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  2. Lab proof dog beds

    The Snooza Flea Trampoline type bed is covered with a tough shade cloth typ of material … and replacement covers are available.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm doing some market research for my dog training business. If you could please help me out by doing this survey it would be greatly appreciated! Its only 10 quick questions and if you are in my service area (within 10-13km of Bentleigh 3204) you can get 10% off your first booking Thanks in advance, mowgliandme https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/P2ZBG7Q
  4. Tacrolimus 0.02% eye drops

    Sore Eyes I hope you see this question, as I know it is am old thread? I am hoping you can share what the strength of teh capsules was/ Very interested in this information please?
  5. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I've been with people who've done this. I carry my dog's bag with me as his poos are small and can't really be smelled through the bag unless you stick it up to your nose. The other people's dog did massive, stinky, soft poos, so they bagged it up and left it to collect on the way back and then forgot about it until we got back to the car and they saw me put my bag in the bin, and weren't will to make the trek bavkto pick it up. I imagine a lot of people do it intending to pick it up later and then forget where they left it or forget to pick it up.
  6. Feeding Dry Only

    Hi @PANDI-GIRL. I'm currently feeding a mix of dry food and cooked chicken mince. Had a great pet food shop open up in town a few years ago so was feeding mainly raw minced chicken carcasses with some dry. With marrow bones weekly at least. I'm now cooking the mince since my youngest dog got very ill earlier this year. Turns out the raw chicken wasn't the problem but not game to go back to it. Still feeding raw marrow bones, goats necks and similar. Some they eat, some they don't https://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/271640-apr-now-unlikely-possible-meningitisencephalitis/?tab=comments#comment-6944426 I still don't believe the $100 plus bags of food are any better then the $50 bags. I buy supermarket type brands on the whole. Supercoat, Natures Gift dry, Natures Goodness etc. I buy grain free and grain included. I buy whats on special from both the supermarket and Budget pet supply on the web. All 3 dogs are doing very well, I had to cut them all back a bit recently as they were stacking on the weight. I've had people ask what supps I use to get such a shine on their coat. Answer is none.
  7. Lab proof dog beds

    I just remembered One thing I have used !! You could try a good shadecloth it isn't as much fun to rip/chew as there isn't the mouthfeel doesn't seem as satisfactory, and there isn't "Tear/rip" noise/sensation. it folds/scrunches, yet holds warm air reasonable well in quantity ..metres & metres. It even survives the pig ;)
  8. Lab proof dog beds

    Sheena..our beasts rip up so many opshop towels & blankets & stuff ..but none of it seems to be eaten ...they are more discerning .
  9. Cute story about service dogs

    This One Was a bit sad in a way
  10. Lab proof dog beds

    I have a 6 month old BC pup & we have just been away camping for a month. He has destroyed almost every dog blanket I own. It's not so much that he is eating through $50 notes, but I worry about what he is ingesting. & yes he gets all the usual attention, walks, exercise, training etc & has plenty of chew toys. goats horns etc. Lately he seems to be completely uninterested in frozen stuffed Kongs. Would these Kuranda beds stand up to a BC pup??
  11. Feeding Dry Only

    This post is 9 years old
  12. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I will sometimes leave my bag while I continue to walk my dogs & then pick it up on the way back. Hard to walk three border collies plus one or two poo bags, that's why I pick it up on the way back. When at the beach, if my dogs poop, I dig a deep hole & bury it. Far more natural & environmentally friendly than putting one poo per single use bag then chucking it into landfill.
  13. Hi there, I have seen dog poo bags left on the beach and am wondering why people don't throw them away ? What are your thoughts, why do people leave them on the beach ?
  14. Feeding Dry Only

    Hi, @Rebanne this discussion about food is very interesting, do you still feel this way, which foods are you feeding your dogs now I have tried Pandi on raw bones & raw meat quite a few times & she will get an upset tummy for days & sometimes vomit funny thing is she can eat small amounts of K9 or Frontier freeze-dried foods & is fine as long as it is only a snack Currently, she eats Royal Canin Digestive Care mini for most meals, she loves the taste & her tummy is doing very well 1 small poop a day & I can see she is feeling happier She also can eat a small bit of cooked meat with no problems
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  16. Lab proof dog beds

    I have used old tyres too they can be fastened on to wood or horse stable rubber matting if necessary
  17. Cute story about service dogs

    Warning ; The video is an ad Very Good Service Dogs Watch 'Billy Elliot: The Musical' At The Theater https://www.huffpost.com/entry/service-dogs-watching-billy-elliot-theater_n_5d57d824e4b0d8840ff3be13
  18. Lab proof dog beds

    Kuranda dog beds. I have a golden retriever who destroyed every bed and blanket. Kuranda beds are more expensive but well worth. Also a truck tyre with straw in it works well.
  19. Last week
  20. ok so a pan/bowl/tray of some sort that can be slid under a barrier, secured and then pulled back out when dog has finished? I like what JRG has done! ETA as I am still thinking What are the chances the dog would then resource guard the area he is fed in? Would he protect a cage setup like JRG? If you used a barrier across a doorway would the dog then protect that doorway/room? Why is putting the food outside on the ground no longer working? Is the dog now guarding the whole backyard?
  21. Lab proof dog beds

    same here towels etc to start with ..& then if they do just sleep in & rip ..warm stuff
  22. Here is a pic of a little "spare" pen I have in the yard. It is completely enclosed and safe - can be padlocked it needed. ('Fiver' is not quite sure why he has been enclosed!!) I have pushed an old frying pan under the bottom rail. It has two treats in it (but he is not amused). Note that I have not had to come into contact with the dog inside the pen, and I could tie the pan handle to the verandah post if I wanted to keep it within my reach so can remove it.
  23. can you pop him in his crate and slide the feeder-bowl-part of an automatic feeder under the wire (if there's a space to do this) something similar to this https://petlifetoday.com/best-automatic-dog-feeders/ this one may do the job as it's voice activated, you may have to hunt for a similar voice activated one as the postage is horrendous---> feeder link maybe you will need to buy a crate with a slot at the bottom though this one also may be a plan https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/dog/dog-feeding-supplies/petsafe-smart-feed-automatic-dog-and-cat-feeder#
  24. Vebo crates have a slide out tray at the bottom... https://www.vebopet.com.au/dog/crates-and-cages/ Just thinking of logistics here... does the dog get aggressive as soon as he sees food? Do you need to have him contained prior to the food appearing, or can you place it in a crate/enclosure, then let him at it? Does he settle down after the food is gone, making it easy for you to just let him out and then clean? T.
  25. Lab proof dog beds

    Get a pallet. Nail (or screw) a bit of carpet to the top. Change carpet as needed. That's what we did for destructo dogs in the boarding kennel. My own labs have a nest, made of old doonas, blankets and other soft stuff from OP shops and garage sales. Destruction is permitted.
  26. Lab proof dog beds

    Sounds expensive! Unfortunately dogs are often expected to be satisfied doing 'nothing' through the day but their behaviour can tell us if their environment is meeting their needs. A bored dog left to find its own entertainment will often find something we don't like, barking, running a fence line, digging, destroying things etc. For the sake of the dogs mental health it pays to reassess what's going on if you repeatedly see the same thing happening. Being a young active dog and as TSD says he's possibly looking for mental enrichment. Wanting to rip and shred might be his 'thing' or its all he can find to do? Maybe check out this great site for DIY ideas on boredom busters? It can be a tough job meeting a dogs needs every day but it's important we do. Good luck! https://www.facebook.com/groups/canineenrichment/?ref=share
  27. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    Maybe a mix of a funnel / tube to drop the food down onto a tray that can be pulled away once he’s done.. It is really hard. He’s tried multiple medications but nothing has really worked. We’ve just started another.. we’ll see how this one goes.
  28. Enclosure for feeding dog with food aggression

    We a do dry and wet food mix. It currently just gets put outside on the ground and he eats it with no bowl but we have to change up our system because it’s not working anymore.. This is a good idea.. I was thinking of making something like that I just need someone to help me as I’m not very handy! Thanks for the comment.
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