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  1. Omg, the poor dog. I hope someone locates it and soon.
  2. I don't believe there is any mandatory testing done, although it's been a while since I've looked into it and it could have changed. Pugs can and do have multiple health issues. Some worse than others. You cannot breed a pug without some degree of brachycephlic syndrome as this issue comes with the branch skull shape. If your friend is looking for a beautiful affectionate dog, that will be indoors and they're prepared for the fact it's not a dog they can drag out in the heat of the day for a walk, or take for a 3km run, then they'll be fine. Pugs are not for everyone though. They shed like demons, snort, fart and generally smell more than most breeds, and will cost the average owner far more in vet fees than many others breeds.
  3. Out of curiosity, does anyone know is behind the group called: Tail Piece, Animal Advocacy, Discussion and Research? It's a fb group. Not sure of what else. Feel free to message me.
  4. Yes this. I don't ever worry that it is too soon. What is too soon? It's just too soon for yourself, your pet doesn't know, because your pet is not on this earth anymore. But being too late - that haunts me. That's the crux though. It's an individual's perception of when the right time is. We're all different and so when you think it's the best time, the person next to you may have thought it was too late or too early. It's not an exact science. I've euthanised 3 dogs in as many years. I still don't know if I made the decision at the right time for each of them. As the person who makes the decision, I guess this not really knowing feeling will always haunt me.
  5. There's a nsw rescue that could do with reading Shel's blog from what I've witnessed on fb. Koalathebear, you handled yourself really well in that email exchange. As for regulations, in nsw, rescues have to abide by multiple legislation. Most of them simply don't know the legislation they're meant to operate under. I find that only a handful even understand the Companion Animals Act, let alone POCTA or any others.
  6. Maddy, you're not telling me anything new or different, and I know you're not trying too. I'm the personality type that needs consistency. In the cat world I've discpvered that a moggy is most acceptable... I'm about to buy two purebred Burmese when I have the choice of thousands of moggies. In having said that, it is my personality type. I like precision. I like the expected. I like to know exactly what I'm getting. That's me. However, back to the point of oodles vs purebreds. All in all, a dog is a dog as a cat is a cat. Most oodles are not walking disasters, and neither are most purebreds. In the end it comes down to the fact that it is just a dog and people just want a dog. It's also easier to buy a cross bred dog. This bizarre situation we now have where 'responsible' means that a breeder has to put the purchaser through the 5th degree is crap. Most people just want to buy a dog. Most people are responsible enough to be able to do this without being treated like they are idiots. Every time I read ethical and breeder in one sentence I want to feckin scream. We've made it such an ordeal. We've made it so hard for ourselves. Most people still just want a dog.
  7. Whoa there, Gruf. You're mixing the sensible with logic. :laugh:
  8. Good luck. I'm getting an Oscillot fence system installed in the next few months. That should solve my problem once and for all, and it will keep my guys in my yard.
  9. I'd have thought that as a rescuer/former rescuer you wouldn't think it funny to shirk your responsibilities, Tdx. The money taken in through registrations helps councils emfroce the companion animals act, provide leash free areas and other companion animal programs and activities.
  10. That was hilarious! :laugh:
  11. I have a neighbours cat that enjoys pooing in my garden. I buy moth balls and place them in the areas that it toilets and it stops it. You can buy the moth balls in a yellow tube. I cut the tube open amd just use the balls. When the balls slowly distengrate, it comes back so I do it again. I usually have to do it every 3-6 months.
  12. Or a normal length tongue with an excessively short head to keep it in. Bingo. I absolutely adore the breed and have had a very long association with it, but I'm realistic to the problems that smoochable face has.
  13. Many years ago I was banned from debating anythign related to the issues with pugs when I stated that a pug, regardless of who bred it or why, is inherently defective simply due to the very fact that it has a brachycephalic skull. Now we can say that with ease. How times change. :laugh: Troy, are you reading this?