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  1. Hmmm, 6 meals a day....I suppose that makes sense for small dogs. This pup is not a big eater, I wish she was. She does like variety though!
  2. I usually only feed eggs ie. scrambled to my adult dogs every now and then but I notice that my new pup (10 wks) seems to love them. Our chooks produce lots of eggs so I am hoping that they are something that pups can tolerate well without developing allergies to them. Would appreciate hearing from anyone else who feeds eggs to pups ie. how much & how often etc.
  3. You can only be guided by those who do this on a regular basis so my advice would be to find an animal transport company that you like and be guided by them. After all they should be the experts and part of the reason you are hiring them is to guide you through the sometimes difficult process of importing a dog.
  4. I've imported quite a few times from NZ and also USA but never needed or engaged a broker. Maybe things have changed but if it was me I would be phoning as many animal transport companies as I could find and talk to them all about your needs. By the end of all those phonecalls you would absolutely know what the best way to do things would be.
  5. Is there a reason you are not going with an animal transport company who will do all this for you?
  6. Thank you for that Boronia.
  7. Or failing that, the name of a good book on the subject?
  8. Can anyone tell me the name of a GOOD Herbal Medicine for Dogs person in Brisbane preferably northside? Thank you.
  9. Oh please...of course Metrozine isn't a probiotic and the problem was not related to exercise, poor feeding regimes or muscle control. In hindsight it is now easy to see that it was a 'stomach bug' ..... what kind I don't know but it must have been picked up when we went to a dog show. The course of Metrozine quickly and completely brought things back to normal. I know when a dog is sick and needs attention. and for those who are interested Metrozine ie. Metronidazole is used to treat protozoal infections in dogs and cats including Giardia, Entamoeba, Trichomonas and Balantidium. It also is used to treat anaerobic bacterial infections. Metronidazole has immune modulating activity and may be prescribed to treat inflammatory bowel disease. It may be used to treat colitis caused by other antibiotics, periodontal disease (especially in cats), Clostridium perfringens enterotoxemia, tetanus, diarrhoea of undetermined cause, pancreatic insufficiency (with small-intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and complications of severe liver disease. Metronidazole may be used with corticosteroids to treat inflammatory bowel disease or gum disease (gingivitis/stomatitis) in cats. Topical metronidazole gel is used to treat skin infections, such as feline chin acne. It can also be used long term in certain cases.
  10. Yes, another Metrozine (which I suggested) more diarrhoea so far!
  11. No he didn't! I find that many vets are just happy processing the easy options and lack either imagination or interest in problem solving. Over the years I have solved more dog problems myself and with the help of friends than I care to remember.
  12. I don't know why I bother to go to vets sometimes. Went yesterday and took a poo sample and vet said there was nothing untoward in it. Came away not knowing any more than when I went there.
  13. My old girl has been battling with IBD/s and/or pancreatitis for many years and she was mainly on Hills I/d but also on z/d as she also has skin allergies brought on by the diet. We have a permanent stock of metrozine and amoxyclav for the times that diet doesn't control everything. Approx. 6mths ago I moved her onto Meals for Mutts Sardine & Salmon (blue bag) and she hasn't looked back. I really can't praise it enough.
  14. It may very well not be a lack of gut flora. It is strange that it is totally random..the wanting to poo overnight I mean. I would have thought that a tummy bug would be a continuous thing, not wait three days then occur then wait a few days then occur again overnight. It's not like I am feeding anything different.
  15. One of mine is having a problem that I haven't struck before. He is crated overnight (which he loves) and up till a few weeks ago he was absolutely perfect overnight. Approx. 1mth ago he was injured and required a course of antibiotics. Recently he has been waking me up through the night to go outside to poo...something he never did before. It is not every night and doesn't seem related to what he has eaten which is 1/2 cup of Meals for Mutts in the morning and BARF in the evening. I am thinking it might be related to a lack of flora in the gut but he does not have diarrhoea. Stools are a little soft but relatively well formed. If it is related to the gut flora being diminished by the antibiotics what is the best probiotic? I have used Protexin on other dogs in the past but never really thought much of it. Maybe human probiotics might be better? Anyone have any thoughts on what it might be?