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  2. RSPCA in the news

    Rats are definitely sentient. When are they banning rat poison?
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  4. Take a look at Petnetwork.com.au. They sell to the public. it says you’re in SA? If that’s right, look up Clipper Jack He usually has a few on display/for sale in his workshop and is very helpful. Or join HERE and keep a look out. Tables often come up. Just a few days ago someone put up 4 professional tables with accessories!
  5. In my face

    I find Thyme (springer) is not a super cuddly dog. He much prefers to be laying on my feet to cuddling up. Thistle (not springer) on the other hand. I think she is secretly trying to suffocate me the way she shoves her head under my chin and attempts to smother me. I encourage and guide into laying by my side under my arms/crammed into my armpit rather than let her get into the position in the first place. Sometimes she will still try but I will just coax and nag her until she’s back in the desired position. Then give her a good pat and tummy rub for doing so.
  6. I need to stop my dog eating stuff while out walking

    The Baskerville Ultra. You can pretty it up if you want. You can also teach your dog to drop items for high value treats, which you can take along with you on walks. Then if he nabs something you can swap it for something safe.
  7. is he walking on a nice loose lead ? Or is this when he is in a dog park/off-lead area ? maybe he can be rewarded with some treats YOU give him for NOT saying hello to other dogs , or trying to pick up stuff ? Saying hello to other dogs can sometimes lead to misunderstandings between dogs and humans make it a fun time with muzzle time ... make it a time when you maybe teach some tricks ..rewarding him with lots of play/praise, or treats , so he has other things to think about! Some of our working sheepdogs wear muzzles on occasion ..and you should see how excited they get when The Boss asks them to come put their "helmets" on !! they know what comes next
  8. RSPCA in the news

    interesting post on ANKC Registered (Dog) Breeders Australia. if you want to look up all of it. on facebook Close Timeline Photos Options Send in Messenger Like CommentShare Protect The Harvest Like This Page · 17 May · In case you missed it...Animal Rights Groups – Who They Really Are National Animal Rights Conference The 2018 Animal Rights Conference was held the weekend of June 28th – July 1st in Los Angeles, California. The event brought together animal rights extremists, vegans, and vegetarians from all walks of life to “expose animal abuses for food, research, amusement, fashion and more.” The event washosted by the lesser known animal rights group Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). The True Agenda of Animal Rights Organizations Exposed – It is Not About Animal Welfare The groups attending the conference confessed that their movement is not about animal welfare, like they have led people to believe. It was made clear to attendees, that the true agenda is about ending animal industries and ownership. This was exemplified by a quote from the Animal Agriculture Alliance report from The Save Movement says: "Animal rights is different from animal welfare. It's not about better cages; it's about empty cages”. Hypocrisy on the Agenda In addition to exposing their true goals of ending animal ownership and human-animal interaction, hypocrisy was also on their agenda. These groups claim to be fighting for the respect of animals, yet they do not treat other humans with respect. The animal rights industry is fraught with claims of sexual harassment. This is well evidenced by the recent resignation of past HSUS CEO , under the cloud of sexual harassment., former HSUS Vice President also resigned under similar accusations. Even the host organization of the National Animal Rights conference is marred, , of FARM has been accused of turning a cold shoulder to sexual harassment claims within his own organization. Conference Attendees We outline “people to watch” in the paragraphs below because it is important to become familiar with who is representing each organization that attended the conference. We also make sure to note which people have been previously associated with other animal rights groups. As people move between the different organizations it allows their message to solidify and become more and more extreme. We have previously shared the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s “Activist Web” which can be found on our website or theirs, it shows just how closely tied all of the animal rights and environmental groups truly are Other Groups in Attendance Besides the more “notable” groups that we highlighted above, there were 100 other animal rights groups in attendance at the conference. Some include: The Humane League, The Good Food Institute, The Save Movement, and Vegan Outreach. These groups are working toward similar goals, but each may have a specific cause that it is more closely tied – for example animals used in research, ending animal agriculture or working on animal rights internationally. Conference Theme – Animal Liberation The Animal Agriculture Alliance report states that the main theme of the conference was “Animal Liberation” rather than animal welfare. Simone Reyes of Social Compassion praised the Direct Action Everywhere raid on farmers in Northern California saying, "Our movement must adopt all avenues, the methodical and radical." This quote exemplifies the thought process that overlooks the animal’s actual well-being over the action of “freeing” them. Resources: 1. Animal Agriculture Alliance report on 2018 National Animal Rights Conference
  9. @mymatejack have you tried a Halti or Gentle Leader head harness for your dog, With one on you have good head control
  10. RSPCA in the news

    I've reported it to Troy
  11. RSPCA in the news

    Troy has to delete any 'name and shame' posts. It's in the guidelines. You'll get your thread deleted or be banned.
  12. RSPCA in the news

    alleged hearsay that actual breeder members might be interested to know, just in case their "new friend' looks remarkably like her. come to think of it, anyone who tells a complete stranger how many dogs they have and their ages is asking for trouble anyway... that's also what thieves are looking to know too. anyway, everyone needs to know they have to have fire extinguishers and an evacuation plan, complete with your vets name address and phone contact printed and placed in public view or your ass is grass now...
  13. RSPCA in the news

    You really have no limits do you? It's disgraceful that you're posting the photo and name of someone with accusations based on complete hearsay.
  14. You may not have the room but what I use is an outdoor table at the end of our veranda. It's sturdy and non-wobbly and you have room at one side of it to put all your grooming boxes (I keep all my stuff in those make-up cases you can buy for next-to-nothing at the charity shops) The tables are always for sale on scumtree My table is the same as this one and the cases are like these
  15. Unplanned litter

    prime example of inbred as another suggested Yellow crusted robin just couldnt help myself....such a cute photo
  16. RSPCA in the news

    Just keeps getting better and better. 16 May at 13:28 · No more pig dogs in the ACT. About This Website THELAND.COM.AU Don't let the dog out: $4000 fine in the ACT https://www.theland.com.au/story/6125092/dont-let-the-dog-out-4000-fine-in-the-act/?cs=4951&fbclid=IwAR2wxQSWvzLK7lqSWDVKRpfbbbHmNR-ndXReoph4YCPHze0R-wJ3KD0_gDQ Comments L S Lol so no more trips to the vet with your pet otherwise its a 16000 fine. Sorry fluffy that you have a broken leg, you will just have to suffer because i cannot afford to cause you stress L S This will mean no pounds can operate legally either because that causes alot of stress on the animals kept in cages, just have to let them go free. R Is this actually real? D W Courtesy of the rspca Bec "It says an animal is sentient if "it is capable of being aware of its surroundings, its relationships with other animals and humans, and of sensations in its own body, including pain, hunger, heat or cold." Yet somehow a kangaroo isn't sentient? ah yes, cant let them in, they are to be culled.
  17. In my face

    some just love that
  18. RSPCA in the news

    there you are snook a nice inbred bird for you Never heard of Save the Harvest group before... The very message our ANKC's are failing to get across..... our dogs have been doing the same for centuries Protect The Harvest 13 hrs · Animals Play a Meaningful Role In Our Lives “Bravo has never given up on me – even when I’ve given up on myself. He always picks me up at my worst and brings me home to BraveHearts. We started our journey in 2013 when we competed in the Mustang Million horse training competition and, now, fast forward to this year. We rode 20 miles together through downtown New York City where he again carried me fearlessly on Trail to Zero, a ride to end veteran suicide. These horses are the answer for me and my brothers. Bravo is my lifesaver.” - Michael Sullivan, Army Veteran, OIF/ OEF BraveHearts is a PATH Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center with 2 locations in Illinois. In 2018 alone, they provided 28,238 sessions to 1,397 individuals including 834 veterans. Learn more about BraveHearts and their Trail To Zero Campaign that works to bring awareness veteran suicide using the links below. https://www.youtube.com/watch… https://braveheartsriding.org/ https://www.trailtozero.org/ If you would like to make a submission to our "Animals Play a Meaningful Role in Our Lives" initiative, here is the link for more info. http://protecttheharvest.com/…/animals-play-a-meaningful-r…/
  19. Hi, I have a RC collie, and to groom her myself I need a proper grooming table (with the arm for her lead etc). I used to show, so know how to groom etc (that part is not a problem), but she is a bit of a precious child (most polite term I could find :-D) so I need the right set up. IE - if the table is not completely stable she will make it worse by shaking, shuddering etc. If she is not tied, she wiggles, fights, complains etc. In a nutshell - if the set up is right, she is an angel. If it is not the right set up, you would swear she has never been groomed in her life (and she is a fully trained ex-show dog - so she knows what to do, she just also knows how to get around things). I have been getting her done at a grooming place - but that is silly expensive and inconvenient - so I am going to get a table and do it myself. Any suggestions on either where to buy a good second hand one, or recommendations on a new one? It will only be used at home, so features such as being light, easy to move, fits well in cars, looks new etc aren't important. Just needs to be a safe, sturdy table thanks
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  21. In my face

    Blow in her face and she will turn away
  22. In my face

    Wow your computer sure had a major hissy fit this morning Sounds like a full bed
  23. White factored Border collie eye/ear issues?

    Deafness in white-factored dogs is caused by a lack of pigment cells (melanocytes) in the inner ear - specifically the stria vascularis. Black patches on the ears probably increase the chance that there are pigment cells in the inner ear. However, there seem to be other genetic factors in play, and I’ve known a few border collies with white ears (and owned one), none of which have been deaf. This form of deafness isn’t thought to worsen with age, and by the time the puppies are old enough to take home, you should be able to identify any that are deaf in both ears from their response to sounds. BAER testing would identify puppies that are deaf in one ear. Puppies that are deaf in one ear cope very well and , according to some research, twenty to thirty percent of dalmations are deaf in one ear. (Failure to hear commands may partly explain their reputation for stubbornness.) From what I’ve read, blindness is usually associated with the double-Merle genotype, rather than the piebald gene which these puppies probably show (as mum looks to be black and white, not Merle.) I’ve never heard of vision problems in white-factored border collies. If “Dad” might be a border collie or border collie cross, and particularly if he might be related to the mother, I’d be more concerned about three known nasty genetic diseases in the breed. The big advantage of getting a well-bred border collie is that the parents should have been DNA tested and at least one should not be a carrier for each disease. (Both parents need to be carriers for puppies to be affected.) In this case, where dad is unknown and mum (I’m guessing?) hasn’t been DNA tested, there is a risk that the puppies could be affected.
  24. In my face

    All my dogs get a bed based morning cuddle. The logistics get complicated with four dogs and two hands. I have an Springer pup, 8 months now. Her idea of closeness involving lying on my chest and putting her muzzle into my face. Not sure what she gets from it. Seems like she likes to inhale my breath. Irritates me no end, so I push her away with the no command. She comes right back. Curious to know if anyone else has had this problem. Is it a Springer thing? Will it eventually go away if I persist? (I'd love to include a picture, but the dog on my chest precludes selfies).
  25. Thanks everyone for the replies The main reason why i don't want people judging him is he loves to say hello to other dogs and I can't imagine too many people coming close enough to him wearing a muzzle for that to happen. But it won't stop me putting one on him to save him from his stomach. I'll take a trip to the local pet store and try a few on. Thanks again for the replies
  26. White factored Border collie eye/ear issues?

    I use Sydney Uni Vet clinic and Georgina Childs is awesome. uses the same machine as the childrens hospital uses far far more sensative than the cheaper model Strange place though, great pricing for the BAER hearing tests but dont get you puppies vaccinated there over a hundred and fourty per pup? no discount for litters
  27. https://www.nzonscreen.com/title/dogstar-1986
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