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  1. Sorry to hear this Rascal. Sending virtual hugs
  2. I tried Hesper (Chinese Crested) with those ears. He loved them but his farts were vomit-inducing....truly noxious
  3. Oh LFF so sorry for your loss. It's so hard saying goodbye. Big hugs
  4. She's a beautiful little girl - is she getting less timid LMO?
  5. He's gorgeous Kirislin. I'll put the name thinking cap on....
  6. Thanks for all the feedback, I'll have a look at those & pass them on. @Pucapo unfortunately it's not just as simple as having pet insurance. As snook has said, so many items aren't included, prices are jacked up with age, and the premiums are not something they can afford, but thanks for the suggestion
  7. My parents would love another dog in their life (the last one died a few years ago now), but while they are physically & mentally able to look after a dog, they can't afford expensive vet bills and so won't get one. I was wondering if there are any rescue groups that have "legacy dogs" or similar. Something like where someone leaves money in their will for the continued care of their pet. I think that would suit them perfectly - the parentals get a dog, the dog gets a wonderful home, and my parents don't have to stress about potential vet bills (they can cope with food & stuff). Any ideas?
  8. Another apoquel user here. My vet is fabulous, and we tried everything, did skin tests, did food elimination diets & nothing conclusive as an 'allergy' came up, although we eliminated food as an issue so it has to be environmental. The apoquel really helps, but I also have to keep him shaved (he's a Chinese Crested) and regularly bathed - any slip on my behalf & his itchies get worse.
  9. So sorry to hear this Perse. Beautiful Tallie-cat - rest in peace. You were well loved
  10. Glad to hear she's feeling better. Fingers crossed the pathology results give you some more answers
  11. So sorry for your loss @SarahsMum and hugs to you & your family. She was a lovely girl who will be sorely missed. She was lucky to have you all
  12. What a spunk ! Congrats Cosmolo. Hi Oakley
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