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  1. Poppy has a Westie friend we see when we walk a particular way, they like to sniff and wag tails through the fence. I have to keep an eye out for the Westie's huge black cat because at time he'll strut out of a bush in their yard toward us all puffed up and walking sideways. Poppy and I leave quickly because he looks like a force not to be reckoned with!
  2. Lol! OK, well straight from my phone to get week 1 done. We have a cafe not far from home which recently got cute new seats.
  3. I wouldn't mind having a go again but as long as average photo's are going to be ok? I felt like my photo's weren't interesting enough last year and I ran out of enthusiasm. I haven't taken any photo's for a while so will have to catch up though..
  4. I hear you! Even six years ago there were maybe 10 breeders advertising puppies on DOL, now today there's 68!
  5. He is indeed a cutie
  6. I agree cats can be a menace when roaming but I'm sure the majority of the population wouldn't know (or bother) to offer enough exercise or mental enrichment to an inside cat or use cat containment fencing in yards \balconies etc. Maybe if laws end up being passed saying cats are not to roam, they should be accompanied by minimum care of the species? A captive animal needs so much more to satisfy its natural instincts and I think people expect them to lay around like slobs and not want to run, scratch, jump and explore. Roaming cats are at least fulfilling some of their instincts its just a shame its so damaging.
  7. Welcome back journeywoman. You dogs are gorgeous! Can't go past a Frenchie puppy for chubby cuteness though
  8. They look fantastic!
  9. The perspective on those is amazing!
  10. Those photo are amazing!! I especially love the photo of the boys jumping in the pool surrounded by bubbles. Hopefully not too weird a question but do you sell images?
  11. Its pretty disappointing when that happens but in the end, as the breeders they can pretty much do what they want. Its up to you to decide if you want pay the extra money or not. I personally don't think it's ethical, they've had plenty of time to think about what to sell the puppies for and if they've quoted you a fee, it seems wrong to put it up now. I checked the Bull Terrier club of NSW info and I would be asking the breeders if your $2,200 covers them testing their breeding dogs for known hereditary health problems such as: * Deafness (Unilateral & Bilateral) * Heart Disease * Nephritis* Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) * Luxating Patella * Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) - Bull Terrier (Miniature) only More info on this page: Link to club page Updated to say there's a few breeders selling puppies on the dogzonline puppy page but not a single one mentions testing for these health problems so not sure whats going on there? Heres a link if you want to see what else is out there in NSW. Don't discount other states through its cheap and simple to fly puppies from elsewhere nowadays:
  12. Yes, if you set up an internet email (yahoo or gmail for example) you can send emails to yourself and access them from either device (or any other device with internet access).
  13. I think it's because you took them sideways on your phone, ie landscape? You may have to manually rotate it on your phone, save it and then upload? Im not sure if it's a iPhone or any phone thing though...
  14. I created Photobucket account so I simply upload photos straight to this from my phone. In Photobucket you can view the photo, click 'copy link' and paste that straight in to Dogzonline. Sooo easy! If I want to use the computer I use a gmail email address (opens where ever you can access the internet) and I email the photo to myself. I still upload it to Photobucket and use the copy link feature though. If you use the Dogzonline insert photo process you are limited by size so using photobucket saves having to resize photos to fit. Plus photobucket offers a huge amount of space for photo storage so you have a double backup. I've found old photos on Photobucket which I've cleared off my phone to give me room back which is really handy. :)
  15. I only have one way out of our street and have to pass two dogs which I would hate to see get out. A massive long haired German Shepherd who hangs his front paws over the fence while barking madly at anyone who walks past, and a Border Collie who gets his head out of his fence and slobbers while he barks. Both sounds like they'd kill you if they got out! I'm constantly looking to see where I could throw my dog if they did come for us, on top of a car, over a fence, in a bin etc. It really ruins the walk when the dog and I have to scuttle past both ways and it annoys me neither owner ever seem to come out and shut their dog up or try and block the areas the dogs hang out in. I know its probably the only interesting thing each of them have to do each day but they work themselves up so much! One of my dogs is now reactive after being rushed by a Staffy at the end of our street. When he was behind his fence he used to redirect frustration to his fox terrier buddy and then one day, joy, he was out free ranging and rushed us. Very scary and my poor Frenchie is paranoid walking that way at least five years after the fact and is ready to return home shortly past the top of our driveway now!