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  2. PRIME100 Pet Food Review

    Love it, but I'd call them for sure. The table doesn't mention large breed puppies. http://prime100.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Prime100-SPD-SK-D-200-Product-Table.pdf <---SKD not chicken & veg
  3. Puppy with flatulance

    LOL..so I guess you don't look in her mouth very often!! It's a really cool trick to teach babies ...one which is SO useful ..and which will stand them in good stead all their lives When she's relaxed, lying alongside you, or on your lap ..stroke her face/muzzle gently .... her lips ... just inside her lips ..and along her gums . Just bit by bit , and just for a minute ...until after a few sessions, you can rub your finger along her gums with her mouth closed That's a good start .... I prefer to do it without talking , so to lessen any chance of pups getting excited .
  4. PRIME100 Pet Food Review

    I can’t find that one on their website. You’d have to call them to check whether it is suitable for a large breed puppy (“all life stages”).
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  6. Diabetic Dog Food Suggestions

    go with what the vet suggested to start with, keep doing your research and when you have a better idea of things you will be able to make changes if you wish. I'm insulin dependant and would struggle if one of my dogs became diabetic.
  7. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    if it is a GSD you are wanting then I suggest you join your state club and ring/email the puppy officer. I wouldn't say 100% of members would do the right thing but most would, otherwise they get thrown out. Also, as the club can be political, there are very good breeders who are not members. But you want one that can show proof of their membership of an ANKC state body, proof of their dogs papers and health tests.
  8. Reintroduction and new introduction

    Oh Welcome back ... and how wonderful to bring with you your very own MUSE ! She looks perfect .... even down to the confetti manufacturing ;)
  9. Welcome back to DOL .. and biiig congratulations on finding a beautiful dog from an awesome breeder!!! It will be interesting to be able to follow Muse's training journey if you don't mind sharing.
  10. Puppy with flatulance

    Not sure if she has lost any teeth yet ash she is so wiggly when hold her. She is 15 weeks and chewing everything is sight though.
  11. Puppy with flatulance

    Not that I know of ... teething does not normally make pups itchy . Is she losing her teeth ?
  12. Puppy with flatulance

    Puppy is on Ivory Coat grain Free Puppy lamb (large breed, because larger kibble makes her slow down and chew more). This is day 2 of feeding the kibble just mentioned and nothing else. Flatulence is much better on this. There is no skin rash, but puppy is scratching more and nibbling her back and legs., which she wasn't doing on the Black hawk. I'm hoping its just a teething thing. I'm seeing vet on Friday, this vet treated my previous sheltie who did have allergies. What length of time should you give a brand of food before you know whether it suits your puppy or not?
  13. PRIME100 Pet Food Review

    I've never tried Prime100 but I do feed my dog Big Dog Patties. I'm not sure how big your dog is or how much they need, but I only feed my senior staffy cross (between 23kg and 24kg) 1 patty per day. I spread a box of 12 patties out over a fortnight by feeding half of one for breakfast and half of one plus a tin of sardines or an egg (I alternate between them) with a spoon of plain yoghurt. He also gets a meaty bone like a lamb or Turkey neck instead of the half patty/sardine/egg/yoghurt combo some nights, which pushes the 12 patties out to 14 days and is good for his teeth. If you buy at Petstock and are a member (free to join), you get approx $4 credit per box to use on your next Big Dog purchase, which brings the cost of the boxes down to between about $21 and $24 each, depending on which one you buy (we get the sensitive skin which is $28 before the credit is applied). All of that being said, if you have a bigger dog or need to feed a lot more because your dog is growing, then what I shared might be no help at all to you.
  14. Hi Folks, Did any one tried Prime100 pet food, especially the "Chicken and Veg" roll - pic attached? I have a 4.5 months old GSD pup who is currently in Big Dog BARF Chicken diet. I had to opt her to BARF as her poops were sloppy whenever fed on Kibble, whichever brand may it be. Feeding her only on Big Dog is becoming a costly affair as with the raw diets since they are priced high over kibble. The same quantity of Prime100 Chicken and Veg costs lower than half of what I pay for Big Dog. So, can really appreciate if you any one has used the product and advice whether I can feed my pup on that. Thanks, JHunt.
  15. Puppy with flatulance

    I could find stuff on the internet which could be evidence or not, you don't really know. Anyone can find proof of their theories. First hand: first thing we do is eliminate all chicken for food allergy signs (paw, armpit, chin/mouth & groin rashes) and chronic ear infections. And cut down to single protein. Much of the time it works. I'm not scientific enough to know why. It just does. We also treat symptomatically at the same time to catch up (eg ear infections don't clear up on their own). For sensitive dogs any chicken, even in a treat, causes a relapse. Hot skin, itchy ears. Roo or venison are good replacements. edit; not saying the dog in this post has allergies.
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  17. Puppy with flatulance

    Evidence? I have read the opposite.
  18. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    This is a good idea!
  19. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    There is some info here https://www.petsecure.com.au/pet-care/is-it-ok-to-buy-a-dog-online/ https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/05/how-to-buy-a-puppy-without-getting-scammed/ and this ABC link has some helpful facts, especially the 'I used a tool called a reverse-image search, which checks to see if a picture has been posted somewhere else on the internet'. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-21/puppy-scammers/8943034 and, if you are interested in a particular pup perhaps ask here and give the location of the owner and the advertisment to make sure they are legit.
  20. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    Everyone in here is awesome and so helpful. I am glad to be part of this community. Thank you once again.
  21. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    Sorry I also forgot, genuine breeders will also offer you papers for the puppy- like a certificate with the family tree and bloodlines. A lot will mandate you desex your dog and doing that they will return a portion of your money. Questions are two way, don’t be shocked if the breeder asks you questions too! In fact be shocked if they don’t ask you any. They want to know you are a responsible owner and have a good home for the dog.
  22. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    Don’t forget you can also get feedback from people on this forum. If it’s a genuine breeder, people on this forum would have dealt with them. I think there are quite a few good breeders that frequent this forum.
  23. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    The websites are legit but you can have anyone sell stuff on it. The sellers may not be legit, some are fraudsters in fact that scam people. I once had someone contact me on gumtree wanting to buy something I posted, then came really weird requests saying they were overseas and couldn’t get me the money so request that I wire money over to them and they will pay me back when they are back in Australia. All didn’t make sense at all. then I had someone else on another ad contact me in one email asking if I could lower my price and then in subsequent emails offer me an amount more than what I had asked for. All sounded fishy so I reported to gumtree and they confirm they were scams they are already aware off. gumtree can have very dodgey people behind the accounts. So that’s why I say for puppies to avoid it and seek better sources. Gumtree is fantastic for selling second hand goods, but in my opinion not puppies. I haven’t used kooas before but think it’s probably the same level as gumtree in terms of reliability. once you decide, ask the breeder lots of questions, a good Breeder will generally respond with detailed responses and you could most of the time gauge from their response whether they are dodgey or not. An unethical Breeder won’t respond or address your concerns, in which case, move on.
  24. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    Hi All, A question comes to my mind. I mentioned earlier about this website Koaas that had picture of German Shepherd with puppy next to it. Is this website not reliable or the ad in particular that I should not trust on any websites similar to Koaas, Gumtree? How can I check if a website is legit?
  25. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    Thank you Sheena for your generous help. Anyone else would like to chip in more questions? Questions to ask the breeder? Questions from Breeder?
  26. Puppy with flatulance

    Is ivory coat chicken protein? Food allergies are common with chicken.
  27. Annual blood works

    My vets position is that if there was a blood test done, we can proactively treat the problem if there was one.
  28. Diabetic Dog Food Suggestions

    I'm still unsure about whether to buy a complete diet kibble, if so what one? Or a fresh & kibble combination? I'm coming across so many mixed opinions online
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