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  2. just click and when it opens keep clicking the sides,.. no idea how many are in the series, haven't found the end yet... n WARNING......... some are coffee spitters...........
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  4. Far North, sled dogs

    BBC News - 'I'm the father to 110 huskies' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47984177
  5. Misha and Milo

    I'm so very sorry for you and your family that you've lost your two darlings.
  6. Yes .. that is the crap shoot, isn't it. :-( .
  7. Debarking

    Wow. Thank you all for more info and answers. Papillon Kisses - as I previously stated my next step will be working with a vet behaviouralist. Thanks for the recommendation of Dr Graham. Fingers crossed that some tweaking of medication and more training/support will help us.
  8. Paralysed Dog

    How are things going @Tully?
  9. It is a bit more then one in a million. As someone said, there's not a problem until there is a problem.
  10. As a user of Stay Loyal for many months I was recommended to change to Pete's product. On the second day of six year old 'Lady Doberman' being fed the Pete Evans food she developed diarrhea. We did not relate this to the highly recommended-top brand product but kept on searching for the culprit. We banned all treats but the problem continued. After a further two days we reverted to her old brand food. Over night the watery flow had eased and today she is back to her old self. We will stick to Stay Loyal now. Any one want to buy the remaining Evans dog food (10 Kg)? Cost $125 will accept $60 cash
  11. Misha and Milo

    So sad to hear. Misha and Milo had long years of care and love with you and your family - what more could our loved pets want? I hope your little foxy x fills the gap left behind a little and brings you joy.
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  13. Ideas to extend part of fence height in rental

    A tall visual barrier is excellent Well Done !
  14. Ideas to extend part of fence height in rental

    Thanks Hannah, it would be a bit tricky as there's nothing to attach it to really. I ended up using a bamboo fence screen, which is 6 foot high and about 9 feet in width. Attached it to the side pool fence once end with cable ties, and the other end of the fence with some twine. Managed to find a few small screw holes in the colorbond fence as well, so used some thin wire to attach the fence screen to it. I put concrete pots at either end and a sleeper at the base. Will find a pic and upload it, for now it looks good, is secure and the dog hasn't even looked twice at the fence since.
  15. You can't wrap your dogs in cotton wool, just in case 1 in a million has a reaction to raw chicken. You just have to see the rubbish they eat when they are running free around the farm. They need to build up an immunity to things & eliminating things from their diet could possibly mean a problem down the track when they get hold of some raw chicken that has been contaminated. It is the same with people. Now when we are pregnant we are told to avoid all these different types of food (it never happened in my days, we just ate what we liked & ate sensibly). Now you have all these kids & young adults are growing up with allergies & sensitivities to certain foods. That's just my opinion, by the way...not backed up by scientific evidence, just observation
  16. Getting better need some info

    short on lead walks ..5 minutes are less damaging than the bouncing around /jumping on furniture, etc . ;) You can hide treats out in the yard for him to find > buy him a ginormous whole raw beef leg bone and let him at it do several short obedience sessions with him each day . put his kibble in a treatball or juice bottle and let him get his food slowly .
  17. Pain relief

    well..may I suggest reading the pinned posts in the PUPPY CHAT pages ..starting a thread for your puppy ..and doing what must be done - showing us photos ! :P (please?) we all need to see cute puppy pics regularly
  18. Ok team, Wilson is getting better after his de sexing on last Thursday. He is starting to drive me crazy. He is feeling better running, barking and wants to play. He is missing his walks. Vet said not to walk him for four days. He and I will not last that long. What can I do to calm him
  19. Pain relief

    This is my first pup for 20 years, and so attached to him. I would like to thank all of you for putting my mind at ease. What a great site, will be using it a lot.
  20. Anyone else have this happen to kelpies?
  21. Pain relief

    Hope your pup is okay now. I gave our little Rocky (who was neutered recently) some ice chips, and later a bit of food (we feed raw) as he was ravenous. Bit I agree with others. I once gave the pain meds to my other dog and it caused him to pop his stitches because he didn't feel anything. So I won't do it again. In my opinion, a small amount of discomfort is more reasonable to me than having to knock him out again.
  22. Ideas to extend part of fence height in rental

    Have you considered the chicken wire style fencing with post to extend upward? It may not look pretty but it could do the job. http://www.unchainyourdog.org/FenceExtend.htm
  23. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    I bought a Shark Navigator Pro last December, and it's supposedly comparable to the Dysons. We have three shedding dogs in our house, so stick wasn't an option. We have mostly hardwood floors and the carpet that we do have (in bedrooms) will gradually be phased out. We also have a roomba, and I'll tell you why. The Shark is several years old, but it's suction is stronger than the roomba's, so it cleans more thoroughly. It's sort of like dusting - gets up surface dirt/pet hair and makes the carpet look nice.
  24. I always go back to thinking how dogs are able to bury a bone, be it chicken, beef, turkey or whatever & dig it up several days later & eat it with no consequences. My dogs eat all sorts of rubbish when out walking in the bush...all different sorts of poo, bird, animal or bat. Cricket does get the runs on rare occasions after we have been to the beach . I think I would be more careful about the choking hazard
  25. Puppy Becomes Hyper Active After Having Food

    A puppy has several meals a day .. 30 minutes a time running around each time with a flirt pole after meals = a puppy who ends up trained to be a tad manic... where food is concerned ;) I was always taught that eating leads to quiet time . So .. CALM feeding time - preferably with dog not seeing food being prepared ... eating ..time outside to toilet ..then left alone , or, if trained for it ..in pen/crate/on leash for a little nap Think about baby puppies ... they are really active seeking a nipple ..they crawl/roll/ climb ..latch on, feed hungrily , then slowly stop ..their mum toilets them ..and they curl up & sleep . It's a dog's natural way of living...well , any predator really ... your girl may need to unlearn this habit now that you understand what she should be doing
  26. Dogs in paintings - Mitchell Library

    Me too. At the time, her presentation style was a breath of fresh air compared with the stuffed shirts we normally saw talking about art either in hushed tones or putting their own importance ahead of the art. The picture is wonderful!
  27. Debarking

    I'm so sorry for both of you. You should probably find a good behaviorist near you to deal with the anxiety. I don't think there is any magic answer. We just kept trying every bit of advice until I found something that clicked with my dog. I know it is very frustrating when there's no instant effect, but they are worth the effort. Only after about two months of classes I was able to slowly wean my dog off the medication. I consulted multiple trainers and several behaviorists, and now we're fine. Personally I would never have one of my own dogs debarked though I can understand why some people might be forced to consider it. And I have a friend who has a much beloved Australian Cattle Dog who barks at everything all of the time. Her neighbors kept calling the police because of the nuisance barking, even when the dog was in the house you could hear him several houses away. Out of desperation to not have her dog get her fines or possibly be taken away she had her vet surgically sever his vocal cords. He still barks constantly but the sound is a very soft, vaguely duck quack.
  28. That question sent me on an interesting if somewhat scary little research adventure. The short answer, depending on the particular species of Campylobacter is .. no .. reduces the number of them. But another interesting piece of information is that most dogs cope with a small load of campylobacter .. which makes sense when you think about their evolution. So if that is the nasty as the UMelb study was suggesting, there may perhaps be an added susceptibility in dogs that develop the APRN.
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