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  2. Stud dog

    I have only ever asked for payment on proven conception. even if she does conceive and loses the pups then offer a free return . ditto for a small litter of one or two. but I know thats not standard procedure..
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  4. Is it any wonder.......

    Crazy isnt it. I know when my friends began spouting we have to eliminate puppy farmers and backyard breeders from the ankc ranks. I could not get a single one of them to realise they themselves had backyards and fitted the very description of the people to be eliminated. When they began spouting we have to get rid of the unethical, irresponsible people, that they too could be targeted. that was in the 1985 or 6 I think, the time frame was that long ago, even then I saw it as whiteanting the members from within. sadly my fears were very on target weren't they. Perhaps because of my grandfather who was descended from people who fled the Spanish inquisitions where bother betrayed brother, made me see this as the beginning of another form of inquisition people sure dont learn from the horrors of history past do they? As well they whiteanted pet buyers trust in ankc breeders, they are constantly being told, go check the parents, the home, to ensure the breeder is not a puppy farmer, constant reminder to distrust and inspect and report the shonks.... They were too dumb to realise that the result is they had just taught the general public to distrust all ankc members as potential shonks. I did wonder where on earth this sudden hate talk come from. It was only a few years ago I learned the year PETA began and yep same slogans..........1982 the idiots had picked up on the slogans with no idea where they came from or the agenda attached......... embraced an agenda and self destruction, that PETA must be so happy with
  5. Another BS study of e-collars

    Ah, yes the FENTON................................... moments. funny for some, but fatal for many. but the thought police dont care how many die exercising their rights to self expression catch 22 isnt it
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  7. I am not an expert, but from my understanding the reason why backtracking can confuse the dog is because of the amount of scent. IE - I am running north for 1 km and then stop and start running back the way I came. After 250m I turn left (if the terrain is helpful there may be a ditch I can jump over or something else that limits the evidence of my turn). Dog starts tracking and heads north. When he gets to the 750m (where I turned off) he has a very strong scent going straight ahead (double scent) which he would follow. He then gets to the 1km mark and the scent 'disappears'. Even when he scouts, he would probably wouldnt go back 250m. Does that make sense? Re tracking in a single direction, I imagine they are trained to follow the scent as it gets stronger (thus the way the person is moving) - but if due to age of trail or limited time difference from beginning to end, then I think it would be doable. Again - I am no expert - the above is just based on conversations many (too many :-)) years ago when i had friends who did tracking and I spent many hours in paddocks etc as one of their 'tracklayers': :-)
  8. Possible, but very unlikely. it would be counter intuitive to train and would likely cause a lot of confusion in the dog and handlers communication/confidence in each other. It would likely need a dog trained to work only to track in reverse, and not whats generally required. So possible, but highly improbable. IMO
  9. Another BS study of e-collars

    Am curious whether any of the study used strong distractions e.g. feral deer & foxes, during the training exercises, especially where the dog had previously self rewarded by chasing prey species.
  10. Behaviourist on Gold Coast

    I dealt with Jane Harper with Dogs On track. She is on the Sunshine Coast but travels. She provides ongoing assistance too and she checked in with us every 6 months to a year to see how things were going. The advice was very easy to implement and worked. From memory it was about $250 (about 4 or 5 years ago) including her travel time but to be honest that was money well spent given vet bills we had when our dogs behaviours went off the rails and caused injuries.
  11. Behaviourist on Gold Coast

    Thanks, I sent both of these to Maddy. She said that her pet insurance covers only accidental injury for the first six months, and she wants to deal with this early on, so while behavioural vet is not excluded it won’t be covered for some time yet. she has made an enquiry with calm companions and we will see how she goes
  12. To a dear little boy

    Oh, how devastating. I'm so sorry.
  13. To a dear little boy

  14. I am writing a book and I have tried to research this point but I haven't been able to find a clear answer. Say that there is a body found in the woods and the police can identify some footprints belonging to the victim. They follow these for a bit, but then they come to a road and cannot find where the footprints re-appear. Is it possible for a tracker dog to follow a trail in the direction that someone had been rather than the direction that they were going? I have seen a few tracking demonstration videos in which the "hunted" try to back track so as to confuse the dog. The dogs follow the trail exactly as the person had run it - up around the corner, stop to turn around and then back. This makes me think that they are trained to inherently follow the trail in one direction, the direction that they went rather than the one that they came from. The dogs don't even skip that detour and follow the trail off in the final direction that the person ran. Anyway, interested to hear what you have to say! TIA.
  15. To a dear little boy

    You were my neighbour's little dog but we all knew you well from your visits. Your friendly nature and cute face endeared you to all the neighbours on our acreages. I'm so glad we were the first to see you immediately after you were hit by the car and ran to get you before another car came along or any of the children around could find you. All we could do was hold you, wrap you in a blanket and tell you we cared that you had lived, and were sad that you had died so young. Rest well, sweetheart, you were important.
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  17. Is it any wonder.......

    The thing I find most crazy about the anti-purebreed mentality in the wider community is that even owners of heinz 57 dogs want to know what breeds are in their dog. They don't follow that thought to it's logical conclusion: if they want to know what's in it it's because they want an idea of what traits make the dog what it is. Those traits that were refined by selective breeding. It's a cognitive dissonance that plays out continually, the whole point of purpose breeding is to know the traits and know what to expect. At some level people who are anti-breeder/anti-purebred know this but don't follow that once lines are diluted that degree of predictability becomes smaller and smaller. I know people with a husky x bc, at an intellectual level one could assume that most educated people know genetics is complex, it's not like mixing drinks. But they still expect something to look like a husky and behave like a BC, and get all kinds of frustrated when it shows husky behaviours. It's lazy thinking played out in real time.
  18. Stud dog

    Usually people sort out before the mating what the arrangement is and are clear about what is charged in the event no pups result, what if there is only one pup etc. There is no standard rule, but if the girl stays over there might be a service fee or a boarding charge that applies regardless of success.
  19. Stud dog

    The bitch was kept at my house for three days. They tied several times. My boy has got my girl pregnant so I believe hes all good.
  20. Fertility issue on a young dog

    no but i might ask to check that on his next visit hes due for vaccinations soon before hes due for another collection
  21. Stud dog

    We pay irrespective . Some charge a service fee which often works well in the what if’s but the presumption it’s the males fault doesn’t cut it ,her dropping 3ggs is just as important. Obviously she could have reabsorded them so technically conceived.. The problem is most blame the dog for no pups . Was she prog tested?. But at the end of the day everything needs to be clearly written out about fee, reservice,what you consider a litter
  22. Behaviourist on Gold Coast

    A couple of options. Lia at Canine Journeys - force free trainer Dr Nela Graham at Calm Companions - Behaviour Vet and also has a trainer on her team. Have a chat with both to see what pup’s needs are at this point and options. Veterinary behaviour is sometimes covered. Our policy specifically excludes it which I think is appalling. Get with the times!
  23. Stud dog

    Tricky. You will get many different answers. I wouldn't be comfortable charging for a missed service. If you kept the bitch at your place then it would be reasonable to expect some payment for that. Also it takes two to tango. When was your stud dog last checked for fertility? It could be a problem with either dog, both dogs or no problems - it just didn't happen this time.
  24. Behaviourist on Gold Coast

    Hi everyone, my daughter is doing an amazing dog with her 17 week old pup but is having a few issues neither of us are sure how to deal with. She has decided that she will deal with it sooner rather than later and wants to see a behaviourist or suitable positive trainer to help. For context the issues are barking at strangers and sometimes strange dogs, even at a big distance. He is very submissive and fine with my dog but is a little fearful around new people and dogs and it seems to be escalating. Also he is super clingy to my daughter, he loves me but if she leaves him with me he gets very upset and can’t seem to focus on anything else. So if anyone Knows of a behaviourist on the Gold Coast the can recommend? Also does anyone know how much she can expect to pay? She does have pet insurance but I don’t think this would be covered. thanks
  25. Stud dog

    opinions needed. I recently let my border collie service another border collie. The arrangement was service fee of the price of 1 puppy. Payment to be made once puppies go to new homes. (Learnt my lesson, in future payment on service) The service went great, they tied several times over 3 days. Unfortunately the bitch didn't conceive. I have offered another service once the bitch comes back into season again free of charge but I require payment for the service which was completed. The person does not wish to have her dog serviced again but refuses to pay as no puppies were conceived. I realise my mistake and will never do again but id like opinions on whether you think she should pay for the service received. Ps. This was the 2nd time our dogs have joined. First successful with 9 puppies and payment.
  26. Another BS study of e-collars

    There is a saying “if you can’t train a dog without an ecollar, you can’t train a dog with one!”
  27. Another BS study of e-collars

    Call for ban of electric collars after study finds them less effective https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8620391/Electric-shock-dog-collars-Call-ban-study-finds-effective-methods.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead Who in their right mind would teach 'sit' and 'come' with an e-collar? No doubt they also used too strong signals and bad timing. I stopped using one because it takes skill and patience to make them work. But I've seen them work great with a good trainer, especially for distance work...used for signaling more than punishment.
  28. Fertility issue on a young dog

    Have you had his thyroid tested ??
  29. Pup training

    I use a 120cm crate for my adult Greyhounds. The male is 75 cms at the shoulders and 38 kilos. The X pen I use is approx 120cm square and 90cm high and holds my 2 bitches. You might need taller as staghounds are often deerhound crosses and deerhounds are taller then my greys. Something like this might be suitable 120cm high and you could configure it into a shape that suits but some of them are quite flimsy and you would need a roof, which can be made out of shade cloth. There are heavier duty ones which of course cost more.
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