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  1. yes, there are many viable lines of enquiry, not just one Yes but it may be a dog from interstate or may BYB. We help them all, including derivatives. Quite a few breeders rehome returned dogs through Sally, that way the adoption fee is put towards helping other Belgians needing assistance. Sally takes dog from all over the country not just NSW.
  2. call dogs nsw, they have a list of breeders and should be able to track via microchip
  3. Hi all Penrith Council bi-annual microchipping day is on the 15th march 2014 If you would like to have a stall at the day to promote your rescue or group, please contact me we microchip all animals that need to be done, regardless of area please put the word out there thanks beth
  4. Free Microchipping

    next saturday, 10am - 2pm
  5. i can this weekend, let me know if you still need it
  6. COMPANION ANIMALS ACT 1998 - SECT 7 Meaning of “owner” 7 Meaning of “owner” (1) Each of the following persons is the "owner" of a companion animal for the purposes of this Act: (a) the owner of the animal (in the sense of being the owner of the animal as personal property), (b) the person by whom the animal is ordinarily kept, © the registered owner of the animal. (2) A reference in this Act to "the owner" of a companion animal is a reference to each and all owners of the animal. Note: A provision of this Act that makes the owner of a companion animal guilty of an offence makes each owner guilty of the offence. (5) When a companion animal is ordinarily kept by an employee on behalf of his or her employer, the animal is for the purposes of this Act taken to be ordinarily kept by the employer and not the employee. This subsection does not prevent an employee being the registered owner of an animal and does not prevent the employee being an owner if the employee is the registered owner. (6) In any prosecution of the owner of a companion animal for an offence against this Act it is a defence if the defendant establishes that: (a) another owner of the animal has been convicted of an offence arising out of the same circumstances, or the commission by another owner of the animal of an offence arising out of the same circumstances has been proved but a court has made an order under section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 in respect of the offence, or (b) another owner of the animal has paid the amount of the penalty prescribed under section 92 (Penalty notices) for an alleged offence arising out of the same circumstances. "registered owner" of a companion animal means the person shown in the registration information entered on the Register as the registered owner of the animal (and in the case of joint registered owners means each of those joint registered owners).
  7. if you would like to contact me at work (tracey knows me) then i will give you the name of the lawyer we use, he is a good dog man
  8. actually, the microchip paperwork ,here in nsw, does prove ownership. if the wifes name is on them then she makes the decision what to do with them. make sure you get proper "change of ownership" papers signed and might even be worthwhile to have a stat dec explaining the situation, make sure it is signed by a jp if you are only having the dogs for a "visit" still have some paperwork to show the owner has left them with you
  9. Free Microchipping

    this is coming up fast who would like to attend, bring rescue animals, and get free publicity for your rescue group
  10. the rise isn't always at christmas, around easter when the puppies and kittens are no longer cute that when the dumping starts
  11. Penrith Council is having another free microchipping day on the 21st Sept 2013 at Jamison Park 10-2. Please bring dogs on lead and cats in cages If you would like to have a stall and promote your group, please PM me thanks Beth
  12. Hi i received this message the other day.....can anyone help/ If you can please let me know and i will pass it on thanks beth "I wanted to ask You a favour, because i cant activate my old keeshondkrazy profile for some reason, and my new one (keeshondkrazy2) wont let me post or pm or anything anyway, i have a very good trucky friend in Lockhart, NSW (Riverina) who has a neighbours cat come visit his truckyard. This mate (Dave) likes cats and gives this strayish/country cat a pat every now and then, and apparently she is quite friendly. However she is only a few months old and already pregnant The neighbour has told Dave if the cat has kittens on his property he will "get rid of them". So ive persuaded Dave to make a bit of a nest for her in his truck yard so she will have them there. Now, He may be able to "throw a bit of money in their direction" but just cannot look after a mother and kittens long term. i was wondering if you could get in touch with some dolers in the Riverina area, or wagga/albury who may be able to foster these kittens, or at least come check out the situation, maybe know a vet who desexes even with kittens-in-utero or something?! i know "mixeduppup" is in the riverina area, and attempted to add them as a friend, but just cannot get back in touch with them right now... do you know any way to help in this situation? i just dont have any contacts any more, but still remember everything You did to help me in Penrith!!!"
  13. We are getting close who would like to have a stall on the day to promote your group and the animals you have for adoption???
  14. Need Help With Statistics

    NSW DLG have just released their stats, it on their site
  15. Too Cute For Boots!

    so sorry to hear of your loss, i now how much you give of yourselves to the puppies but everyone here know how much love they had with you
  16. Applying For 16d?

    that's because some councils research the rescues that are applying and make sure they are worthy of 16D
  17. Gnarla's Story

    as one ranger to another i know how hard this job is donation made good luck with her, you have done a wonderful job
  18. dog tech, they are very good. Dave & Anne Turner
  19. will see you at CUPS
  20. Hi the 2 taskforce papers are out They have some good, some bad and none of it will stop dog attacks http://www.dlg.nsw.gov.au/dlg/eventregistration/eventstaskforce/TaskForceRegister.asp?mi=25&ml=1&AreaIndex=FB2 you have 6 weeks to put in a submission.
  21. hi, 3-4 weeks works for me probably the aussie breeds or maybe the boxers,maybe even the gsd. would like to meet them before making up my mind beth Which ones are you looking at ozsomerset? All of the pups have 2 weeks quarantine, then they will need to be desexed - so most of them would be ready from about 3 weeks from now at the earliest. The ages now are - as best we can tell... 2 ACD pups - 6 weeks - 1 boy, one girl 5 Boxer cross pups - 7 weeks - 4 girls, 1 boy 3 Heeler pups - 10 weeks - 2 girls, 1 boy 2 Pei cross pups - 4.5 months - 2 boys 1 GSD cross - possibly deaf - 12 weeks - girl 1 Kelpie cross (Whippet?) - 8 weeks - girl 1 Rotti(?) cross - 5 months - boy T.
  22. Im looking for a new puppy, when will they be ready to meet?
  23. Can i suggest letter of support to blacktown pound, so if this does go to the general manager,mayor or Councillors then they can show that the majority of rescue support them