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  1. Apparently still alive
  2. News update11/1/17
  3. Link to news report
  4. The RSPCA has appealed for public help to save a dog seen running across a southern Queensland highway with its mouth taped shut. Truckies have reported seeing the skinny-looking dog, believed to be a German shepherd-cross, running across the Cunningham Highway. It was last seen near a helipad near Aratula, southwest of Brisbane, on Monday morning. The RSPCA has appealed for anyone who has seen the dog to get in contact as quickly as possible, fearing it could die of dehydration. "If its mouth is taped it won't be able to eat, and drinking would also be very, very difficult," RSPCA Queensland Inspector Laurie Stageman said. "If it's not caught soon, it will be probably dehydrate and that's a horrible way to die." Anyone who has any information about the dog is urged to call the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL
  5. consider the heading is "In the news" where is the problem? No problem,but news of a dog attack comes up with such regularity that I thought it might be worthwile creating a newss sub-forum specially for the subject. After all, there is a sub forum for cruelty & abuse news.
  6. With regular dog attack items appearing here maybe forum admins should create a sub-forum specifically for dog attacks?
  7. And even if a massive fine were imposed,the owner probably wouldn't have the money to pay it.
  8. Like many other cities, the area in question is in the middle of the cbd, frequented by people of low socio-economic background and mental issues living in ajacent suburbs. Such people do not always act reponsibly, whether as dog owners or otherwise.
  9. Pit Bulls and other restricted breed dogs will be allowed in Victoria with strict requirements on owners under changes to be introduced by the Andrews Labor Government next year. Link
  10. i know.... we are a pitiful mob in reality.... i have a real problem with the stunning hypocrisy we display in deciding who and what gets to be treated in a humane manner h I still cant believe anyone ever thought of it let alone get support for it and go ahead. What a bloody disgrace. Well, the brains behind the project has also proposed exporting dingo meat to south-east asia. Maybe next on the list will be live exports to Yulin.
  11. Apparently the Qld government has terminated the experiment. I suppose now the 4 dingoes will themselves face early termination.
  12. They did not define what they meant by "coursing dogs", From my understanding a 'coursing dog' for the purposes of the POCTAA would include a dog used for lure coursing, registered as a 'coursing dog' in accordance with the recommended changes to the CAA. I'm surprised the proposed changes to the POCTAA regarding the keeping of bait animals for blooding would only apply to 'coursing dogs'. I would have thought such a provision would include persons keeping hunting dogs as well. Also, if the commission thinks lure coursers blood their dogs, then theoretically the muzzling laws and green collar tests that currently apply to greyhounds should also apply to lure coursing dogs.
  13. It's all about dogs chasing something, enhancing that drive, as I mentioned with my story about the showing and trialling unethical things are done just to satisfy egos. Can you say you know all the lure coursers in your state and how they train. I'm guessing lure coursers don't bait with animals but I suppose it could be a just in case measure. I'm with you it is stupid but unfortunately it is same the kind of sport. Well here are relevant extracts from Vol 1 of the report: (Note CAA = NSW Companion Animals Act; CAR = NSW Companion Animals Regulations; POCTAA = NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) 8.61 The Commission did not receive any information suggesting that live baiting isoccurring in relation to lure coursing. Those who engage in lure coursing donot do so for financial gain . According to Dogs NSW: Lure coursing aims to preserve and develop the coursing skills inherent insighthounds and to demonstrate that they can perform the functions for which they were originally bred. The hounds chase plastic bags on a course laid out to simulate escaping game. The plastic bags are pulled around on a nylon string course, propelled by a hand controlled motor.666 8.62 The Commission accepts, nevertheless,that, because the lures used in lure coursing are meant to simulate live prey,there is a risk that dogs which participate in the sport may be trained or trialled using small, live animals. However, the trigger point for the lawful keeping of small animals on a property which houses or kennels coursing dogs other than greyhounds cannot be registration under the CAA. Coursing dogs other thangreyhounds are not exempted from registration whilst they are involved in the sport. 8.63 The Commission considers that there should be a mandatory requirement that dogs which engage in the sport of lure coursing are registered as such on the Companion Animals Register, at least during such period or periods of time as they are involved in lure coursing. A failure to register them as coursing dogs should be a criminal offence under the CAA. The penalty should be the same as that which applies in respect of a failure to register a companion animal (discussed below). Because coursing dogs may engage in lure coursing at various times during theirlifecycle, notification under s. 11 of the CAA should be adopted as the meansby which a coursing dog obtains the status of a coursing dog under the CAA. The owner of a coursing dog which no longer engages in lure coursing should also be required to give notice pursuant to s. 11 of the CAA. The CAR will require amendment to make each of these events a "notifiable event" under the CAR. If this recommendation is accepted by Government then it may wish to consult with ANKC Ltd. As the regulator of the sport ANKC Ltd may consider it appropriate to ensure that coursing dogs that are involved in lure coursing do not trial, train, or race unless they have the status of a registered coursing dog . 8.66 The recommended amendments to s. 21(1) to 21(1)(E) of the POCTAA appear below: (1) A person who: … (d) uses an animal, live or dead, as a lure or kill for the purpose of blooding greyhounds or in connection with the trialling, training or racing of any coursing dog, or (e) keeps or is in charge of a live animal at a any place used for the housing or kennelling, trialling, training or racing of any coursing dog, is guilty of an offence . Maximum Penalty: 1,000 penalty units in the case of a corporation or 200 penalty unitsor imprisonment for 2 years, or both , in the case of an individual . (1A)For the purpose of subsection 1(e) coursing dog means: (a) a greyhound which is registered in accordance with the rules made in relation to greyhound racing under the GreyhoundRacing Act 2009; and (b) any other coursing dog which is registered, or should have been registered, as required by (1B) . (1B)A coursing dog, other than a greyhound, must be registered under the [Actgoverning the regulator] prior to any, trialling, training or racing . Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units . (1C)The owner of a coursing dog which fails to register it as required by subsection (1B) is guilty of an offence . Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units . (1D)A person shall not trial, train or race any coursing dog, other than agreyhound, unless it is registered in accordance with the [Act governing the regulator] . Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units . (1E)For the purpose of subsection 1(e) and (2B) animal means an animal which is capable of being used as a bait, quarry, or lure to entice, excite or encouragea coursing dog to chase . 8.67 Section21(2B) of the POCTAA should be amended to read as follows: In any proceedings under subsection 1(d) evidence that the defendant was in charge of a live animal or in possession of a dead animal that appeared to have been used as a lure or kill in the manner referred to in that subsection is prima facieevidence that the defendant used the animal as a lure or kill in that manner . 8.68 Section21(2C) of the POCTAA should be amended to read as follows: 21(2C)In any proceedings under subsection 1(e), evidence that the defendant kept or was in charge of a live animal at any place used for the trialling, training or racing of any coursing dog which animal was capable of being used as a bait,quarry or lure to entice, excite or encourage the coursing dog to chase it is prima facie evidence that the defendant kept or was in charge of an animal for use as a lure or kill for the purpose referred to in that subsection .