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  2. I think it was yesterday on a BSS page, Melbourne area, proper grooming table with arm (set of clippers included) for $250. Probably a fb marketplace search would find it.
  3. RSPCA in the news

    Interesting radio interview http://www.faithfulradio.com/_Media/brain-edward-telephone.mp3?fbclid=IwAR10kK52fjNWIgDkz0h3TH2E0YOeh0FizBmzZnTHKLYNviW14w0ctwkXTks Please share this interview with the #animalwelfarecommunity Here the written account of everything with evidence & exhibitions added. If you have any questions about all presented feel free to ask as we've nothing to hide but have plenty to state that addressing & fixing. Hopefully this should open some ears & eye's to help this along. Remarkable, usually the media dont want to know............... in any way or form.... yet this lady interviewer seems to know of many more instances and said she she going to air more?
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  5. Post from Steve on prong collars http://blog.k9pro.com.au/prong-collars-e-collars-why/?fbclid=IwAR2YeOi-xFKV5ad8IkAgFs3KpVgHbbYPWrGudI8g4X5ufs_GtKANge9ZlCE
  6. Perses' Pups

  7. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/2019/05/16/norwich-terrier-french-bulldog-breathing-problems-genetic/?fbclid=IwAR0u2IHpjP_nRwJ_PJA6GyS09825bmaMHK65GwZRSfgTQgWNrYIusiTLTXY#.XOOuEcgzaUn
  8. Itchy dog

    @Dogsfevr Thanks regarding diet. The tablets are white. And the course of action was to wean her down to less every couple of days. We are now down to 1 every second day for 3 doses and then less again and again. My vet has come down with the winter bug so is not in today but I will definitely be talking with her by the end of the week.
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  10. In my face

    Damn zombies!
  11. In my face

    Yoli is one of them. She came right back for more.
  12. His walks are his time to have a good sniff around and enjoy and I don't want that to change plus he can find something and have it in his mouth before I've had a chance to see it - the more I try to stop him the faster he swallows I think a muzzle is the best option, aside from other people being worried about him there isn't really any downside to it and the upside is we can keep doing what we do with peace of mind
  13. It's just for when he's on lead walking around the neighbourhood. I find it amazing how many bones and other things somehow end up in people's gardens and on their nature strips(this is suburban Melbourne!) plus the fruit bats take fruit to non-fruit trees to eat and then drop the stones on the ground so they can be anywhere. We're careful about interactions with other dogs and try to communicate with the other owner beforehand(not always possible when you meet on a blind corner) and most people are happy for the dogs to say hello, generally those who aren't have already crossed the street before we get to them The only time he's really off lead is at the beach and there isn't much there for him to eat so I won't be using the muzzle there.
  14. Hi, It is an old tread but I though I would share my experience with the Balto Dog Brace for knee. https://australia.alpha-mobility.com/shop/balto-dog-knee-brace-bt-jump/ Our 5 yrs old Border Collie Molly snapped her left Cruciate 6 months ago. Given the price and possible complications surgery was not an option for us. Our vet suggested we try the Balto brace. The brace gave her great support as there are aluminium splints inserted in the sides of the brace. It took her a few hours to get used to it but she could put weight on the leg. We used the brace for nearly 2 months just for peace of mind. She is good now. I can't speak highly enough of it.
  15. Itchy dog

    Diet is a personal choice but your breeder would have given you a diet chart for your dogs but what many people do is create there own version of comfort food for the dog because it makes them feel happier instead of looking at the breeds requirements . Good diet of essential fatty healthy acids,not likely to trigger pancreatitis & mindful of there naturally higher cholesterol needs. Chicken whilst fine lacks the EFA required to fuel a dog so if you want to home cook then you need to balance it with organs & vege to balance where it lacks .Roo is low fat & often hard to keep weight on ,find it average for coat quality as well so again it needs balancing . We feed dry,raw & veg to our Minis never had a skin issue .We don't feed Roo & chicken in small quantities . That is a long time frame for prednil especially if at full dose .You certainly don't have to do the full course but it must be weaned off correctly .Which colour is the tablets ??
  16. Or go to SACA i presume the dog shop is still there otherwise there is a very big show weekend coming up soon that may have vendors 31 May to the 2 June. Vebo have strong tables with removable arm but they are heavy tables
  17. White factored Border collie eye/ear issues?

    Sorry but your info is not correct about being able to tell .Pups are smart followers ,people often question if there dog is deaf as they claim it doesn't listen to them & they have full hearing .The only way of knowing is BAER testing . I own a breed that requires BAER testing ,it is done early to ensure any before being home the status is known & ideally before the pup /s are fully sold
  18. thanks Scratch - will check both out Boronia - thanks for the suggestion, but I would prefer one that was purpose built for the arm (which I need) - she is a 'special' one :-D
  19. We are nearly there. Only $1,112 to go !!! Oh boy, this is now seriously happening.
  20. RSPCA in the news

    Rats are definitely sentient. When are they banning rat poison?
  21. Take a look at Petnetwork.com.au. They sell to the public. it says you’re in SA? If that’s right, look up Clipper Jack He usually has a few on display/for sale in his workshop and is very helpful. Or join HERE and keep a look out. Tables often come up. Just a few days ago someone put up 4 professional tables with accessories!
  22. In my face

    I find Thyme (springer) is not a super cuddly dog. He much prefers to be laying on my feet to cuddling up. Thistle (not springer) on the other hand. I think she is secretly trying to suffocate me the way she shoves her head under my chin and attempts to smother me. I encourage and guide into laying by my side under my arms/crammed into my armpit rather than let her get into the position in the first place. Sometimes she will still try but I will just coax and nag her until she’s back in the desired position. Then give her a good pat and tummy rub for doing so.
  23. I need to stop my dog eating stuff while out walking

    The Baskerville Ultra. You can pretty it up if you want. You can also teach your dog to drop items for high value treats, which you can take along with you on walks. Then if he nabs something you can swap it for something safe.
  24. is he walking on a nice loose lead ? Or is this when he is in a dog park/off-lead area ? maybe he can be rewarded with some treats YOU give him for NOT saying hello to other dogs , or trying to pick up stuff ? Saying hello to other dogs can sometimes lead to misunderstandings between dogs and humans make it a fun time with muzzle time ... make it a time when you maybe teach some tricks ..rewarding him with lots of play/praise, or treats , so he has other things to think about! Some of our working sheepdogs wear muzzles on occasion ..and you should see how excited they get when The Boss asks them to come put their "helmets" on !! they know what comes next
  25. RSPCA in the news

    interesting post on ANKC Registered (Dog) Breeders Australia. if you want to look up all of it. on facebook Close Timeline Photos Options Send in Messenger Like CommentShare Protect The Harvest Like This Page · 17 May · In case you missed it...Animal Rights Groups – Who They Really Are National Animal Rights Conference The 2018 Animal Rights Conference was held the weekend of June 28th – July 1st in Los Angeles, California. The event brought together animal rights extremists, vegans, and vegetarians from all walks of life to “expose animal abuses for food, research, amusement, fashion and more.” The event washosted by the lesser known animal rights group Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). The True Agenda of Animal Rights Organizations Exposed – It is Not About Animal Welfare The groups attending the conference confessed that their movement is not about animal welfare, like they have led people to believe. It was made clear to attendees, that the true agenda is about ending animal industries and ownership. This was exemplified by a quote from the Animal Agriculture Alliance report from The Save Movement says: "Animal rights is different from animal welfare. It's not about better cages; it's about empty cages”. Hypocrisy on the Agenda In addition to exposing their true goals of ending animal ownership and human-animal interaction, hypocrisy was also on their agenda. These groups claim to be fighting for the respect of animals, yet they do not treat other humans with respect. The animal rights industry is fraught with claims of sexual harassment. This is well evidenced by the recent resignation of past HSUS CEO , under the cloud of sexual harassment., former HSUS Vice President also resigned under similar accusations. Even the host organization of the National Animal Rights conference is marred, , of FARM has been accused of turning a cold shoulder to sexual harassment claims within his own organization. Conference Attendees We outline “people to watch” in the paragraphs below because it is important to become familiar with who is representing each organization that attended the conference. We also make sure to note which people have been previously associated with other animal rights groups. As people move between the different organizations it allows their message to solidify and become more and more extreme. We have previously shared the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s “Activist Web” which can be found on our website or theirs, it shows just how closely tied all of the animal rights and environmental groups truly are Other Groups in Attendance Besides the more “notable” groups that we highlighted above, there were 100 other animal rights groups in attendance at the conference. Some include: The Humane League, The Good Food Institute, The Save Movement, and Vegan Outreach. These groups are working toward similar goals, but each may have a specific cause that it is more closely tied – for example animals used in research, ending animal agriculture or working on animal rights internationally. Conference Theme – Animal Liberation The Animal Agriculture Alliance report states that the main theme of the conference was “Animal Liberation” rather than animal welfare. Simone Reyes of Social Compassion praised the Direct Action Everywhere raid on farmers in Northern California saying, "Our movement must adopt all avenues, the methodical and radical." This quote exemplifies the thought process that overlooks the animal’s actual well-being over the action of “freeing” them. Resources: 1. Animal Agriculture Alliance report on 2018 National Animal Rights Conference
  26. @mymatejack have you tried a Halti or Gentle Leader head harness for your dog, With one on you have good head control
  27. RSPCA in the news

    I've reported it to Troy
  28. RSPCA in the news

    Troy has to delete any 'name and shame' posts. It's in the guidelines. You'll get your thread deleted or be banned.
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