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  1. Exactly - their pups their decision on what to charge - nobody elses business.
  2. Only read the first page (sorry will go back soon) but Beagles would be ideal. They are generally wonderful with other dogs. Will encourage another dog to play, but will back off if not welcomed. They can do agility well, but beware that after the job is done they may well take off to scout for any dropped treats (have seen this at an agility demo - it was so funny). Not always great on recall! Certainly a challenge for you as a trainer I also fell boys are much more laid back than many bitches. In all the breeds I have owned over the years - the bitches tend to be generally bossier and more likely to "bitch" at another dog. Is your dog uncomfortable with males particularly?
  3. If you have chooks I would not recommend the wei. I had one who was placid by wei standards and he was a wonderful, intelligent boy. However weis tend to be obsessive hunters/field dogs, and ours would spend hours searching our rock wall for snakes. He would not give up until he got them. Luckily they were not the deadly variety, but still a little toxic. He was getting bitten far too often, and I was worried for his safety and health. I rehomed him to live with another family, with older, active children who wanted to take the dog out with them everywhere. He would have loved that. I voted for the GSD, as they are working dogs and I feel would be the easiest to train to accept the chooks/roos and anything else you get along the way.
  4. Merry Christmas Troy, and thank you for your seemingly never-ending patience with all of us here!
  5. Merry Christmas Troy, and thank you for your seemingly never-ending patience with all of us here!
  6. Being beagles they really should be kept together. They are a breed that must have company all of the time and will fret and possibly become destructive or escapists if they do not have the company they crave. Does he realize that, if he were to try to keep the boy, he would then have to get it a new companion for when he was not at home?
  7. I believe it is 9 months in Qld. Listed in the rules somewhere, but my computer won't open the file for some reason for me to reference it.
  8. Sorry for your loss T&S. You were so fortunate to have had him for so long.
  9. A shar pei could well be suitable. There is a rescue in Brisbane (and here on dol) which may be able to help you find a suitable dog. I had beagles for 10 yrs and after getting my first pei - was thrilled to find how much easier they were to live with. Less demanding and naughty than both the beagle and staffy, and not alot bigger. A puppy could be a better option though with such young children, and other pets for them to learn to live with. Even as pups, shar pei are pretty sensible, easy to live with and easy to train. My dogs never attempted to go for my son's rat, and get on fine with my cat and chihuahuas.
  10. Try some chicken mince/necks or even cooked slightly if she prefers it. Mine dogs will sell their souls for anything with real chicken. Also cat food can be tempting as it has a stronger flavour than most dog foods. Canned fish, extra cheese, and yes, some scrambled eggs are often popular. I am feeding my chi bitch 4 times a day. With bigger dogs, at least 3 times. I find they generally do not eat alot for the first 2 days then they become ravenous.
  11. I know how you feel, losing my own heart dog to a tragic accident earlier this year. I still cry at unexpected times. She will live in your heart forever. So sorry for your loss. At least she will be free of troubles and pain now.
  12. I'm still on my first bag of BH. Julana in Qld was very helpful and accommodating, thank you. My shar pei are fine with it, but finding it a harder sell to the chi's. They still prefer their Purina Lamb & Rice. I've tried all sorts of foods with these guys, but the Purina is the one they like over all others - even RC chihuahua. I wonder if it has more to do with the texture of the kibble - BH being harder to chew than the Purina. I am still mixing the 2, so they are at least benefitting partially from it. Am wanting to order the cat food, but seems to be an issue there. Overall I'm happy with it, as an excellent product for a great price. Just wish the chi's were more keen.
  13. gremlins! - I've notcied their seems to be alot about lately!
  14. Okay - cool - but doesn't say anything in the op about them being rescues - just boarders . Didn't notice the rescue sign at the bottom - derr!
  15. Have the owners given permission for the dogs to be taken out and about? I know if my dogs were in a boarding kennel - that is where I would expect them to stay. Not taken out in public with strangers.
  16. Personally I don't think it anyones business what a breeder charges for any of their dogs. They can charge whatever they want - it's their privelage. No one forces a buyer to pay anything - if they want to pay $2k for a dog when they can get similar and possibly better for $1k, that is their choice - if not they are free to go elsewhere. I know of a breeder who regularly charges $4 or $5K for her dogs which are of the most common breed colour, and in my opinion, they aren't any better quality then any others in the breed. I know my and other far cheaper dogs have beaten one of their highly priced dogs in the ring - much to the disgust of the owners who believed their very expensive dog to be beyond challenge. But ultimately who cares - all parties are free to make their own choices and if they can sell their dogs for those (in my opinion) ridiculous prices, then good luck to them. Same goes for unregistered and crossbreed breeders. While it amazes me that anyone would be stupid enough to pay, for example, $1500 for an unregistered "purebred" chihuahua from a back yard breeder, when they could purchase a fully registered and well bred one for $1000 or far less, their stupidity is not my problem. Those sorts of buyers who fail to do any research are likely not the type of people I would want to buy one of my babies anyway. So again, who cares?
  17. I would go this option too - quick easy and relatively inexpensive for a small space.
  18. Oh forgot about the Bichon Frise - absolutely gorgeous, happy little dogs. Need clipping though.
  19. An awful situation to be in Siks3. I think you have made a wise choice rehoming one of the dogs. I am sure you will take the greatest care ini finding a new more suitable home for you dad's foxie. Tapferhund, not fair to judge the breed, apart from the observation that Akita's are very strong dogs both physically and mentally, bred specifically for those traits, and will not likely lose in a fight, especially with a smaller dog. Any large strong guarding breed needs careful management, no matter how exceptional the temperament. Spikespuppy, I had a similar issue with 2 girls I had, though the same breed. They were like sisters most of the time, but occasionally all hell would break loose with virtually no warning. Though neither ended up at deaths door, it was scary, and frightening. They were near impossible to separate. Neither girl ever fought like that with any of the other dogs. These two got on with all others, and like yours - with each other 95% of the time. They were affectionate and respectful of all humans. They were shar pei, and like the Akita, many would say that was normal and they couldn't be trusted. But I have had many shar pei over the last few years, as well as other breeds for even more years - almost all entire, and I have not had 2 fight like this. I personally would be very concerned, especailly with the size difference with your 2 girls and advise that you keep them separated almost all the time. You only have to be distracted briefly for things to go very wrong. You mention this is the 3rd and worst incident. I can only think it will get worse and more intense each time. However, I am sure there is no reason at all to pts either of the bitches, as dogmad would have you do. I believe the issue between my 2 was due to the fact they were similar age (6mths apart) and saw themselves as equals/rivals. They did not fight with the older bitch (they would back down to her in any rare, but brief squabble) or the male dog or even the odd visiting dog. Just a personal issue between these 2. But it was a massive relief when one was eventually rehomed. Not judging you, just sharing my similar experience and my concern.
  20. Well since you already discounted the pup to cover them microchipping themselves, then I would definately not refund any more than purchase price. The main reason I set out a few terms in a basic sales agreement, is so that hopefully the new owners will think more about their purchase and commitment before going ahead. Actually putting a signature to a piece of paper requires a certain amount of commitment and seriousness on the part of most (not all) people. It also gives me something to fall back on.
  21. Lhasa's, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Havanese, Toy poodle - great for obedience, longcoat chi (my teenage son adores our chi boy - it's basically his dog now that I can not show/breed him), pomeranian, silky terrier. Or on the slightly larger size: Japanese/german spitz, shelties - brilliant for obedience/agility, mini poodle Obviously would need to consider their tolerance for and commitment to: hair/grooming, activity level, noise, etc
  22. Firstly, shouldn't you have already microchipped the pup before selling it? It is law after all, and while I understand why breeders of very tiny toys (chi's, poms, iggies) will hold off with microchipping, and there is a loophole that allows this, a cav (assuming thats what the pup is) is a fairly robust breed and in my opinion should be done before selling. Secondly I have a sales agreement, signed by both parties, that covers change of mind - offering an 90% refund if pup is returned within a month of purchase, providing it does not need medical attention. In this case, and as it has only been 2 weeks, I would probably offer to refund full purchase price only. If they made a fuss I would likely give in just to get the pup back.
  23. I keep telling you, it's the name spottychick! My Dylan is just like your Dylan with his eargerness to learn! I too often wondered how much more he could accomplish with a far better and more committed trainer than I, but he loves me, despite my flaws! I wish I had him 15 years ago when I had more energy. I did do a little agility with him last year, which he loved and took to easily, but after the Christmas break, I got slack and didn't go back. eta loved the latest video!
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