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  1. OMG peanut butter!! Totally forgot that one! Thanks SM
  2. Mine get chicken liver broth. You could literally use A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Think dinner left overs, treats, kibble, tinned dog food, fruits and veggies, sardines are a big hit too.
  3. Oh my dog!! She is talented!
  4. Yup! You beat me!! Thanks Gruf! Cute dog isn't it. Lucky they had insurance.
  5. Uurrgggh my link no worky!
  6. For the canberrans & surrounds
  7. I definitely prefer males - horses and dogs. Not sure why, have just always found myself drawn to them.
  8. Hey all, Bit of a random thread, but I am curious if this is something others have noticed. My female dog, although loyal to me as her feeder/walker/person of fun - if I was to sleep in (for example), would want to come and say good morning, but then prefer to remain with the rest of the family. With exception of my son, he is definitely her favourite. My male dog (and all previous male dogs), always preferred to be with me. If I were to sleep in (again as an example) they would be wanting to snooze with me, regardless of what anyone else was doing. Do any dolers notice similar differences between the males & females? Fyi they are both desexed, all previous dogs were also - not sure if that makes any difference?
  9. I love this thread!! Such great pics!!
  10. What a crack up Grumpette!!!
  11. Looking gorgeous there Jules!
  12. Welcome!! Beautiful dogs, congratulations.
  13. Hahahaha that's an awesome story T!!!
  14. Wow DDD. That's very interesting! I'm glad she's feeling better. Lucky girl.