4. Ask for a referral to a dermatologist. It is worth doing testing to work out what is actually happening.
  5. I would go for keyhole Surgery. There are a number of benefits to having it done this way- you have a much better chance of clearing out all the stones because of the magnification.
  6. Stem cells can reduce the inflammatory process and control pain. It needs to be part of a wholistic treatment plan rather than used as a solo treatment. Therapeutic exercise is one of the most powerful ways to manage HD.
  7. I think you need to work out what is going on- is it a boney alignment issue or is it damage to the ligaments on the carpus. The treatments are different. If it is ligaments I will often try some level of immobilisation to give the ligaments time to scar. Then do rehab to build the muscles back up to support the carpus. Note that return to function takes 2-3 times the length that the immobilisation has occurred. But in some cases it is a necessary evil. If the ligaments are solid and it is a boney problem then I do LOTS of strengthening rehab. Considering the breed I might be tempted to do some very light support during high intensity exercise purely to protect the ligaments, but have no support at other times because we want the muscles to be providing active support. There are then the very rare and occasional dog that is so unstable that surgical stabilisation is necessary. If he is significantly painful then strapping may be ok for very temporary make the dog comfortable treatment until a full assessment can be done but unless it is unstable it is unlikely to assist. You can also use cool packs to reduce conduction of pain signals up to the brain and reduce pain perception.
  8. Pm is great. I am ordering it this week and it will last 12 mths.
  9. Izzy is odd- her top level reward is kibble. The same kibble she usually has for dinner and breakky. We tried chicken, chicken skin, cabanossi, Frankfurt, watermelon, liver, chicken hearts and a heap more random treats but nope still kibble. Rewards are whatever your dog finds rewarding :p all the rest of my dogs are more traditional treat eaters.
  10. There are also a few online courses from the states that look quite good- but as SAS the downside is that there isn't any hands on. I think I would always suggest doing an in person massage course and then use online courses for further information and ideas. Getting ideas from different modalities and geographical regions will really broaden your thinking and make you a better practitioner.
  11. Primal paws offers titre testing. If there is enough interest I am happy to invest in vacci check. ATM due to the very low volume I have been sending them to Vetpath. I am in Sydney but travel so Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth + central coast and Newcastle.
  12. Amentadine is another nerve pain medication that can be used in conjunction with gabapentin- but almost unheard of in AUS. Also look at pre-gablin instead of gabapentin. As you increase the dose of gaba the availability decreases so you get less bang for you buck. Pre-gablin is more reliably absorbed. Happy to give info to your vet.
  13. There is also a game that you can begin to play each day about getting a special yummy treat. For a while don't put a tablet in there but do rapid fire fun treats and make it a big squealing game of fun and excitement. The aim is that you get them not tasting the treats because the emotional heigh of the 'event' that happens at the same time every single day is more important than the treat itself. I have used this with cats to train them to take pills without noticing.
  14. A specialist may be able to offer alternatives. In some cases of LS disease it is possible to do a steroid epidural to help keep them comfy. Apologies if you already knew about this option. Some meds can be dissolved in water allowing you to syringe them in. Others can be compounded into liquid form in different flavours. Chat to your vet about options.
  15. You need to be seeing a rehab professional. Depending on how long it has been happening the treatment varies greatly. Healing occurs when you strategically stress the tendon so often crate rest exacerbates the problem if you are not doing some therapeutic exercise too.