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  1. Have awdr been contacted?
  2. I think american bulldog rescue is wanting her will check with them now.
  3. Do you still need this done?
  4. I have sent one dog to her she isnt responding to any of my correspondence the dog will be flagged as missing. Makes me so angry the rest of the dogs I dont know about I know she use to work with pr. This saddens me to no end. Guess I should not be surprised though.
  5. Outback animal rescue pulled her Bendigo bank 633000 Acct 144574167 Jaben cairns Outback animal rescue pulled her
  6. I am sorry that George did not fit in, sorry for you actually HC, I couldn't imagine life without a Belgian :) Yes a heart breaking decision I have had to make. We love him to bits but he does not like the in and out of other dogs and will be so much better as an only dog that gets all the love to himself.
  7. INterstate rescue yes, you have to sign a desexing agreement but if your not in NSW you dont need a 16D. If you need help organizing transport or anything or want temp notes on any dogs let me know I have a vollie in my rescue who visits the dogs 1-2 times a week and can get video etc.
  8. 495 is safe went to rescue already
  9. Have not called yet sorry
  10. Rescue / Rehome Officer Kaz Cleave 02 9653 3504 / 0418 868 577 The club has an excellent co-ordinator and a great network of members. If you can't get Kaz which is very unlikely let me know and I will be happy to assist you. Thank you :)
  11. Female 2 year old brindle and white whippet not desexed but is chipped any ideas who to contact
  12. I think breeders should try to take in rescue dogs of their breed but only if they have the room, time and resources to do so. It doesnt help anyone if they are taking in more dogs than they can comfortably care for and if that means no more dogs than they currently own then that is just the way it is. I do think all breeders should have a back up plan for any pups they produce but from what I have learned in taking in purebreds here and there most registered breeders I have run into have always been willing to take the dogs back if they are from them and BYB never will so until the BYB go away and only reputable registered breeders are left rescue is always going to be frustrating.
  13. I had a greyhound that had constant runs I put him on a grain free food and it cleared up, I also gave him chicken frames once a day.
  14. Ill try to secure a rescue for her as soon as they get a picture up. Best i can do and try to ensure she doesnt fall into the hands of certain people can you get more info on her temp for me? like dogs, cats, kids etc She was a delight. She lived with another small dog and a 7 year old girl. The family then had another baby and the dog never got walked etc. They got rid of her because they had brush fencing and she started chewing her way out. With some exercise and basic training she will be a delight again. Thanks for looking out for her. :) . Her photo is up. . Awesome thank you will see what I can do for her