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  1. Do they mean limiting it to 10 breeding bitches ir 10 dogs inc stud dogs?
  2. Melbourne EyeVet, Australia's newest and foremost animal eye specialist clinic, is keen to work with dog breeders around Victoria. We want to make it easier for breeders to get ACES certificates done on their dogs. We are currently based in Hallam but have two ACES clinics coming up - one at Traralgon on the 19th of April and one at KCC Park on the 12th of June. If you would like to make an appointment or to find out more, please contact Melbourne EyeVet on 0430163640 or 0418329697. We would also love to hear from breeders and breed clubs who would like to organise clinics. We are happy to travel for large groups of dogs. (Posting for Kirty who works for them but can't post in this forum)
  3. They are right on normal time frames for walking etc. they start walking like drunks at 2 weeks, eyes open and they walk more. Ears open at 2.5 - 3 weeks and then they start barking and growling. By 4 weeks they are running. I assume you meant 3 weeks old this Friday not 2 weeks? If those pups are 2 weeks old they are way way ahead.
  4. No dilutes are fawn and blue. This pup may carry dilute which means she can produce blues or fawn pups if mated to the right dog. Bipsy can produce dilutes which means he has 1 dilutte and 1 non dilute gene. I know this because I've seen pics of litters he's sired overseas. Renee is really into colour genetics maybe talk to her, I'm sure she can explsin it far better than i can It may be the colour of the pics tricking me but that pup looks seal to me. The black/deep brown nose is the biggest indicator to me. Plus you say she has brown through her coat, agsin that suggests she's seal.
  5. My smallest IG pup would have been around 150g and biggest 275g from memory. I would say most are around 180g. However I've heard of pups weighing 90g or so surviving, Eta: my 275g pup was born via csection.
  6. If it heals straight he can still be shown. There are more then a few IGs in the ring that have had a broken leg, Lure courising may not be on the cards again though at least for a long while.. When Nyx broke her foot it took sbout 6 months until I felt it was strong enough she didn't have to be monitored when she ran around and she still had more healing to go after that. . Arky's break looks nasty, very jagged edges, the other X-rays of breaks ive seen have had clear edges to the break. Poor dog hope he recovers well.
  7. Omg only just found this thread. Here is Soda now
  8. I use panacur. It's used off label for worming here, it's sold as sheep drench. Overseas they use panacur for worming Way more economical. I have 12 dogs.. Panacur 100 costs me $170 for a litre which last me 2 years or more, worning every 3 months. Panacur also treats Giardia. Reacue ppl and greyhound ppl use panacur. That's how I found out about it.
  9. I'm so sorry Kirty. Wish Id met him, Sounds like he had a profound impact in your family. RIP Rupert
  10. What a nightmare for you! So sorry to hear this. Relieved your other dogs recovering well. Fingers crossed for Pudding
  11. Im very fortunate with this litter. I lost s litter last year in sept. Pups were stillborn. I know how hard it is. Hoping your black and tan boy is a stunner
  12. Jolie whelped a healthy litter of 6 tnite - all girls! Both Jolie and Kirty did s brilliant job.
  13. Im so sorry Monteba, losing multiple pups is hard Im still waiting for Jolie to start, watched bitch never whelps
  14. Think we will have puppy breath before morning :) looks like Jolie Is starting going by the pics. I think Kirty is in for a loong night.
  15. Thanks. Kirty owns the bitch and d is whelpimg and raising the litter in Melbourne. .
  16. Only met Helen and her daughter Mel once, lovely people. What a nightmare for the family. Such a tragedy
  17. Italian greyhound litter due 14th August. Ultrasound showed 5-6 puppies :)
  18. I have a boxer and I live in an arid area - in a Broken Hill in to outback NSW. My boxer Fluke will chase emu or roos for kms, running hard and absolutely flat out on a hot scent. Now I won't run him when it's really hot, amd he always needs a big drink when he's done no matter what the temp. Fluke has always run free and it a fot and healthy boy. I didn't let him join in the roo/emu chase until he was over a year old thoug as I felt it may be a bit much for him. He is my first boxer snd is a brilliant dog. He LOVES kids even though he asnt raised with them. He is wary with strangers until I introduce him properly, and he is good with other dogs as I made sure to socialise him when he was young. I also desexed him at 12 months of age (happy birthday boy! Lol). I think a boxer could easily fot your needs, just don't run him on really hot days. Use common sense, make sure there's water at the end of the run of the dog to drink. It's not rocket science :) if I take Fluke for a walk with me and let him off the lead he can literally go for hours, as he isn't running flat out.
  19. I had a litter of italian greyhounds born today. 5 pups - 4 girls and 1 boy. Lovely range of colours and a hassle free whelp. I'm pretty sure she's done now.
  20. So sorry LizT. Breeding is so very difficult at times. Most of us have been there and lost puppies. I feel for you
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