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  1. This is off their main organisation page. I wouldn't mind seeing their KPIs on 'actively promoting care and protection'. I have never heard of them being the go to organisation in relation to farming practices either and I suspect the national events they talk of are fundraising activities rather than educational. If some states are better fundraisers than others you would also expect more programs to be offered in those states, resulting reduction in abuse/abandonment/euth/rehoming stats. Not sure I noticed anything of that nature in the last annual report but maybe I missed it? It's a grand money making business plan - we should all buy shares! What We Do The RSPCA is a community based charity that works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. RSPCA Australia is a Federation of eight independent State and Territory RSPCA bodies called member Societies. RSPCA member Societies do much of the hands on work traditionally associated with the RSPCA such as the operation of shelters and the Inspectorate plus community education and fundraising. RSPCA Australia’s National Office is home to a strong science and campaigns team, with a particular focus on farm animal issues. RSPCA Australia is responsible for facilitating many of the national events and campaigns, and promoting the interests of animal welfare with Government and industry.
  2. If the RSPCA was doing what people thought it was supposed to do there would be no need for all these small rescue groups - the RSPCA would already be on top of it! Instead rescue groups for every type of animal you can imagine have popped up to do the work the RSPCA wont or dont. The majority do it without millions of dollars in public and government funds. How they keep getting away with it I don't know because they are legislated to do a job they clearly aren't doing. And SG - they might be separate entities but they have the same or very similar legislated expectations otherwise they couldn't come under the RSPCA bannerhead. It's not like a franchise where anyone can decide to open up a service arm using the same name. It's their core functioning that I disagree with - Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Where is the prevention part?
  3. Saw this on FB this morning as well as a hoarder situation in Adelaide (90 animals from a range of species inside a house). Both these situations make me so angry. Where is the RSPCA? Why do animals need to be dead and dying before they step in? Where is their prevention work? And what about council - they have a responsibility to ensure properties are safe for purpose and hygenic and to monitor animal ownership in their jurisdiction. Why do they allow these people to continue to create harmful environments and have excess numbers of animals? It's not like it happens overnight! Perhaps if they stopped with all the pissy little fines and actually stomped on these people so they had nowhere to hide things might change. If sending them to prison breaks their habit of ownership and abuse then so be it. It's also time for pet shops to accept the role they play in puppy farming and the rescue continuum. It's always the animals that suffer and as usual all the excuses are benefiting the humans.
  4. Gretel where are you located?
  5. I want to try Nosework with Tempeh too. And I need to start taking more regular photos of Stussy. She is 9 now and has white sunglasses to prove it. When did my baby get so old?
  6. I love action shots of Jonah! You have done such an amazing job with him!
  7. This is all kinds of weird for me. Some years ago I was part of a Christmas fundraising activity for AWDRI. I met the people who established it and spent half a day side by side with them. They were lovely. I continued being a financial supporter. Then I emailed them for assistance/advice. No response so I sent a second apologetic email and the response I got then was very rude. Even if they didn't remember me there was no need to type what they did. I was really sad. I've avoided them since and no longer suggest them as a rescue option to anyone looking.
  8. Oh honey that sounds terrible! I hope things keep improving and if you need to lie down and rest then that is what you have to do. The dogs will be fine. I'm sure they can sense mummy isn't well. Thank you to IM for being such a good friend to you.
  9. Not reincarnation as such but definately a message from the rainbow bridge - I had a rescue SBT who lived to almost 17. I could no longer foster because of the strain it would put on her. Our last foster, an SBT puppy arrived when she was about 14 years old and she took on a mother role but she still had all her faculties then. After she passed away I wanted to start fostering again but wasn't sure if the time was right and if we were all ready as she had been a major player in our household. One night she was my dream. It was a cruise ship that was sinking and she kept guiding me to safety on the different levels until we were safely back on dry land, then she just dissappeared into the crowd. I took it to say she was giving me her blessing to move forward without her. In the 16 years I'd had her and the months since she passed I had never had her in any of my dreams yet there she was that night. It helped me put to rest my concerns and we applied and got our first pei foster boy. And in another coincidence, the SBT puppy she'd nurtured turned into the most nurturing dog herself, helping the most terrified and shut down of our fosters come out of their shells and learn to trust again.
  10. Oh dear Kirislin! I didn't know either! I second a visit from IM and Secret. I would be a good cheerer upperer. Are you getting closer to being back on top of your health?
  11. Well I hope you keep the oldie too given the pics you and it are capable of taking together!
  12. Were these new or old camera? You can't beat nature for raw beauty, colour, texture, movement, you name it!
  13. Bet he said a few curse words when he realised someone had let the goats loose!
  14. Loved the story about the Boss and the dogs!
  15. I inherited a corgi GSD cross. No idea which breed mum was. For his entire, long life he looked like GSD puppy with a longer wheel base.