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  1. Apple cider is really only good for yeast as it kills it off. If your dog has a mild infection, I'd go with the salt water paw soaks twice a day. Salt water will help stave off infections. Heh even my GP recommends salt water foot soaks when I've had foot skin issues with getting wet feet in shoes over winter. Even better if you live near a beach, the dog can wade through salt water I'd be looking into an elizabethan collar in the interim when using the paw cream, so the dog can't get to his paws and lick them. Needs time to heal and stop the constant licking process.
  2. Scout used to get irritated paws, also yeast. Soaked them in apple cider vinegar diluted in water then would pat dry. The yeast/itchies cleared up and he stopped licking them. Also kept a spray bottle in the fridge with apple cider vinegar, distilled water and green tea - used that as a spray on when he came in from outside [especially after being on damp ground].
  3. Have been reading about people who's dogs have had severe reactions to flea/tick/worming meds. Possibly google the company brand and see what other's have had happen, may get hits in forums or facebook groups etc., try for Australian accounts first. There should also be some form of side effects information out there somewhere. My brother's Lab had issues with a flea/tick spot on medication [forget which brand now] - ended up getting weakness/paralysis in the rear legs. Which was a side effect of the particular brand
  4. Yes have heard of this also happening...right around the country.
  5. I was with Scout when he had a massive heart attack and died in my arms 2 months ago. He had been sleeping on and off for three hours, then made a whimpering noise, then the heart attack happened and he passed - all in a span of maybe 2 minutes. At the time he was having his heart attack he was out of it, his body was going through the motions. So yes I think they do pass somewhat peacefully - he wasn't thrashing around or anything like that. In fact I wasn't sure he had actually passed until I checked his vitals.
  6. Just annoyed I can never find a seat cover to actually attach properly with no rear headrests [just moulded ones as part of the seat].
  7. Absolutely wonderful to hear, Happity birthday ol man
  8. Scout was multi talented - he was great at finding underground water leaks in piping and digging them up for me. He had a ball doing that Also one night there was someone lurking around the shed, I let him out and he chased whoever it was off up the drive...then returned to 'protect'. Sarge has yet to grow into his protectiveness as he's on his own now. He is barking now at unusual noises - which is good. He is also good at finding skinks and frogs that have come inside and not hurting them lol. But that's about the extent of his 'talents' so far
  9. You can also be on the lookout for vets who perform partial spays [females - removal of the uterus only] or vasectomies [males]. They will technically be 'desexed', but they keep their hormone producing bits to allow proper growth when maturing. Whether this would be in accordance with the state's laws I'm not sure. But something to mull over with your vet.
  10. Depends on the lines and the breeding, some are all dog, some can be chill.
  11. I don't think asking for a price is a forbidden question. Once you explain what you are looking for and what you intend to do with the said pup...no harm in asking for current pricing. It is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration, sometimes saving up for beforehand.
  12. Noticed family pets have been affected now. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/police-dog-dead-eight-more-sick-due-to-rare-cluster-illness/news-story/6de1452b70c7adb63b1d276460268c53
  13. Surely there'd be more cases Australia wide if it was the food?
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