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  2. Rain Anxiety

    It's lovely that there are meds..and vets who can use them well so that dogs like your boy can enjoy life
  3. Rain Anxiety

    There are meds that can reduce anxiety without turning a dog in to a zombie. Justice is on two medications a day to manage his anxiety and noise phobia and he just finished having a lovely run around at the park in the sunshine and is no more sleepy or dozy on them than he was without the medication. Even with the short acting medication, you don't want it to make them dozy or the behaviour modification training won't be absorbed very well.
  4. Rain Anxiety

    yes. You certainly don't want her a zombie 24/7 ..but she needs relief from this anxiety when it occurs.
  5. Rain Anxiety

    That's a really long time for a dog (or anyone really) to have such a high level of anxiety. It must take a terrible toll on her. My dog has severe anxiety issues since being attacked, including a storm phobia that didn't exist beforehand, so I understand what it's like when your dog is so distressed. If it were me, I would be talking to my vet about short acting medication for when it's raining to help keep her calm. I would also engage the services of a good trainer to help you with a behaviour modification program, to work in conjunction with the medication, to help change your dog's emotional response to the rain and hopefully eventually remove the need for the medication over time. Your dog is unlikely to be able to respond to or absorb the training in an anxious state, which you've seen with her not being able to maintain focus on you when it's raining, so the short term use of medication allows your dog to stay calm enough for the training to be effective. The level of anxiety you've described is too high to be managed with something like rescue remedy or adaptil, at least in my experience. They may help in conjunction with a thunder shirt (if that works for your dog), medication and behaviour modification, but will be pretty ineffective on their own until your dog's anxiety levels are much lower. Alternatively, you could see a vet behaviourist who will address both the medication and the behaviour modification, but it's not cheap.
  6. Annual blood works

    I asked precisely this question on skeptvet.com blogsite discussion of screening tests. It's worth reading the whole blog post, including the questions. http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2019/05/what-are-screening-tests-and-should-you-use-them/
  7. Annual blood works

    No I don't as a rule.
  8. Rain Anxiety

    This is probably NOT a good plan, as it may increase her anxiety if she is unused to being confined in a crate /separated from you / esp in a wire/metal crate which will vibrate/rattle somewhat . Crate TRAINING is just that A period of time in which pups/dogs are gradually taught that a well equipped and comfortable crate is a wonderful and safe place to be . It may take longer with a dog her age ..and any odd noises which occur during the training could then stamp "crate" as a BAD thing in her mind . The following have some useful information on crate training LINK LINK
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  10. Annual blood works

    My dog is coming up to 14 and generally has them done annually, unless he's had them done in the interim for other reasons, such as pre surgery. It can be a good indicator of overall health and organ function and make you aware of some issues that are better to treat or manage before they reach the point of showing obvious symptoms (such as kidney or liver issues).
  11. Diabetic Dog Food Suggestions

    I'm yet to read up on a fresh mixed diet. Was hoping to find a complete balance and optimal diet in kibble. There seems to be a lot of variety, so I'm reaching out to people more experienced and knowledgable than I
  12. Rain Anxiety

    The roof doesn't make much noise, but I've noticed if the toilet door is open (where somehow the rain is louder) or she's in the garage, she barks more. So I'm sure it's noise related over the 'feel' of the weather changes. I've tried rain sounds on youtube though and get zero reaction from her at all. She'll bark at noises in general, but that's such a collie trait I wasn't overly bothered, but this rain thing is becoming a huge problem through winter. I haven't yet tried to crate her as she's not crate trained (well I don't think so, not sure yet) but going to try that next time there is rain.
  13. Annual blood works

    I’m just wondering how many of you get blood test done annually for your dog? Mine are approaching 10 and my vet recommends to get a blood panel done annually. Is this necessary without any symptoms of anything?
  14. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    His bloods were normal, I did get that done at the same time. But out you mention a good point about the gastric. He has never been a chewer. He just gulfs his kibbles down. But I think it’s more teeth related, I haven’t noticed the smell after the dental extractions. im also surprised knowing how many teeth were extracted he hasn’t been in much pain.
  15. Rain Anxiety

    Thanks. I've tried rescue remedy an hour or so before and during rain but it makes no impact, I think her level of anxiety is pretty high. The other night a week ago it rained non stop from 11pm to 7am and I was literally awake with her the whole time. She stops barking as much if I am near her, but still has bouts and mostly just whinges/paces/whines. I've tried treating her during the start of it, playing with her during it, but she just loses all interest in anything.
  16. Diabetic Dog Food Suggestions

    We use kangaroo mince (human grade) mixed with Vets all Natural Mix. It’s a mix of rolled oats and other stuff that you soak and add to the meat in a specific ratio to mimic their diet in the wild.. Kangaroo because Max got pancreatitis while we were trying out other commercial diets that were supposedly good for diabetic dogs and hence everything else has too much fat or is so tasteless that he would not eat it - which is dangerous for a diabetic dog. You could use whatever meat you think appropriate.
  17. Rain Anxiety

    Ok . take her very favourite treats ...a good strong collar /lead & go play/walk outside next time there's a heavy fog/misty shower. RELAX. no fussing ..it's a normal thing Just a few minutes . Let her eat treats/sniff ...see how she goes in just light stuff ..heaps of reward/praise/fun if she is OK . gentle reassurance /RESCUE REMEDY immediately if she stresses . when it rains at home .. I would suggest using the BACH RESCUE REMEDY drops , and also ADAPTIL diffuser, or collar for her . poor girl ..Not knowing the whys... makes it tricky
  18. Yesterday
  19. Probably because I ve had cultural diversity rammed down my throat for the last month or so, long story (Im not saying it is right just the person there probably doesn't really actually think what they are doing because it has always been that way, it is the norm). Things like that kid who mowed down all those emus with his car when they get caught that's what I loudly cheer they are deliberately being an ass...... it is not the norm in Aus to mow down emus.
  20. Dental - to pull or not to pull

    I assisted a dental on a 9 year old beagle cross the other day... she had a fair bit of plaque, but only one small pre-molar needed extraction. Her owner was so upset that her dog must have been in pain from that one small tooth... but we assured her that where that particular tooth was, it wasn't too involved with her eating, so she may not have really noticed any pain from it actually. All of the rest of her teeth were in beautiful condition, just had some plaque build-up. As for bad breath, that can have other sources... not only from teeth issues. Some gastric issues will cause bad breath too. Best to get a thorough vet checkup (and full bloods) to make sure it's only from a bit of muck on the teeth and not something else more sinister... T.
  21. Diabetic Dog Food Suggestions

    I was suggested to try Royal Canin Diabetic
  22. Rain Anxiety

    Is your roof colorbond or corrugated iron? And the rain makes noise on it? Just because you mentioned she barks at the blender, I'm thinking it could be noise related... There are rain/storm CD's that you can buy to try to desensitise dogs to the noises of same... maybe you could see if she reacts to one of those? I have a storm phobic dog myself at the moment, but just normal rain doesn't upset her much at all - we've deduced that she is sensing the barometric drop that happens with proper storms, so noise desentising doesn't work for her. She knows a storm is coming hours before it happens... *sigh* T.
  23. Rain Anxiety

    Could it be related to a bad experience with a bad thunderstorm and as a result they associated rain as a bad thing? I don’t really know what to suggest but found this http://www.vetstreet.com/our-pet-experts/why-does-my-dog-refuse-to-go-out-when-its-raining ive read things like adaptil where you spray in the surroundings can have a calming effect for the dog but I’m not sure how effective
  24. Rain Anxiety

    Hey, She is a Collie Rough, almost 4 years old, we've had her since Aug 2017. She's fairly confident about most other things, no issues with people, flooring, other dogs, other animals. Noises like a blender she will bark at but with the rain comes anxiety, pacing and hysterical over the top barking non stop. Don't think we've ever walked in it.
  25. Horrible treatment of HUNTING greyhounds

    secretly ? I cheer loudly!!
  26. When i talk to mine, he just licks me to death. He knows I hate it. Probably his way of telling me to shut up.
  27. Schnauzers definitely have a sense of humour and yes, talk . I can have quite a “conversation” with Molly. I might be silly but I can mostly “understand” her. A girl of many voices she is.
  28. Rain Anxiety

    Hi What breed is Winter, How old is she , and has she always barked at rain ? What else is she anxious about /does she bark at ? have you ever walked her when it's foggy/misty/rainy ?
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