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  2. Puppy spam

    Soda is very cute love the video !
  3. Bichon Frise

    Hi, They are a lovely looking dog. I don't know anything about them. Maybe also look in this thread for more info.(Dog Breeds 101) Most puppies are now quite expensive i have observed, so I would think they would need to allow about the amount you think they might be or even more.
  4. What should I do?

    Hi. I'm sorry about your loss, its tragic when they go so suddenly and at such a young age My Husband and I have gone through so much heartache over the last so many years. Our (Renae) lived to a reasonable age but got liver cancer. We lost her son Joey earlier, at only 9 because of a tumour also (different type) we were very good friends with their breeder. In fact she gave us Renae once she finished showing and breeding her. We also lost Her (Our Breeder Friend) suddenly a few years ago as well. Ive never gotten over that either. Then we went on a list to get the Cavalier of my dreams (id never had a puppy before and I wanted a Tri colour one, Joey we bought when he was about 15 months). Sadly we lost her (Miah) just over 2 and half months ago, suddenly and unexpectedly to a raptured spleen tumour ( we did not know about it until the day she was dying) She was only 7 We are gutted and just exhausted over all the heartbreak our beautiful dogs have given us but don't regret the time we have had with each of them. They were all so special and perfect to us. We still have a 11 or 12 year old male Cav which was rehomed to us about 5 years ago. We are pretty sure he was a backyard bred one. Hes been reasonably healthy. Hes just started getting cloudy eyes so we took him to a Animal Eye Specialist. He's not going blind, its an age related progression thing. Its not uncommon. Naturally his eyes wont be as sharp as they once was. He was very bonded with our last Cav, Miah.. they were inseparable and hes going ok now but had been missing her a lot. Its sad to watch. We have said we won't ever get another dog, its too hard and painful especially now we are getting older. We have an almost 18 year old cat that is slowing down a lot now (she was our very first pet and shes outlived most of our other pets!) We have a 11 year old Ragdoll cat that was rehomed to us also. But over last couple of weeks i have been in a very dark hole and am missing Miah's huge personality and spark and i really need /want to find something not to replace her but to fill our house with love again... Ive been looking at lots of rescue groups for any type of small dog but theres been nothing in SA, only bigger type dogs. We have a lot of love to give. We have also started putting our name down with a couple of breeders but theres a long list of people already waiting. If Fate decides we should have another dog and we wouldn't say no to another Cav despite all our heartaches, then we will leave it in the laps of the Gods, as its said. Currently because of the Covid 19, its been harder to find dogs, rescues or purebreds, here in South Australia anyway. I think its lovely that your breeder has offered you another one, that is really nice. They sound genuine. I would give it some definite thought. You have to always think with your head with any decisions but go with your heart and gut also (which is what i generally do!) I wish you all the best whatever you do. Its tough thinking about it when grieving still. I get that Ps I have found there are no guarantees in life with any animal or Human, even healthy ones. Sometimes you just get a run of bad luck and stuff happens, it doesn't mean it will happen again.. Its the chance we all take in life.
  5. What should I do?

    Quoting because I think this is just a beautiful post that expresses what so many of us are feeling. 6 dogs into my adult dog owning and training life, I still don't know what is worse .. the gentle passing of a much loved 15 year old who had shared many adventures, or the shock of a sudden loss to an accidental poisoning, or as in your case, the shock of losing a young puppy so suddenly when it was reasonable to think he might be out of danger. Among the old/longtimers here, we've shared those events and grieved with the humans and the other pets. Never feel bad about coming here for support .. some threads can go a bit pear shaped at times, but this is on the whole a caring and supportive community. (Thank you @Troy)
  6. Goodbye my precious boy

    Oh, it IS raw..it's only a very short time ..your mind will still be scrambled and reactive ...
  7. Goodbye my precious boy

    Oh I know and that’s why I said I don’t think it’s their fault, that they couldn’t have known what was going on inside, not until it was too late anyway. what I’m referring to is the day it all went wrong, when they told me he had septicaemia and the ultrasounds showed unusual gas patterns and perhaps a rupture. I don’t know where my head was but I didn’t think of his previous surgical site but I’m sure they did, they didn’t mention it though. I’m sure it would’ve made no difference but in my mind honesty goes a long way in trust building. i am trying to just focus on the good times for sure. Laughing over his funny little antics. It’s very raw still though and last Thursday keeps running through my mind.
  8. What should I do?

    So don’t worry about it till then You need to feel the loss otherwise you won’t move forward .you will cry next week,a month after,the following year and many more to come . Let Kane’s time happen and then consider the future when it feels right . You May decide to stay a one dog household,you may decide to go with a pup but at present grieve for Kane because your other dog will feel your pain too knowing your upset .
  9. What should I do?

    @NikkiandKane, I have not commented previously on your topics because I didn’t have any knowledge regarding Kane’s medical issues. You have suffered a great loss and a dearly loved dog has lost his life far far too early. You have endured a time of physical, emotional and psychological upheaval. My deepest deepest condolences to you. Never ever chastise yourself or apologise to anyone for feeling as you do or for the tears you have shed and will shed. You are on a forum where just about everyone understands what you are going through and wishes you only the best and know that only time starts the healing. It is wonderful and so precious that Kane’s breeders have offered you another puppy when the time comes. While this is way in the future I am sure you will be having frissons of excitement at the prospect; when you have loved a dog as much as you loved Kane, the prospect of feeling that love again is very seductive and natural. Leave your heart open to that. Who knows? It might come sooner than another litter, life is never a straight line. In the meantime, please be assured that although we cannot take your pain and loss away, you and Kane are in our thoughts.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Retriever, Pointer and herding breed, Border collie... Fascinating and sooo true. Felt a bit sorry for the poor pointer. looking to his master for guidance when the birds were advancing on him instead of vice versa as he was bred to do. Their focus on the pigeon was remarkable
  12. Goodbye my precious boy

    The reaction he had to his sutures that you sought treatment for soon after the surgery... were they the internal or the external sutures he was reacting to? If he was reacting to the internal sutures, then it is possible that the deeper layers of same could have been having a reaction too... but the treatment did clear up the visible reaction, yes? So it follows that it would have had a positive effect on the deeper layer suture reaction also... Sometimes complications like this just happen, and can be so hard to diagnose and treat.. even for the world's most experienced vets. Dogs are so good at hiding the full extent of some issues... and so we can only treat what we can see is obviously wrong. From Kane's symptoms, the vet would not have thought that a deeper issue was brewing, or that blood tests might need to be taken to ascertain same. The treatment did clear up the visible problem, but that million to one chance that the problem was much more serious just happened to be the case here. Please don't get angry with the vet for not picking it up at the time... that will only make you more sad, and still won't bring Kane back to you. I say the following from my own experience with the same deep sense of loss... please focus on all of Kane's wonderful memories - the times he made you laugh at his silliness and crazy antics - the times he cuddled with Scout (whether she wanted him to or not) - the times he snuggled up to you and gave you those precious staffy kisses - and just what a wonderful young lad he was in general. Time will make the hurt fade... Hugs... T.
  13. Most people don't see the high costs involved in running a vet clinic... and there is no Medicare for animals, so the costs can be seen to be high. In reality, the costs are less than what human doctors charge for similar procedures and medications... but without Medicare or PBS, the client has to pay the full price. Not many vets are well off... the profits they get from any markups usually go straight back into business/equipment costs and wages for all staff employed at the clinic... T.
  14. Goodbye my precious boy

    I am back and forth through these emotions constantly. since finding out the cause of death, I feel like I need to find a new vet. I don’t believe his death was their fault because they couldn’t have known what was going on inside of him but I feel like they would have known when he came back into the vet what may have been happening but they never mentioned it, even when septicaemia was confirmed they were still saying he must have eaten something else, I was sure he hadn’t. So they were either quiet to avoid any question of liability or they were not good enough vets to consider that option as possible.
  15. What should I do?

    They told me that once they have a confirmed pregnancy they will be in touch, they don’t expect that to be for 9 months, so I don’t need to think about it. I keep pushing it out of my mind but it keeps coming back in. It feels nicer to think about than dwelling on my loss I guess. This time last week was a day like any other until about 30 minutes from now..... then it all changed and I’ve never cried so much since.
  16. Heart Rate

    I just scrolled up and see that Charles Kuntz has posted. If you haven't seen that post, have a look.
  17. My favourite, long term vet is European and very abrupt. She has gone far above and beyond for me many, many times but she is just very to the point about what is wrong and what needs to be done. Not into any chitty chat or long explanations. She's an amazing vet who loves animals but she is not for everyone. I like her because I like a truthful and knowledgeable vet who also offers/chooses some homeopathic options. She also says what she says she is going to do and follows through and she remembers your pets and what's going on with them. That's all as important to me as it is having a good GP for me. It's bad that one disgruntled client can result in all this though. No winners here really as it wont have changed Ms Curtis's opinion and that's a long time for Dr O'Grady to find justice. I have to admit if I had a complaint (that I thought was legitimate, whether it was or not) I'd be miffed to get a letter saying I was no longer welcome at the practise at all. Their right to refuse service of course but it makes me wonder how unpleasant she was truly being when she first complained? So many people think the customer should always be right but you really do need to draw the line at some point.
  18. The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil

    Thank you. Hailey is full of personality and enthusiasm, a little unsure at times, but loves life.
  19. The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil

    Play dates are definitely the best. The handsome young man is Charlie, a training partner from two clubs that we go too. There is also a gorgeous Border Collie named Billy in her inner circle.
  20. Breeder Advice?

    Breeding dogs is not a career . Breeding dogs is a life long commitment and the last part of the dog owning journey .You won’t be creating your own lines ,you will be using established lines that will best suit the dogs you own .You will be researching those already established lines and finding the potential right fit for going forward .You won’t always do better because not all lines gel so with the better you have to take the worse . What does Bettering the breed mean too you ,what will you do better that others haven’t ? Everyone is a BYB in the scheme of things what defines a breeder is there choices, decisions and reasons.. So what you need to do is a tick list of why should I be a breeder . You should also do a list of why I shouldn’t be a breeder . A list of what kind of breeder I want to be .. Learn about fair trading laws for selling animals To be a breeder depends on whether you want to be registered, who with, state laws, local council laws .. What activities are you planning to do with your chosen breed . Will those activities define you as bettering the breed. As your young ,go to dog shows, find people in the breed to talk too . Whilst your dreams are great in the world breeding it’s humbling to start at the bottom and the basics and Learn. Learn what the breed standard actually means ,see dogs in real life ,the breed standard alone can mean making tough choices when adding health results ,learning why you shouldn’t part with a dog just because . Not all dogs should be breed from,there is often more heartache in making the tough choices in moving on a dog that hasn’t passed testing . Obviously you don’t have too do any off the above and just buy a male and female and just breed .
  21. I remember about Jan Spate... they treated her so badly... T.
  22. That's difficult - too easy from a distance to say his vet should have done some straightforward talking, not just hinting. @tdierikx I won't put any links re Jan Spate - but google picks up most of the newspaper articles - and maybe some for and against arguments. Of course with my closed mind I only accept the for. How bloody dare they, but they did.
  23. What should I do?

    I wouldn’t think about it at present . Let time go past and then decide
  24. Answered a call at my work placement clinic the other day... a gentleman wanting to switch vets because he wasn't happy with how he felt he and his terminally ill dog were being treated at his current clinic. I was super polite, and passed him on to our clinic manager... Turns out that his dog really needs to go to the Bridge, but he can't bear the thought. The dog is on fluids and all sorts of medications to try to keep it comfortable, and the owner wants to come and sit with it for hours on end in the clinic... which is traumatic for all involved, not to mention having to move the poor dog back and forth from it's hospital cage to a consult room whenever the owner decides to drop in and sit with it. The dog is too ill to be sent home... it will pass away without all of the supportive care... The owner wants to switch vets because the current treating vets keep hinting that his little mate needs to go to heaven. Sometimes keeping human clients happy might not be the best thing for their little mates... *sigh* T.
  25. Especially since Jan Spate was crucified by the system. Systematically. She was the best vet I ever knew, definitely my hero.
  26. What should I do?

    I have this issue... my 2 girls need to be kept away from each other ALL the time. The next pup I get will definitely be a laid back boy... and I already have the perfect breeder of my desired breed in mind. As for getting another pup from Kane's breeder, I would probably take them up on that lovely offer... you will have some time to grieve for Kane and also to prepare for a new best mate to come into your life and help you heal even more. Hugs at you... T.
  27. Heart Rate

    Malcolm has a very low resting heart rate due to Addison’s. If it’s Addison’s then know you have struck it lucky for it to be diagnosed without an Addisonian Crisis, and that while there are a lot of blood tests and altering med doses initially, once stable they do very well and you wouldn’t know they had an illness. He’ll need an ACTH stim test to confirm.
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