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  1. Social media makes people who are far away feel closer and those who are close feel far away! That said a lot of dogs just ignore their owner at the park anyways so the owners cant treat it as time together either?
  2. I think some people have fallen out of love with their dog I see many people walking around staring at their phones, jerking their dogs away from things during the walk and then just letting them loose in the park and ignoring them some more With the exception of cafes (where she gets attention from a lot of people anyways and loves it) I mostly take my dog places to engage with it, we play, we train and she gets to sniff lots of exciting news too
  3. haha dont worry not going to! :) Thank you Simply Grand - shes pretty mellow so quite easy to groom (especially for a puppy)!
  4. hahahaha that is too funny :laugh: - i didnt know cats could even open a fridge! sorry to hear you havent been able to test it out!
  5. Thank you :) it was the second attempt in two weeks If its long she also spreads water everywhere when she drinks! haha she does and she uses it to get away with being cheeky! :p
  6. Thank you - she loves compliments! 😍 Haha I think I would get grilled or banned!
  7. Rule 4: No denigration of pure bred dogs Speaks for itself. This is a primarily a pure bred dog forum (ANKC recognised breeds) and was created to promote and discuss these breeds. If you don't think pure bred dogs make the perfect pets, then maybe this forum is not for you. I am happy to delete my comments, if they are not allowed? :) I thought this whole thread is classified as "unnecessary cross breed discussion" given its been done to death (rule 7) which is also banned though?
  8. Thanks everyone for all the tips – got the look I was after! :D Groomed her on the table this time with no issues I can probably take a little bit more off the top but she gets a tidy up every week or so (nails, paw pads and eye hair etc) so will do it then I think the main issue was the beard – when its short she looks very cheery (and I love it)! :) And if its long (and longer on the visor too) she looks a bit serious to me
  9. I know a lot of people with oodles (first cross, pet shop ones too, as well as multigen and reputable breeder ones), there are heaps of meet up groups for them and they have a lot of instagram accounts too :p But i havent heard of this disappointment at all...? everyone seems to adore their oodle, there are very few of them in rescues near me (which have a lot of staffys, greyhounds and bully breeds) and there are even waitlists for them, if anyone finds a lab x poodle cross i know about 5 people who have been looking in rescues for one and i will send send them the links~ :) Even the ones which arent completely "non shedding" and 'non doggy smelling" shed/smell very little in comparison to their non poodle parent and their owners still love them :)
  10. Not exactly a reincarnation story but my first dog died four years ago, her name was Lilly and we had her cremated and scattered some of the ashes in the garden and planted a peace lily plant there, it never flowered for four years and i was sure that it would just die so i tried not to assign too much value to it The day i brought my new puppy home a few months ago it flowered for the first time :) too beautiful a coincidence <3 not really a believer but I felt she was sort of giving me permission to move on because I had felt so guilty for years about gettting the new pup Your two are adorable! 😍
  11. Wow no words... i'm just horrified at that guys response
  12. Mine seems to LOVE loud noises in general, pots falling, people yelling -she's there looking cheerful! In that horrible obedience class, the instructor decided to demonstrate a loud "uh ah" which was meant to be a correction, all the dogs turn around looking worried she's sitting there trying to see what all the fun is about...oops That's probably because we are very softly spoken in our house and the only time we would be even a tiny bit louder is if we are playing with her
  13. Thanks corvus :) shes not really a foodie so doesn't tend to get very excited over it? (but still likes working for it though) she gets more excited with playing with toys/or a ball...? Apart from that shes very mellow so i think id have trouble getting her too excited
  14. I agree with sandgrubber too! I'm not saying these are what you should do/should have done etc - im was trying to find out if there is a way to prevent them? :) At some point its out of my control (my dog can have a bad experience when im not even home) and genetic too i have found the treats for calmness or obedience when seeing new distractions is more for her being able to work with me in all settings and neutralisation rather than a "phobia preventing idea"
  15. Yep i got that one after your recommendation! :) did that with her a while back but she was very neutral to all the noises on there at the time, may have another go at it today though