😃 Epsom Salts Foot Bath 😃 Did you know this foot bath can assist dogs suffering from seasonal allergies that result in red itchy feet and pasterns? In addition, it’s a great way to give your dog a magnesium boost. Use 1/2 a cup of salts in a bucket, start with some boiling water to dissolve the crystals and the add cold water with the result being luke warm water. Soak for 5-10 mins. Give the dog a nice gentle massage or treats to keep them in place. Sometimes it’s a 2 people job. If you have a big dog, you may need to do one foot at a time or use a larger container - if you can get the dog in the bath then that’s awesome and they can have an Epsom salts bath. Dry well after and you can repeat daily. Some chronic dogs are treated up to 4 times a day. Remember, with seasonal allergy dogs, wipe their coats down with a wet towel and rinse feet after walks to rid pollens and contact irritants. The current high humidity in Sydney is not helping skin issue dogs 😞 Support your problem dog with a healthy diet with omega-3s and food high in Zinc and E. Be sure to see your Vet if you can’t get a handle on your dogs skin issues - if your Vet isn’t able to help you any further, ask for a referral to a Dermatologist.

Posted by The Balanced Canine Sydney on Friday, February 8, 2019