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  1. It is perfectly balanced- i would just also make sure they were eating some sort of bones- as wet food everyday isnt great for dental hygiene
  2. All of these stories make me so angry. I am also not a fan of the RSPCA With the amount of money they get- if they had the mindset of most small rescues everyone would be better of.
  3. I dont have bichons, but do have cavaliers- which are toy breeds and said to have the same requirements re. human interaction. I got both my dogs whilst i was in high school, and Kokoda managed just fine alone for the day (though he did have a doggy door, was walked before and after school and left with kongs and things) and I got Deniki in grade 12- who was also fine (though did have a big brother for company Its definitely doable if you are committed.
  4. Found it! Thanks guys. Izzy was the dog. However all links to the original story and the euthanasia report are now unable to be found- instead all i can get is this. and this So not sure what the truth is there!
  5. For some reason i thought they were labs! But you are right
  6. I tried to give my dogs some leftover smoothie yesterday because it didnt fit in my glass, and they all turned their noses up at it!
  7. I dont feed it myself, if i did it would be the grain free variety as there are quite a few grains in the other. Most people i know feed it with kangaroo :) But no harm (in fact probably better) if you switch it up a bit. Chicken and beef would be easy sources also.
  8. Hi all, A while ago i remember reading an article or report about the RSPCA euthanising the animals in their care and for what reasons. Within it, was the story about a mother and her litter of 8 week old pups who were euthanised for being "shy." I was just wondering if anyone knew what this was? More-so the case of those pups. Who were supposedly otherwise healthy animals. Or if i have just gone completely bonkers and this is not actually a thing. Nothing i can google comes up with it- just about how they are no-kill!
  9. wow! Definitely the best ive seen. So talented.
  10. Not bad for a 1st (or 2nd) attempt! I too prefer beard short (in terms of both looks, and cleanliness), but i have a few clients who like them longer. Its definitely a personal preference thing.
  11. This belongs in "Other'. Lovely as the stories are, they have nothing to do with pedigree dogs. Wow. Whats got your panties in a bunch? I have now made it more about pedigree dogs. but its equally as off topic as some other posts often in general discussion. Sorry Troy. Please move it. This belongs in "Other'. Lovely as the stories are, they have nothing to do with pedigree dogs. Let me make it about pedigree dogs then...... 2 of my border collie girls are super similar. In looks and temperament. Both small, stocky girls with wavy coats. Both would have jumped off a cliff to follow me. They aren't from the same kennel but have dogs in common in their pedigree. Similar lines. All my border collies have been quite similar because I've picked dogs with similar lines. My 2 boys were very similar too. Both big boofy boys who loved everyone. That to me is what makes a good pedigree dog. The lines breeding true so you know what you are getting. I met a puppy I had bred when she was in her twilight years and it was like meeting her mother. Bittersweet. It is a great thing isnt it. So cool that the lines in your case are so true as well :) Can't say i have experienced the same with my dogs yet.
  12. I saw this trailer and someone else asked me my thoughts on reincarnation so thought id ask on DOL. Perhaps this is the reason pedigree dogs breed true- because they are the same dogs again and again :D I didnt, but at the risk of sounding insane, i swear 100% my most recently deceased cat has come back reincarnated as my current one. They are just so similar in almost every way, and from day 1 at 5 weeks old Scrat just had my heart and seemed to belong. Todd my previous boy was only with me for about 2 years after just walking in as a kitten. Do you believe that your pets can come back in another life? Have you ever experienced it? Please share your stories and pics if you have :)
  13. Yes I agree with Maddy. I dont have a whippet but one of my dogs has a very deep chest and narrow torso like a whippet, and these are one of the only harnesses that i can adjust to fit him comfortably. Not the cheapest, but very well made :)
  14. He loves swimming!
  15. I have Deniki, who trains in agility and dabbles in flyball training. Kokoda- who did do agility but is now just an active petHenry, old and lazy. And a bit fat at the moment And currently live with my sister and her dog, Harley. Who is an active pet who I do a bit of agility training with :) I want to take him lure coursing as I think he'd be incredible. He's so fast.