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  1. Thank you. I think so too. :) I may have done myself out of a dog tho'. :laugh: And I think for her, other dogs will have a hard time measuring up to her memories. She will have high expectations. Finding some one who works to meet them is already much harder.
  2. The little dog is left alone. Shes old and grumpy and deserves her peace. G.D gets that she is handled differently. And that ears and tails etc aren't to be pulled or grabbed etc. Looking gently is O.K. And she seems to have an understanding of Dog body (and sound) language already. The new Tentie pup is also getting some valuable lessons and forming a great relationship with children.
  3. And I have a great chance to teach both control. They are never unsupervised. Neither has hurt the other and they show a lot of affection. Try to hurt that child and you will see another side to the dog. No guessing about it. If you were producing dogs to be good with kids, how else to test that? If you want dogs able to respond to environments they will be kept in, that needs to be tested in the environment. I figure you can't expect to keep dogs protected from every environmental stress, and end up with dogs that can handle environmental stresses. And the same goes for my Grand daughter. I Think kids need to grow up with a dog. You would need to see this kid to believe how confident, how much empathy and maturity she has, and how physicaly competent. I may be biased. She 2 yo this month.
  4. Seem to enjoy it. G.D is NOT in pain in 2nd pic, just trying to get up! That IS her foot in the dogs mouth.
  5. Both learn.
  6. I think they do it beautifully.
  7. They play with oranges
  8. Looking after my Grand daughter gives me a great chance to teach my dog, and I love seeing the relationship these two have developed.
  9. I think kids should be taught to respect and interact with dogs. I think you have to teach the teach the dog to respect and interact with kids too. I agree the dog was not totaly comfortable and I may have stopped it sooner. But depends on what I know of the dog and kid. I think its a part of the socialization to teach a dog that patience is expected with kids, and to look to the adult ifs its really to much to expect. They have to understand whats expected, if you're attentions not on them for any reason. Just my view. It was no worse than annoying pups playing with a tail gently mostly. If I thought kid might pull or hurt, I would at least be directing that hand.
  10. Have you checked Elders? Being mostly primary producers they might offer different approach
  11. Don't get me wrong, I don't think theres any thing wrong with your approach. You work with what you understand, in the way the you understand it. If that helps people its great. Its the best we can do, yet. Maybe my approach would have been different if I hadn't come from a science back ground! I also had experience from a child, some times negative sometimes positive. My sanity also needed a response.I also studied. But nothing I read or saw convinced me any one 'knew' the answers. So I accepted what is part of me on the understanding it can't be explained yet, and can make others uncomfortable because it can't. It wasn't totally unfamiliar to my Mothers side of the family, but still makes most of them uncomfortable. I looked into paranormal research as a profession, but didn't like the approach here in Aust. I still managed to convince my 'non spiritual' father based on effects and probability. I still think there are laws at work that can be measured because a lot of my experience involves measurable physical effects. And study of physics is learning things that could begin to explain, If its used to look in that direction.
  12. You're a thinker, aren't you Moosmum? lol. 'All things exist, yet man can only understand that which he's been educated to comprehend.' - Imre Vallyon. Today's magic is tomorrows science Religion & science are just very different perspectives that are often trying to explain/understand the same thing. For e.g., the Theories of Evolution & the Big Bang are describing the process of Creation. There are truths & there are higher truths. We are limited by the restrictions of the physical. We are eternal beings with untold inherent ability. The clue is to be found in our so-called 'junk' DNA. As a very old book says; 'Ye are Gods'. :laugh: It does give me a lot of 'WOW!' But seriously, If you want to know if something is at work you need to quantify what IT is, and how you can expect it to work.
  13. I don't think science, done properly, discounts 'the spiritual'. Some scientists may. I think its mostly that science hasn't had any conclusive, repeatable evidence that it does. Seems to me religion and science are just 2 different sides to the same coin and both can provoke a spiritual Awe. Maybe its a human Drive? Science basicaly looks for purpose. Why does some thing behave as it does and what are the properties and limits that make it so? Religion gives one- to serve a 'higher' conciousness. Religion says we can't understand it, its beyond us. Science says we must, to serve it. Religion tells us purpose is there. Science tells us to find it. Spirituality seems like the glue between. The form of Conciousness is still the Great Mystery. The Cambridge Declaration of Conciousness says its not confined to Human beings, but we have no real idea of its limits or properties. I've had a lot of experience that can't be explained by known Laws. It doesn't mean they aren't there. We just can't explain them. We can't prove what we can't explain. Science can't accept Laws with out explanation or verification and still be science. Unfounded beliefs limit understanding, and how we respond. Understanding the nature of conciousness might explain a lot. I think its pretty Awesome... How does a culture of cells, bound together by the limits of their common purpose, achieve conciousness? What IS it?
  14. I've had many of each and not noticed a difference overall that I could put down to sex and not just the individual. I think that females might be more intense generaly tho', and more pro active where males are more likely to accept things as they are, or let go when its done.
  15. I was told years ago that its harder to find a bitch that will defend ( other than their young). But when they do, they are often the best. Don't know if thats right, or not. Makes sense tho'. Same as Tdierikx's Uuuhh! with variations. For realy persistent bitey pups, I might give them more of my limb than they wanted so they gag it out. I like very confident dogs. If its realy persistent and pushing the boundaries, a loud and sharp growl as I swing to eye them. Worst case, grabbing the scruff same time. Not hard, just holding firm til the pup lets go of its arousal, and me. I like very confident dogs, and watch my bitch train some pretty testing pups. She makes it simple and clear. We play rough and I know she has great judgement and control, she got the same until she did (plus game ends) if teeth meet flesh.