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  1. There is! Look here: condition score chart dogs.pdf
  2. There's a found Tibbie x at SDCH.
  3. A cat attacked my little dog. A cat that had been stalking him for a number of months and was considerably larger than him. This was true predatory behaviour when we were out on a walk, my dog on a leash as required by law. I was being very careful walking well away from the cat's property but it went a long way out and sneaked up from behind. Thankfully neighbours were around to help. It is not hard to contain a cat. Keep them inside with suitable environmental enrichment if you cannot afford a cat run or those roller things for fences.
  4. Have you tried putting it in a food dispensing toy? Bonus mental enrichment!
  5. Haha! Pretty flowers too.
  6. Same. My Chi x was attacked by a much larger cat who had been stalking him for months and Council just rehashed the "cats are allowed to roam" garbage. Thank you and agreed.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Your dogs are adorable! Perfect names too!
  8. To my knowledge there's three locations for nose work classes at present in Sydney / surrounds: k9 Nose Time at Castle Hill Positive Paws at Campbelltown The Dog Project at Fernhill (Wollongong) Pet Behaviour Vet wants to start classes in the southern suburbs (Sutherland Shire / St George area, not sure where exactly) sometime in the future. But scent scramble is only at Castle Hill to my knowledge. You can use toys as rewards in nose work though I haven't seen it done.
  9. Nah you should totally go! It's funny when I went to the k9 nose time sniff n go recently the vast vast majority of dogs there were Border Collies. Border Collies as far as the eye could see! I was thinking, what is this, an agility comp? You should take your legit scent hound to add some diversity to the proceedings!
  10. New workshops have been announced for 2017 if anyone is interested!
  11. Been a while since I last posted here. The Sniff n Go was so much fun! Highly recommended. Though I do NOT recommend accidentally locking your dog in the car with the windows all closed on a hot day. Thankfully the NRMA was very close by and prioritised us! Mind you when they got him out the car was still nice and cool thanks to all my prep! Our indoor search was a bit of a write off but I did learn from it. He immediately found the first hide when he walked in the door (it was right at the threshold) but I put him off going to it by doing the start line procedure I normally do. He apparently knew there was a hide on a stuffed elf too but was also put off by that. In the end he didn't indicate anything in the time given so I assume he was a bit stressed and lacking in confidence. I was probably still keyed up after the car shenanigans too which wouldn't have helped. The outdoor search went well though, he was only two seconds slower than the dog who was fastest overall on the day! We got some great photos too including a few of him with his little snout shoved into a Christmas cracker haha. I also got complimented on how I worked the wind. We started Intro to Odour (Birch) on Wednesday and it was so great to be back! Malcolm was so unbelievably excited, he was crying in the car and trying to break out! Interestingly, he found the first hide immediately but did not take his treats. He seemed put off by the birch scent and confused about what we had done to his favourite game. He was fine from then on, though, and bounced back quickly after knocking a box over. Yesterday he was much improved anxiety-wise. I am sure his nose work class had a lot to do with it.
  12. Hi Robyn, We don't that type of companion dog registry here (called Emotional Support Animals in the US), but you can get dogs registered as psychiatric assistance dogs. They have the same rights and responsibilities as other assistance/service dogs (seeing eye dogs etc) so are a step above an ESA anyway. It sounds like your son would qualify in some way, given that he is on the disability pension, but it's my understanding that you need to train the dog to perform tasks to specifically address the individual's disability ("being there" isn't enough, as beneficial as that is!) and the dog must also pass a Public Acesss Test. MindDog would be the organization to ask about the process involved and some contacts to help you start the training process: A good place to start would be their FAQ In terms of your neighbour, do you think it would be worthwhile talking to the police?
  13. Hi Robyn, I am glad to hear that Bindy is bringing some joy to your son's life. :) May I ask what you mean by registering Bindy as a companion animal? Are you talking about Council registration? Microchip registries? Or as a service dog? Wishing you and your family well.
  14. Too much conflicting info. My vet has always maintained that the intranasal is better if the dog can tolerate the delivery, especially if they are small. And I was speaking to a vet a couple of weeks ago who said that the triennial vaccine is 3 x the strength of the annual and he'd only give it if the dog was, say, going bush for a few years and unlikely to have access to veterinary care. And this wasn't an annual vac pusher BTW, he suggested for Mal (10 yr ChiX, always had annuals, Addison's disease) to skip this year except for KC (do that yearly) and titre test by blood sample sent to a lab (not in house) next year. Other vets have told me it's the exact same vaccine as the annual one, just relabeled. Even for titre testing there's diagreement. It only reveals one of the two types of immunity. As for KC, sure it may only cover a couple of strands but so does the flu vaccine and Medicare covers that for the elderly and other areas-risk groups for a reason. They're more likely to die if that get it. I want to get a vaccicheck done for some peace of mind (but that too has its opponents!) and also so I have a piece of paper for nose work classes. And still do KC component. I think. Meanwhile Mal is overdue for his annual checkup and most likely dental but his vet is pro yearly vac so I'll get that convo again. I wish they'd all just agree so I could be done with it. You want to do the right thing by your dog and get twelve different answers for what should surely be more simple.
  15. I am so sorry.