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  2. No personal experience, but I couldn't help doing a quick Google search. It seems like the jury is still out, but that caution is definitely advised. US site aimed at veterinarians
  3. That's an interesting question! I wasn't aware there were any side effects but will have to do some research.
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  5. Dog got small cut on eyelid

    His eye is working as it normally would, with no signs of squinting, excessive tearing or whatever. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain and his eyelid wound seems to not be infected or painful for him. If it doesn’t they better in a few days I’ll be sure to check with the vet! ;)
  6. Hello all just wondering if anyone had come across any literature (and happy to hear about personal experiences) regarding the potential side effects of home fragrance diffusers on dogs? many thanks!
  7. Dog got small cut on eyelid

    We had to do two weeks of this liquid anti-infection eye drops after Thyme took a stick to the eye. They had to flush it out too, as some splinters were present we couldn't see. Infections in that area are awfully close to the brain (plus our eye was also injured, and we did not want to lose the eye!). If your eye doesn't seem to be coming better after a couple days, or god forbid starts to get worse, get yourselves to the vet.
  8. Dog got small cut on eyelid

    Watch for any weeping from the eye too - that will give you a good indication of whether the eye has been injured or irritated in any way too and it should be already weeping if affected.
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  10. Dog got small cut on eyelid

    If you are unsure then possibly best to take your dog to the vet. It may appear that there is no damage to the eye when there actually is. If you are confident the eye is fine then what you are doing is most likely ok.
  11. This morning I saw my dog with a clot of blood what his eyelid, so I cleaned it up, revealing a small cut on his eyelid that just missed his eye. I’ve cleaned it regularly with water and I put a dog cone on him to avoid him from touching it but was just wondering if I needed to take him to the vet or anything
  12. What are they scratching at?

    ..and this is why a dog bed should preferably be a 'nest' shape ..not a flat mattress they have the instinct to dig/shape a hollow in which to curl ...
  13. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    does he still pull with the harness ?
  14. Polly’s passing

    I often remember my Penny and Daisy and Saffy who passed some years back, it still tears my heart, sometime with awful sadness and some time with fun...like remembering Penny stealing an egg out of the carton in the shopping bag and trundling off with it to eat later or killing a rat with her one canine. Keep the sad and good memories Pollywaffle and stuff those morons that think there is a time limit
  15. how do dogs eat without teeth?

    What you can do is add a little water on his hard dog food and let it absorb for 10 mins so your dog and eat them. You can also try giving him wet food.
  16. Car Sick

    In my case, the problem is he would vomit if he ate something before riding the car. He would vomit all over the seat so I decided to just place him at the back and added a divider (but he can still the view). The solution I did is just to not feed him at least an hour before we go on the road. Maybe what you can do is someone in your house can pet him while inside the car. What my dog also do to enjoy inside the car is I put the windows down and he seems to be so happy when he sees so many people and trees.
  17. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    What I use is a harness since he would try to really run and I feel like he's choking when I use a collar.
  18. What are they scratching at?

    I searched about this since I was so bothered by his scratching on our matress before we would sleep. Found out that it's in their genes to do that since dogs before would hunt and would really dig the soil.
  19. Raincoat

    I got mine from Daiso they have a branch at Midtown Plaza. But they only have a raincoat for small dogs.
  20. Plastic chewies

    I think that's not really a problem unless that bothers you since you gotta buy a new pen and toothbrush again and he's not swallowing the item. Just make sure to remove the ink when he's chewing the pen but right now I'm also thinking that what if he would poke his eyes while chewing the pen..that would be so dangerous so maybe just get the sharp objects and give him rubber toys you can buy in pet stores.
  21. Polly’s passing

    Several weeks is no time at all for such a wound to heal - let yourself take time, as it's what you have now - that, along with love and memories, to help fill the hole . You will never forget her ... gosh, I remember (with varying sketchiness) all my dogs from 60 years ago, til recent ... with mind-movies & tears ... most very happy memories,... and I am always thankful for the remembering
  22. Polly’s passing

    thanks Kazm and Tikira for showing me that what I'm feeling is 'normal'. I don't want to forget her - she was too important to me..I guess i'll be like you both...in years to come still with my Polly in my thoughts...won't stop me from loving other dogs..but she was/is special. R
  23. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I’d hope people could manage to put it in the general waste bin, not the recycling bin. But at the end of the day I’m getting so much less angry as I get older that I’d just have a momentary groan, rectify the situation and move on, and be glad someone at least tried to pick up and dispose at all!
  24. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    In your recycling bin??
  25. Polly’s passing

    Take your time. You can’t get over “12” years in the blink of an eye. It’s two and a half year since Zena left us and I still say goodnight to her every night and I can definitely still be teary about her not being here. Its a specialness between us and our furry friends and I decided to just ignore those who thought we should be over it by now. I think of my girl daily and we always talk about her. Personally I don’t think we’ll ever be “over it”. Maybe we’ll just get used to her not being here but we do and always will miss her.
  26. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I don't care if someone puts bagged poo in my bin if it's out for collection and hasn't been emptied yet. I'd be annoyed if the bin had already been emptied and it was one of those horrendously stinky poos though, as the only place for my bins in between collection days is a couple of metres from my front door and I don't need to be smelling that through my windows or every time I come and go from my. I'm not keen on the burying at the beach idea for the reason you mentioned. I don't have kids but I'd understand parents being pretty upset if their kids dug up dog poo.
  27. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I started a debate here years ago on the subject of depositing properly bagged dog doo into domestic bins out for collection. I was acrually shocked that people would be opposed to putting bagged doodoo into a domestic bin on a suburban street that was clearly out for collection, but had not yet been collected. There are so few bins in suburban back streets. To me a bin is a bin. And I’d rather find bagged doos in my bin even after collection, than people just leave it on the footpath or verge to be stepped in. Obviously bagging it and taking it home is gold standard if your out walking in the suburbs, but if you’re walking for an hour or more, and don’t find any other bins than domestic ones.... As for the beach, pick it up and remove it from the beach. And take it home or put it in a bin. I’d be a bit cranky if my kid was digging a hole at the beach, as kids do, and hit a buried treasure.
  28. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    Not just the beach: on my footpath, hanging on fences, stuck in trees, in my freshly emptied recyling bin. People can be very lazy and very disgusting.
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