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  1. I have been one of those people who had the unfortunate situation of my dog passing away 2 weeks after the policy rolled over (I will stop short of saying the vet actually killed my dog but thats a whole different story). They tried to keep charging me but I just told the credit card company what was happening and they stopped the payments to the insurer. Never heard anything else from them. My home phone, mobile, health insurance are all monthly and can be swapped at any time (after an initial set period) so dont see why dog insurance cant be the same. Its not like home insurance where you normally still have the house.
  2. It's A Burden Being Different...

    We have had Sharpei for 16 years now and I have always said its like going out with a supermodel or movie star. Try getting a puppy Sharpei out of the car just after its thrown up everywhere and you are trying to clean up, pouring rain and a crowd gathers and just wants to pat the puppy. When we go camping its OK because most of our friends know "the girls" but last Easter we made the mistake of going through the markets. There was a crowd trailing behind us and an angry women yelling that there were no dogs allowed (not my fault the sign was hidden behind a car when we arrived).
  3. Dogs On Holidays

    I had a problem with the dogs barking and birds screeching across the road and we used our gopro. Set up your gopro without the case (but out of the weather) so that is records the noise better. Don't put it on your dog as you want your dog in the picture. Put it somewhere where it captures most of your yard including your dog kennel. Depending on the size of the SD card in your gopro you will get approx 1 hour of recording on a 32gb card. The gopro automatically breaks it into 15mins videos. Download to your computer, wipe card free and record as much as necessary. You can setup an app on your phone or ipad to see exactly what your gopro is recording if you dont have the screen on the back. Hope this helps
  4. Reporting A Neglected Dog

    I know when I made a report about the neighbours a few weeks ago that when you email the details there is a message to say that the RSPCA is so busy that they dont get back to the person that made the initial report. I only knew that the RSPCA has been to the neighbours because my husband was home and saw them visit. It was a couple of days between sending the email and them visiting.
  5. Vet On. Gold Coast

    Dr John at The Point Vet at Paradise Point is really lovely. He did locum work at our normal vet and when we had to get our 13 year old put to sleep he came to the house which considering how much I was crying and sobbing on the phone a wonder he could work out what I was saying. Doesnt hurt that he is really good looking as well!!
  6. After a week of constant barking all night with the new neighbours I went over at 7:30am and told them their dogs had barked all night and they promised they would "do something" which I thought meant they would move them to the backyard or under the house. Two days later they barked constantly from 11pm to 2:30am so I knocked on their door until they woke up and said I would be over every night until the problem was fixed. Hardly hear the dogs at all now. Funny enough originally they said they couldnt put the dogs in the backyard but now they have returfed the front yard the dogs are contained to the back. Talk about double standards.
  7. Neighbor Complaining About Barking..

    It makes me mad when people complain about a nuisance noise but dont do it properly as it gives the people making a legitimate claim a bad situation and takes longer for the real complaints to get looked at. We have a problem with our neighbour across the road, first with dogs that barked constantly all night and now with birds that absolutely SCREAM from 5:30am in the morning for 3 hours straight without a break. I tried putting a note in his letterbox (with my name and address) which he ignored and I then approached him so I got abused (we found out later he is a police officer). Its only when I make an official complaint to the council that he will act. Last week the screaming birds drove me to the point where I nearly had a nervous breakdown and had to get prescribed anti anxiety medication. I hate even taking a headache tablet so this was a huge drastic measure for me. Council can takes weeks to even check into a complaint in Brisbane and start with standard stuff of just sending letters. I would have been in hospital in another week so very very lucky that the neighbours come home. The people I did see in his yard during the week included his mother and brother-in-law just said that "none of the other neighbours have a problem" and "its all about me". I think the other neighbours are scared of him and hence dont want to complain. Why should my life be ruined by one family? We have lived here for 15 years and never had a problem and enjoyed great relationships with the previous neighbours. A new family moves in 6 months ago and makes life impossible. Just because one person complains doesnt mean that there isnt a problem. We have 7 dogs between 4 houses on our side of the street and his dog used to bark 10 times more than the 7 on our side all put together. Yes, I know dogs bark but my big problem is when the owner is home and doesnt go outside and do something and stands at the window and watches his dog at absolutely nothing. All the dogs on our side of the street are sleeping and there is nothing walking up or down the street. If you are absolutely sure its not your dog then video the area the dog is in. Everybody has gopro videos these days so borrow one and set it up. You can normally record for at least an hour before the card fills up or the battery dies. Also try leaving the house, park the car down the road and wait 15 mins and then walk back and see if you can hear barking. Its surprising how many people say their dog doesnt bark but then it becomes a Jeckle and Hyde situation.
  8. So Annoyed!

    I went to vote this morning before work and two lovely little pugs being minded at the fence. Unfortunately there were about a hundred people in the queue and I couldnt wait around so went back after work and nobody there at all
  9. Back Seat Hammocks/ Buddies

    We have had a back seat buddy for approx 14 years and I noticed just this week that start to get a little bit worn in the fold where the dogs sit. We have always had 2 x Sharpei so not huge hair shedders but still manage their fair share. Our BSB is actually one size too small for the 4wd but still works well but the seats and floor of the car are vinyl anyway. The odd time or two when its been in the wash and I had to carry the dogs they were really freaked out because there was nothing covering in the foot well and fell in a few times going around corners.
  10. Suggestions For Qld Locals

    There is a fenced offleash park just near Nudgee Beach that I have NEVER seen anybody use. Its just opposite the service centre/garage, etc and right at the turn off for Nudgee Beach. Its a tiny bit smaller than Nudgee Beach one but as I said I have never seen anybody use it.
  11. Shar Pei

    I have had Sharpei for 15 years and have been helping with Peiradise for the past four years. Having seen so many come into care because their owners didnt know what they were getting into and only saw the cute wrinkly puppy, that I too must agree that they MAY not be for the first time dog owner. In saying that our Sharpei were both my husbands and I first dogs as adults but both of us had lived with dogs in the family home all our lives. I have met Ruby Rose and she is absolutely lovely. We were also lucky that our first Sharpei were very mellow and easy to train. The main point we stress is that you must listen to more experienced owners about the both the good and the bad of owning a Sharpei (ie must have a large bank account for vet fees should they arise). Dog training is definately a must and good socialisation. Some Sharpei are easier to train than others and they are not a dog to be left in the backyard. They do need to be allowed inside with you if you are home. I would suggest either coming to one of the Peinics or contact Peiradise (email [email protected]) and see if you can organise a visit to see many Sharpei all in one place and see the differences in their personalities. If you still want to get one then decide if you want a rescue pei or one from a breeder. Do NOT buy from a petshop or a backyard breeder or you could be in for years of grief. If you do want a dog from a breeder then Peiradise can also help with that information. I am sure Jennifer will also have more to add when she sees your post.
  12. Car Seat Cover?

    I was going to suggest the Backseat Buddy. We have had one for over 12 years and they are great. If someone wants to sit in the back you can easily unzip one side and just use half. Our dogs really prefer not having the footwell in front of them. On the very odd occasion the backseat buddy has been in the wash and I have taken the dogs down the park they really freak out at having that space of the footwell in front of them.
  13. Hot Spots

    My girl must get them very mild as I dont clip the fur but just use the Ilium Neocort cream which on the label says antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic ski Emollient Cream. Also good if you get bitten by a green ant as really takes the sting out!. The hot spots seem to clear up within a day but I have seem then turn pus like or anything.
  14. Wooden Floors

    Our floors are pretty trashed because they are pine. Our first two dogs used to go racing around the corner from lounge room to front door and skid a bit on the floor. We put a large rug with a non skid mat undernearth in the middle of the lounge to help them get traction and protect the floor. Our current two dogs dont sleep in the loungeroom and dont race outside at 100 miles an hour so the floors have stayed pretty much the same for the past 2 years
  15. We have just received an email from Everyday Rewards re their pet insurance. I did have insurance with a different company for my last dog but havent gotten around to insuring these ones. The quote is for $580 for a year with nil excess but 80% payment refund or an extra $100 to have a $100 excess. Does anyone else use Woolies pet insurance and have they been OK? Any other recommendations for other companies?
  16. I saw that but thought I'd try other avenues before calling around - might be a good bet though as from memory (I did the same white pages search) the address was in the same street (different number tho) as it was 10 years ago - when I called the original number the man there said that Joan hadn't lived there (at that address? at that phone number?) for a long time - it was a bit odd. Thanks again to everyone for your help with this!! Here's some more pics of the old boy for you all :) He is beautiful. I love a black horsecoat. My girl passed away 2 years ago aged 13 so hopefully you still have many years with your beautiful boy
  17. Debarking

    I wouldn't try this because I know, at least with my dogs, that they would be just as likely to associate the loud/frightening noise with whatever it was they were barking at (eg. neighbours). Which would make it worse... Our dogs stop barking as soon as we put out the "big stick". Because one of them was chewing our front door when we were not home we had a sheet of plywood leaning against the wall. We then had a spare piece of the railing laying around and one day they were barking and wouldnt stop when we yelled at them so in frustration I hit the piece of dowling on the plywood and they immediately stopped. After a couple of times if this I only have to grab the dowl from next to the door and they stop upon seeing it. I might add that they have never been hit themselve, we just tap the piece of board and are actually standing about six metres away. Our previous dogs were trained to stop barking by a method that Barkbusters use with small pieces of chain that you drop near them to create a noise. Some people drop them onto baking trays or other pieces of metal to make a larger noise. Similar idea just different way of making a noise. The dogs are not scared, they are just distracted from what they were barking at and forget all about it rather than go back and finish off the job.
  18. Thanks Coogie for that website. I have been in an updated Fuchsia and Daisys info. I too find it interesting to look back at parentage. Especialy as Sharpeis are all so different
  19. Dogs Go Wacko For Smackos

    My current dogs plus my two previous when psycho over schmakos. If anyone finds out whats in them let me know as there is some secret ingredient.
  20. How Much To See A Vet In Brisbane?

    Dr John is brilliant. We have used him a couple of times including when my old girl had to be put to sleep one night and he came straight away to the house. He now works from the Gold Coast The Point Vet
  21. Obedience

    Your dog looks lovely and seems to have quite a high level of training already. Just a few things I noticed from the video though - the position of where you stand when you give a sit command seems to be at a 90 degree angle to the dog. Usually in training you stand right next to the dog (ready to walk in a heel position) or directly in front of the dog. Not sure if this is something you did just for the video but small things like this can be confusing to the dog if you are rewarding and then you change your position in training to the correct one. Also most trainers will suggest doing a series of commands rather than rewarding every single command but that is all fine tuning that you will need to discuss with your instructor. Good luck as I would love to be able to get one of my new dogs to advanced obedience since by old girl passed away but its very difficult even to find the right dog to progress with.
  22. Can You Stop A Dog Getting Lost?

    Twelve years ago we had our two Sharpei stolen out of the front yard. One was six months old (Daisy) and the other 12 months old (Fuchsia) They dumped Fuchsia in the park about 1km away from where we lived. She had only been to the park a couple of times and normally by car. After being walked all over the suburb by the robbers (we got reports later in the day) she still managed to walk through the quite large park, up the road, through the shops, across the train line, down our street and then down our driveaway and collapsed half way up our back stair on the small verandah. To this day we seriously dont know how she did it. Daisy we finally got back three months later which is a whole other story for another day. A few weeks later we went camping and someone let off fireworks while we were having dinner. Yes, the dogs were off lead but sitting at our feet. Fuchsia decided to run TOWARDS the fireworks and try and catch then while Daisy gently strolled away from them. By the time we grabbed Fuchsia another one had gone off so Daisy bolted into the bush. We drove around calling her name for about an hour and then had to give up as thought it best to try again at first light. We had only been at this campground for a couple of hours but at around midnight Daisy came back into the tent with a big grin on her face like she had been out having the best time. Both girls passed away last year aged 12 and 13 and never had any major problems with storms or fireworks the rest of their lives. Fuchsia was actually claustrophobic so would dig out of the backyard so she could sit in the front yard and see out at the street. We installed six foot ppol style fencing with dead locked gates for her in the end so that she could see out onto the street. One day she was locked in the backyard and dug under the side yard and the neighbour on the other side saw her and put her into their yard. She didnt like his fence either because she couldnt see out so dug back under his fence and got into our front yard and was happy then. We had to give in and let her live the rest of her life in the front yard!! One other time they both got out and all they did was sit at the front gate and cry to be let back into our place. They were both fantastic dogs and could take them anywhere such as 4wding, camping, visiting friends and they would never wander off. Our girls never had special training to stay with us or come home if lost so I guess part of the luck that we had is related to their nature and just luck of the draw.
  23. Posting Photo's Of Decent Size

    I use photobucket and really easy to just save from Iphoto and then copy and paste the link from photobucket. Takes about 10 seconds
  24. Christmas Photos

    Last years photos: Cassie Orsana This is what she really thought of the antlers
  25. Brisbane Kennels

    I would think that if you havent booked by now that most places are going to be 100% full. I would start ringing around asap and then when you find anything available make a short list and then post here to see if anyone has recommendations. From experience in the past when I ran by own boarding service I would be getting all the frantic calls about now to say that they had tried every boarding kennel in the phone book. Good luck in your search.