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  1. Missing Chinese Cresteds

    Sadly looks like that lead with the dog treats didn't pan out. I hope you are right Little Gifts about seeing her being picked up.
  2. Missing Chinese Cresteds

    Thanks persephone - she's so young to be out there alone...breaks my heart
  3. Missing Chinese Cresteds

    Dont know but I just posted your suggestion on their Facebook in case they havent. :D
  4. Missing Chinese Cresteds

    I hope this okay to post here - if not just delete it :) This is a video made for Reg & Clancy in the hopes of helping locate Cyan. Please share it and help spread the story - if someone has her or has seen her and doesn't know about all this the vid might just make a difference.
  5. Dalmatians 101

    I would ring the RSPCA. He is not being walked, is being beaten with a hose and not contained properly - all of these are breaches - at least where I live. Tying a dog up on a short rope is not considered ok. At least they might investigate it.
  6. Dalmatians 101

    chopped up politicians? Ahhhh so they've finally found a use for them! ;)
  7. Dalmatians 101

    what's minced "caucus"?
  8. Dalmatians 101

    LMAO Yes I used to do that too - but my test was for acid/alkaline levels. What a riot that was - chasing Tango around trying to catch his urine. He thought I was a lunatic and kept racing away mid-piddle. Ahh those were the days. I rarely do it now but you've reminded me and I might just try a check this week.
  9. Dalmatians 101

    PS Recently Tango has also been getting a bit of Canidae dog food particularly for training treats and sometimes for breakfast if I don't have any chicken carcasses. Either the All Life Stages or the Lamb and rice variety - both reasonably low in protein and excellent quality dog food. I buy it from here http://www.petzcentral.com.au/brands/Canidae.html because atm they have a great 2 for 1 price on the smaller packs of the All Life Stages. Plus they're tassie-based which is rare (although you can order interstate!).
  10. Dalmatians 101

    AS VC said - I have a dallie with urate stones - his are "struvite" and composed mostly of magnesium. Apparently there are different kinds and how you deal with them depends on the type of stone the animal has. I'm not an expert, I only know what worked for Tango. Do you have more detail? I had to experiment carefully with his diet over several months gradually adding more protein. I give him home prepared food, lots of white and/or brown rice (I'm on a tight budget so I have to mix in white rice) and veggies (cooked pumpkin/sweet potato etc and raw/pulped greens, carrots etc), he gets some veggies like carrots & celery raw AND cooked in the stew, cottage cheese/yoghurt, eggs (poached so the yolk is still runny) and also a chicken carcass every day. That's the basics of what I give him but I add a whole lot of extras to make it interesting and more healthy - like veggie stock, herbs, garlic, sometimes chicken stock, soup mix (you know the kind you soak), occassionally he gets a little ham in the stew. Sometimes I make him pasta or porridge instead of rice. He also gets peanut butter occassionally, some cheddar cheese for treats (not a lot) and rye or brown bread. Also Ryvita with butter. LOL Quite a variety. I NEVER feed him beef or any other red meat, yeast, fish (he can eat some but I find it too confusing working out which ones) or any kind of organ meat (apart from the bits in the chicken carcass). I also sometimes mix in a little of Natures Gift tinned food with his rice stew - either chicken/rice or chicken/oats if there isn't much else in the stew. With the raw veggies - I just chop up greens/carrots/celery etc and chuck it in a blender to make a pulp (easier to digest) and then mix that in with the stew in his bowl. When he was really thin I gave him 4x2 biscuits to help build him up but we don't get those anymore. He's a good weight now. It sounds complicated but it's not. I just make a HUGE mix in a pressure cooker and give it to him and all the dogs (the others get less of the stew and I mix in raw meat for them) - usually lasts 3 or 4 days. They all get some raw pulp veggies mixed in. His stew might also have cottage cheese or egg or some tinned food mixed with it. The other thing I put in his dinner is APple Cider vinegar - just a spoonful. There is some confusing (to me) debate over whether you should give them ACV but it works for tango. I also often give him water with something mixed in to make it taste yummy. He doesn't drink a lot of water otherwise and it's essential he does. I use that special milk you get for dogs (or lactose free human stuff or soya milk - whatever is affordable/on special) and just mix it in water enough so that it gives it flavour. I tried honey but that wasn't as successful. Sometimes I've used stock or blood from the chicken frames to flavour the water. The main thing is to make sure he drinks TONS of water to keep his system flushed - so whatever gets him drinking I do it. I keep an eye on how he urinates to make sure he's got a good healthy flow LOL and if I'm worried I make him drink another bunch of flavoured water. :D Hope that helps - but what your dog needs might be different if he has different kinds of stones.
  11. Dalmatians 101

    LMAO That's hysterical. :D
  12. Dalmatians 101

    Sorry - not related. This big fella was born mid-May :) How you going with your pup? They can be challenging dogs but I adore them - and they are brilliant once you figure out how to handle them.
  13. Dalmatians 101

    That sounds challenging!! LOL Why does Leo have trouble jumping? I'm probably going to be looking for a home for a 9 month old dalmatian boy. I am giving his owner (a young fella) one more try at doing the right thing by him but if he doesn't I'm taking him off him - his mother is ready to give the pup away and doesnt deal well with him (she "doesnt like him"). I'm trying to intervene. Anyway - the dog is 9 months old, he's goofy and HUGE! Much bigger than any of mine and he hasn't finished growing. He's going to need a lot of work because he hasn't been walked much, isn't trained and has been "free-fed" so he's overweight and undisciplined. But very friendly and still very much a pup. I call him Baby Hughie. Anyway - just thought I'd start putting the word out that I may be looking to rehome him urgently. Let me know if you can help. Will put up pics if I cant get his owner to commit to looking after him properly.
  14. Dalmatians 101

    Awww Good to hear Sophie's doing well. Yes I havent been here in over a year I think. Just got busy I guess.:D Dylan turned out to be an incredibly smart boy and quite a charmer - tho he's a devil for escaping the yard - my DIY fencing skills have improved beyond belief and my back yard looks like a wildlife sanctuary - or a detention centre. Not sure which. LOL He gets called Villain a lot.
  15. Dalmatians 101

    Hey there! Havent been around for a while. Noticed your dally tally. Could you please add Dylan (remember I rescued him last year!) and now also Buffy who is 8 months old. Things are getting out of hand around my house - they just keep multiplying. ;)