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  1. Dr Richardson in Perth. She was very good and emailed results the same day she received X-rays.
  2. Just thought I'd update. I had the scores redone and there was a significant difference. Makes me wonder how accurate these tests are?
  3. I feed my dogs and pups raw eggs, shell and all about once a week or when we have plenty of excess from the chooks. They may sneak the occasional one or two from my toddler when she decides to check for eggs. It's very funny. They all know to follow only her when she heads to the chook pen as she prefers to feed them to the dogs rather than bring them back to the house!
  4. I am lucky that we are on a big farm and all dog walking is within our property. Would your other dogs not bring home anything they had picked up anyway? I think that if mum has vaccinated and is healthy and pups are healthy they should be covered for most things from the immunity they get from her?
  5. This is what worked for me; Find the "type" and line that you like. Research that further for health problems etc. Find breeders with those lines. Contact and start communication with all that interest you. Some will reply, others won't. If you are open and honest you will find someone willing to help and mentor you. Be prepared to wait and pay for what you want. I find breeders respond best when you provide more detail about yourself, your interests and dog experience.
  6. How did you know??!!😜 I've hear Rawlingson is good but he number I have for him is not working. Does anyone have his contact details?
  7. Is there a process to get a second opinion on hip scores? I sent X-rays away to be scored, the results came back ok but then they sent another revised copy with slightly changed scores. I feel like I would like a second opinion as that doesn't seem right to me?
  8. I'm not sure about the pet loos but I know that regular fake grass can get a strong urine smell, especially in warmer weather. Maybe the loos are better? I have also heard of using trays of real grass which I think would smell less but might take a bit more looking after. I think you were getting a lab? Make sure she has a shallow wading pool to keep cool and add some interesting things into her enclosure. My puppy pen has things like a sandpit, climbing logs, tunnels etc. Plenty of shade too so the concrete doesn't heat up, which I'm sure you have already thought of. I bet you're getting excited. I'm
  9. Thanks everyone. I changed her kibble (complete raw feeding is not possible for us) and also added in a few of the suggested snacks. She is looking really well now and I'm happy with her condition. She also seems to have settled a lot within herself and is much calmer which is also helping with her not burning nervous energy.
  10. Don't forget there are many "purebred" breeders that are not doing the right thing. Just because their dogs have papers doesn't mean they were raised well. I'm all for purebreds, but if registered breeders can't be monitored there is very little chance of cross bred breeders being regulated. We can only hope that puppy buyers are encouraged to do more research and look into where their pup is coming from, whatever the breed or cross breed they decide on.
  11. I'm looking a beginning showing my pup next year, but am a complete beginner. Can anyone recommend a good Labrador show to go to to have a look and see how things work? I'm in WA and live a couple of hours from Perth so I won't get to too many but would love to give it a try.
  12. We have dam water but not sandy soil, where I'd put them is a bit gravelly though? The ones I've seen come with stuff to add to them so I don't know how much $ that adds up to over time.
  13. Does anyone use or has anyone tried a dog septic system where a plastic container is buried and waste is put in and supposed to compost into the ground. Sounds good in theory, but wondering if they actual work?
  14. I have a friend in WA who shows her bitch and with the help of her breeder friends is having her first litter soon. I don't know all the details but If you want to PM me I could pass on your details?
  15. What would you think of a hip score of 2:12? He assures me the high score was due to injury. None of the others in the line have high scores including her parents, grandparents or her previous pups that have been tested.