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  2. The downside of DNA testing

    One exception. If sire and dam have tested clear, it may be possible to have a dog declared clear by inheritance. IMO this is not a good practice. There is almost no quality control in genetic testing, and I and other breeders have encountered testing errors in places like color genetics, where errors tend to be obvious.
  3. Nursing bitch .. bleeding

    The vet can't really give an "OK" when they have no idea what is happening internally
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  5. Nursing bitch .. bleeding

    Agree I wouldn’t have phoned for advice for something that can’t be felt or checked
  6. Nursing bitch .. bleeding

    I'd be taking her to the vet for a check.
  7. Being crosseyed

    Thanks guys ill see about a referral but being in regional Victoria im not sure if there is anyone outside melbourne. He can get a ball i roll with tug he gets my hands a lot lol.
  8. Any ideas ... have a bitch with 3 week old puppies seems to be bleeding a little more than I usually have in my girls ... rang Vets they don’t seem to think it’s a problem.. have a napkin on her .. what’s your experience?
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  10. Fertility issue on a young dog

    sadly mother whelped yesterday 1 puppy apparently 3 x bigger then normal so was dead
  11. Amstaff questions.

    Haha refusing to run if its to warm. Love it. It would def be a casual thing for me if I were to do agility, but I'd be happy with obedience and a different activity. Mostly just want an activity that'll get me out more, my Corgi is great but he is a bit of a slacker.
  12. Amstaff questions.

    I can't answer a lot of your questions but I have a friend who used to do agility with her Amstaffs. They could certainly do it but my understanding is that they didn't have the same level of drive and enthusiasm for it that some other breeds have. I seem to recall her telling me about them refusing to run if they thought it was too warm too. She still has one senior Amstaff (sadly her other two have passed away) but has switched to having working breed dogs for agility now.
  13. Late first season

    Yeah 16 months plus is the norm for my girls. Got a shock when the youngest came in at 12 months. Not unusual for my breed for them not to have a 1st season until close to 3
  14. Late first season

    Depends on the breed and particular doggy family. My girls are often 2 years old or more before their first season. Don’t worry, she will come in when she is ready
  15. Late first season

    My bitch is 18 months old ... have never had a bitch take this long to come into season .... living in Queensland and it’s very dry .. any suggestions as to why and how unusual it may be ?
  16. Is it any wonder.......

    Definitely a Cock-a-poodle that one
  17. Amstaff questions.

    Hi Folks, I'm new here. I'm looking at getting an Amstaff puppy. I currently have a 7 and a half year old pembroke corgi furchild and 3 human children. I'm hoping to do some kind of dog sport with the pup - obedience and agility. Would an Amstaff be suited to agility? Are they easy to socialize? I have a lot of friends who have a variety of dogs and we regularly walk our dogs together or meet up at the dog park. My Corgi is very well socalized and loves other dogs so I expect he will not be an issue introducing a new pup to the house. Are Amstaffs easily trainable? I've also seen they can vary hugely in price. Ranging from about $1800 - $4000/$5000 At what point is a price considered unreasonably low? or unreasonably high? What sort of things should I look for when searching for a reputable breeder? Sorry for all the questions. I just want to ensure we get the right pup for us, from a reputable well established breeder. And there seems to be a lot of contradictory information on the interwebs. Regards, Xander.
  18. Being crosseyed

    can he pick up a ball OK if you roll it past him/away from him ? does he grab the tug first time when you dangle it in front of him ? Or is this part of his being "clumsy" Mind you, growing pups can often look/act very clumsy - all legs & elbows !! LOL I agree- if you are concerned- get specialist opinions . (and I think we need a photo of this gorgeous boy ;)
  19. Being crosseyed

    You could ask for a referral to see a Veterinary ophthalmologist if you are concerned about his vision.
  20. The downside of DNA testing

    If PRA is in the breed and there is a test for it then an ethical breeder will test. Ethical breeders will test for a problem if such a test exists. As to whether the ANKC requires such a test prior to registration is something else.
  21. Being crosseyed

    He is 10 months ive only had him 3 months but he can be clumsy. He doesnt really play fetch but will play tug. Mostly i just put his nervousness down to lack of socialisation as a pup. He gets spooked easily and panics when things come up from behind us.
  22. The downside of DNA testing

    Cool someone told me all breeds had to be tested for pra if going to be used for breeding i didnt think that sounded right
  23. Being crosseyed

    What does your boy do to play ? chase balls etc ? Catch anything ?
  24. Being crosseyed

    how old is your dog? Have you noticed any signs of poor vision?
  25. The downside of DNA testing

    QLD requires DNA for parentage. Some breeds are required to hip and elbow score their dogs. Some breed clubs may require DNA health testing.
  26. Being crosseyed

    When i was at the vet recently for my dogs vaccination the vet commented that my dog is crosseyed. He didnt seem concerned about it but now im wondering if this could be why my dog is quite nervous. Im curious if others with this condition in their dog have found it affects their vision. I was planning to do agility and obedience with boy but not sure now if this could be an issue
  27. The downside of DNA testing

    Hi do breeders have to do dna testing on all stud dogs before they can be used at stud.
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  29. Is it any wonder.......

    gee this crossing everything to a poodle its going too far now?
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