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  1. Thanks, PK, good spotting. Yes, that's Goldilocks that we were just talking about on the Tibbie Pet Owners page. Someone has to be looking for that beauty. We're keeping an eye on her.
  2. Great news! Sure is a handsome dog.
  3. Thank you, Avanti. So hoping she is found!
  4. Please share to help bring Ruby home. If you live in the Northcote area, look out for her.
  5. Absolutely my experience with the oldies. Another on board with this. 16 3/4 yr old tibbie, Nina Zena, has a big park-like back garden to trot around in... & she works up a pace like a youngster. Not one thing wrong with her agility. Her eyesight's a bit dodgy for getting up the 5 steps onto the deck. She has a family of flunkeys who lift her up, as it's dangerous if she slips & falls thro'. At her last vet check few months back, she got top pass for general health & suppleness. Our little dog, Tessa, rescued thrown from a car as a puppy, got to 13 yrs. Looked like a cross between a poodle & a tibbie. We thought she was old & called her 'Gran'. She lived the same life as above & died when she was 22 years. She wouldn't have known what a walk was, in those senior years. Loved car travel, tho'. Never had any medical problem, until some dental work at 19 years.
  6. Choosing the 'time' is the hardest thing to do. A good vet, who was enormously soft-hearted, said to me he'd never regretted he'd put to sleep one of his beloved pets too soon.... but one that was too late haunted him. I agreed with him that the saying, 'Put a pet out of its misery' is a sure sign it's too late (unless of course it's sudden trauma). I try to pick a point just before the pet's life could be described as misery. And, when there's no treatment that will reverse... or the treatment is too harsh for that particular pet. I want to save my pet, as much as possible, from sliding down into an inevitable misery. Another vet said the question he asks himself about his pet & delaying any decision... is, 'Am I making this decision for my own needs only...or for the pet's'. Even with what I think are the best questions I can ask myself, it still doesn't make it easy. But it's the pet I want to make it easiest on...not me.
  7. Collie Club of NSW has a rescue section. Contact details given.
  8. Thanks, Diva.
  9. All details and photos here. Sightings welcome. Please share.
  10. Yes yes yes! Think of it this way, if you're terrified at the dentist and a friend comes along to hold your hand would that make you more scared of the dentist or would it just comfort you in the moment? On a related note there's a reason why doctors give lollies to kids when they have their shots. It doesn't make them more fearful. PK, I'm only ashamed it took me so long to twig. While, at the same time, I'm a huge believer in being present for moral support for friends & family having scary procedures. I'm forever holding hands & having my hand held myself!!!!! Thank you for all those links I shall follow all up.
  11. Apparently, this reaction affects very few dogs, but when you are that one . . . . . . I agree, DDD. That's the thing with stats. Might only be 1 out of a 100(or whatever) that cops a horrible side effect. But someone has to be that 1. And it's usually impossible to predict when the med is prescribed. Just have to wait & see how it goes. Your experience is a reminder to check against side effects, even the less common ones.
  12. I think I might've stumbled onto corvus's point about being aware of arousal in dealing with my Annie's distress during thunderstorms. By trial & error, I finally ditched the advice not to reward her panting & shaking with attention. Now, at very first sign she's alerted to the rumbling, I pick her up, without fuss, put her on my knee & swaddle her in a cotton towel & just work on with what I'm doing. Firm hold on collar & just a gentle stroking. This stops her getting dramatically worked up... because then it seems to take a life of its own & be hard to stop. This way, she's a bit anxious but her arousal level doesn't go thro' the roof for the duration of the storm.
  13. Thanks for the heads-up. It'd be a horrible experience to find out that a med prescribed for your dog, is doing something horrible as a side-effect. I'm glad it got sorted & there was an alternative medication.
  14. Again... purebreds. Tibetan Spaniels, the little monastery dogs, come with reincarnation built in. The Dalai Lama says “A dog is more important than any other possessions. A dog has a soul and is an important member of the family". When each of the Lamas' dogs dies, it's reincarnated into another monastery dog, so they have lifetimes of being with their people. I've noticed something with the tibbies. When one tibbie dies, its family is devastated & they can't believe they can ever have another dog that could bond in the same special way. a miracle, along comes another tibbie needing a new home, just at the right time...& it already starts showing some of those unique features as the one that's died. It's happened so often that we've taken to saying that the one that's passed has arranged that this particular new one should come. An example. Neighbours about 4 months ago lost their beloved tibbie, Lily, to a sudden illness. Their hearts were broken, Lily was so bound up in their lives. They said....not now could they consider another one, maybe end of next year. Then couple weeks back, a registered breeder advised he had 3 adult tibbies for new homes. They'd been saved from a tragic fire which killed their breeder owner....4 months back. I gave the list to the neighbours. The husband went to look at the 3 tibbies. One firmly pushed his way thro' the crowd of purebred tibbies to sit at his feet. They adopted him..... & he settled in their home as if he'd lived there all his life. And instantly bonded. Again, it was if Lily arranged for him to come.
  15. I love the photo of Buddy. He looks very proud of himself. And he has every right to be.