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  1. Advice beeded

    That sounds like a very difficult, and very stressful situation for everyone, humans and dogs, and I congratulate you on being honest about your situation and asking for advise. For me the ONLY consideration you have is you have a small child who will be toddling around in a very short time. The current situation is a serious accident just waiting to happen. You need to remove one of the dogs as soon as possible. It's a tough situation to make a decision, but I also think you need to stop thinking about the dogs as "mine" and "hers" - you are a family and you both own both dogs. That might make it a bit easier to look at rationally. Then you need to look at which dog is most suitable to be rehomed. It also sounds really cruel, but it may be best for the older unhealthier dog that it be put to sleep. It sounds like neither you or your partner can cope with the current medical responsibilities (in both time and money), and they are only going to get worse as the dog gets older. You may not find a rescue who is willing to take on an older sick dog (they're out there, but all the rescues are stretched to their limits). If you decide you are going to keep the entire male you really need to commit to getting him desexed. Also I would not bring another dog into the home for some time yet. Let your daughter get a bit bigger, and let the dog that's staying settle down into the new family dynamic. I wish you the best of luck
  2. Welcome Orwin Oakley

    What a spunk ! Congrats Cosmolo. Hi Oakley
  3. Goodbye my precious boy

    So sorry for your loss Nikki, Kane was a beautiful happy pup. Take the time to grieve & look after yourself.
  4. Three Feet from Devotion

    So sorry for your loss Tikira
  5. Mooch City is in Mourning

    So sorry to hear this LMO. Hugs to you & the rest of the clan
  6. Last Goodbye 14/12/19

    So sorry to hear this you must miss her. An empty house is a hard thing. Sending hugs
  7. Goodbye Dozer

    So sorry to hear this TC. I felt & saw Fleming for a long time afterwards, and yep, I have the guilts for both of mine. Was it too early? Was it too late? Were they in pain & I didn't know? It's a terrible thing. Easier to say than do, but don't beat yourself up too much. Know that he was well loved, and you did the right thing by him. Sending hugs
  8. They're both gorgeous Glad to hear she's settling in (and down) and your boy is happy.
  9. Awwww she's lovely Welcome Evie, glad to hear you're settling in
  10. Goodbye Zephy Man

    So sorry to hear this Grumpette, your beautiful dogs have always been a joy to see and Zeph was just a gorgeous boy. You must be feeling his loss terribly. Sending hugs to you all
  11. Goodbye my Lovely Miss Bindi girl xxx

    So sorry for your loss Sheena, what a fantastic time you have had together with lots of precious memories. RIP Bindi xx
  12. Fabulous news What a gorgeous girl, look forward to getting updates on how she's settling in
  13. Be Smart. Don’t be like Me!

    My mum (as a wildlife rescuer) used to defrost baby mice/rats in old margarine containers in the fridge. We learnt very quickly to check first to see if the butter was labelled by mum before opening it
  14. What are they rolling in?

    Yep, I've got an earth-worm roller. Thank doG it doesn't smell