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  1. I thought they were being fostered by a DOLer, maybe in WA?
  2. I fibbed :) Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk :laugh:
  3. You said it's not enabling!!!! They're wonderful.
  4. this is just incredible, it looks real. Is there anyway you can post the photos so they're larger? even when I click on them they're the same size, I'd love to see the detail. It's a beautiful gesture that your friends chipped in to help you get it made.
  5. does it feel really weird being in the water with your camera?
  6. I cant get over how much your boys have grown. He's got that long gangly look of a youth now, we've watched them grow pretty much from toddlers.
  7. both links sent
  8. sorry, I've only just seen this now and it says sold but I see there are other of similar types going very cheap, and in similar areas to each other, but not sure where the give away dog was. I'll pm you both of them.
  9. Are these dogs easy to manage or for experienced dog people? I would have thought the latter but I honestly don't know. I ask because I've seen one free to good home and I'm wondering if there's a rescue group who cares for them and finds them suitable homes. I wont post the link unless someone aske and I'll PM it, but it's not hard to find.
  10. I wouldn't. I even put my other dogs in lockdown while the puppies were little. no one got walked
  11. I wonder if insurance companies will start to refuse to insure them.
  12. Yes, I've heard of an umbrella being used. I used to have alot of dogs charging at my mare when I'd be out riding. I had several different tactics I'd use. Sometimes my very loud angry voice roaring at them to piss off was enough, other times I'd turn my mare on them and chase them and other times I'd crack the stock whip, and sometimes it was a combination of all 3 :laugh: . Different story on foot though. I dont know what I'd do if a large aggressive dog came at me and my pack now, if I was unprepared. Probably try to lift my tiny ones up and we'd all be attacked The last time a dog attacked us I ended up injuring Pennys neck because she was on a lead and I instinctively pulled her away from the attacking dog, then I tried to kick it and it went for me. I cannot stand aggressive dogs.
  13. I've seen lots before but I think these are the best I've seen. She can even incorporate some of the original dogs hair in some, probably the long haired ones I suppose. Anyway have a look. Psst I'm in love with the little mousie
  14. how about a kids really strong squirt gun? One that sprays like a fire hose, assuming the little dog doesn't love playing with the garden hose.