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  1. Have you tried soaking the dry food before serving?
  2. This dog is now safe! LGD people are wonderful!
  3. There is a 7 yo Anatolian ex-guard dog (abuse has been claimed but no details given) currently in Heathcote Victoria desperately needing foster care. Are there any LGD people willing to consider fostering with the aim of rehabilitation? Alternatively, are there any LGD people in Victoria willing to coach a foster carer by phone etc? @WoofnHoof Pm me if you can help and I will put you in touch with the rescue involved.
  4. Yes that's them!
  5. to the forum. I first saw your post when it was in an inaccessible place (LOL) and could not reply. I have sent you a private message regarding a newborn litter from an excellent NSW Dane breeder which might suit you, if they are not already booked in advance. You should be able to access the message by clicking on the envelope symbol at the top right of your screen.
  6. Bit difficult because there is no scented item for dog to track. If you took it to the spot that the dog was last sighted it could pick up and follow the scent of a person or wild animal instead of the dog. People with tracking dogs please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
  7. There are interesting articles and reports in the magazine, which you don't see if you only look at the office insert (called the Gazette) but you can have a sneak peek at the Gazette contents here:Dogs Vic Gazette
  8. I bought him one of these previously also, he didn't like too much because he couldn't get comfy on it so went back to the concrete arghh You may have to train him to use it as suggested by Scrappi & Monti above, but I am thinking that if he really found it uncomfortable he might need a larger size?
  9. As far as I know, the usual way to start entering trials etc with an Associate Registered dog is via membership of an affiliated club (e.g. obedience club) but I don't see any reason not to strike out on your own. Your agility friends are very likely to have full membership with their associate dogs and can probably guide you best. :)
  10. Try getting him a raised bed like one of these. Gives good support and the air circulating underneath means it doesn't get too hot. Place it on the concrete where he normally sleeps.|
  11. I wonder if you are thinking of this piece on eggs by Dr Bruce Syme?
  12. My lot get fresh eggs about three times a fortnight. I put a whole egg (slightly cracked) in whatever their dinner is that day. Most of them eat shell and all. :) Except for the Diva puppy,who has decided that eggshell is not for eating, it is for batting around the floor to leave slimy egg white snail trails.
  13. I did ask regarding his tail but didn't get an answer. I don't think his previous owners really knew what happened. I have seen pics of others in his litter and they did not have docked tails so I'm not sure why he was different. Maybe something happened to it. If the others in his litter have full tails, then the breeder did not dock. You are probably correct in that he must have injured his tail at some point so that it needed to be amputated. He really is a stunner!
  14. Sounds you you really need to organise yourself a road trip to see the parents and the puppies!
  15. He is a stunning boy. What a pity that his breeders docked his tail. Unless it was done before the laws changed? That would be awesome, because in that case he is looking fantastic for his age!