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  1. Fabulous news What a gorgeous girl, look forward to getting updates on how she's settling in
  2. Be Smart. Don’t be like Me!

    My mum (as a wildlife rescuer) used to defrost baby mice/rats in old margarine containers in the fridge. We learnt very quickly to check first to see if the butter was labelled by mum before opening it
  3. What are they rolling in?

    Yep, I've got an earth-worm roller. Thank doG it doesn't smell
  4. Enjoy this time with your beautiful girl, and big hugs to you both.
  5. Poor Trouble - imagine being put on a diet at a time like that Hugs to you both
  6. Glad to hear all is going well for the girl. As you say, just watch & wait at this stage Hugs to you both
  7. Great news on the vet report T.
  8. Oh, so sorry to read this Minxy. As others have said, it such a tough decision to make, but the best one in the interests of our beloved hairies. There are a lot of DOL dogs waiting for him on the other side. The tree you have chosen is beautiful.
  9. Sarah's gone...

    So sorry WM. Run free Sarah with your friend Mac
  10. Anxious weeing

    Thanks for all the suggestions and input, I've passed them all on to my colleague.
  11. Anxious weeing

    A colleague is having problems with their 5yo Ridgeback who has been incontinent for a little while now. Vet checks & a slew of tests have ruled out anything physical, and they're realising that it seems to be anxiety related in that she wees when someone makes a loud noise, or she gets startled. Their home & living situation changed a few months ago which is probably a bit contributor. They're doing some research and are looking at rescue remedy and thundershirts. My knowledge is pretty lacking in this area, so I thought I'd ask the DOL brains trust if anyone has some good methods for keeping an overall generally anxious dog calm. They are working on this with their vet too, but I thought I'd ask for any experience. Thanks
  12. Which dog breed is best for me?

    I had a Tibbie x as a foster a number of years back - he was the dearest little boy. We'd go bushwalking and he had a lovely time keeping up with the two big dogs (one who was probably 10x his size) - he'd climb up rocks and bound over fallen trees without a problem. He was adopted by my lawn-mower man, and only passed a few weeks ago. He would have been well into his teens. Fabulous little dogs
  13. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    No advice, just adding my support. Fingers crossed the metacam helps
  14. My boy Jasper

    So very sad to read this twodoggies. Sending hugs your way