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  1. Excited At The Tv

    One of mine loves animal shows and for some reason Top Gear
  2. Guide Dogs Queensland will stage OctoberFETCH - our "Carnival for Canines" - at Pine Rivers Park Strathpine on Sunday, 2 October, 2011. OctoberFETCH is your opportunity to get up close and personal with our wonderful Guide Dogs - while having fun with yours. We will feature a 4km Dog-a-thon fundraising walk, Guide Dog displays and puppy parades; kids rides and face painting; fantastic food, BBQ and drinks; competitions, prizes and lots more! Registrations are now open for the 4km Dog-a-thon, so sign up and start fundraising today! http://www.guidedogsqld.com.au/page/About_Us/News_and_Events/Whats_On/October_Fetch_2011_-_Our_NEW_Open_Day/
  3. The Gold Coast Pet Expo is on this weekend at Varsity Lakes. http://www.goldcoastpetexpo.com.au/ We have been for the past three years and lots of really great displays. Peiradise - Paradise for Rescued Sharpei will be having a stall so come along and say hello.
  4. Gold Coast Pet Expo 17 - 18 Sept

    We have had no problems parking previously. Some years we park close by and other years we use the shuttle bus. Seems to work OK both ways, even if you have a dog
  5. Were your dogs in the house while it was going off? My Fuchsia that passed away last year had no problems staying in the same room while the alarm was going off and couldnt care less. She was also obsessed with the beep noise that it made when you turn it on and off and for 12 years would rush in every time you opened the door and stand under the alarm box waiting for the beep. My new dogs wait at the front door for the beep before coming inside as one day it didnt turn off properly and was sounding for a while before I could make the remote work. I guess it depends on individual dogs if it hurts their ears or not. If they didnt like it they would run away from it if possible I would guess
  6. Good Local Vet

    I will also vouch for Anvet at Kedron. They are fantastic.
  7. It seems like the last two weeks it been offlead small dogs attacking my medium size ones. Last week the housesitter was walking my old boy (who hates small dogs) when a Cocker Spaniel comes out of an open gate with owner watching it. My old boy has been known to chomp small dogs so housesitter had lots of warning to keep him under control but stupid owner just lets her dog wander around the Cocker Spaniel goes for my old boy and bites him on the nose. Now he has a few more scars to add to his collection and a bit of a stressed out housesitter. Then this week hubby is walking all three and the ratty little Fox Terrier cross at the end of the street is loose with a bit long piece of rope trailing after it which is how the owners think its OK to walk it that way. This crazy little psycho thinks its funny to fence fight with my three but when they meet on the walk it goes for my youngest girl without warning and sinks a tooth into her nose so she comes home all bleeding and cut up. So tempting next time we come across an out of control aggressive dog to just let all three loose as then they could fend for themselves
  8. Dol Doggy Census

    Afghan Hound: Sir Walter, Airedale Terrier: Abbey Akita: Kyojin, Kuma American Staffordshire Terrier: Tua, Max, Juno Australian Cattle Dog: Elvis, Matilda, Katie Australian Cattle Dog X : Frosty Australian Shepherd: Banjo, Archie, Lottie Australian terrier: Bailey, Brandy, Jasper Australian Kelpie: Revan, Abby, Bluey, Cahill, Franky, Izzy, Safire, Milky, Kinta, Banjo, Rosie, Skye, Emerald, Gem Australian Kelpie X:Toby, Cooper Basset Hound : Gemma Bearded Collie: Charlie, Bonnie, Bailie Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael): Fleming, Ivy Bichon Frise: Jag Bichon Frise X: Harper Bloodhound: Earl Border Collie: Roy, Molly, Kirra, Rory, Rumor, Diesel, Kobie, Emma, Kenzie, Maggie, Ella, Shelby, Jayde, Ashli, Mia, 'Bubba' Border Collie x: Anna Border collie x kelpie: Jasmine Borzoi: Oberon, Boris, Sonya, Kurgan, Ursula, Apollo, Atlas, Adonis, Argus, Alektos, Arinyes, Athena, Aphrodite, Aidos, Andromeda, Ares, Alexander Boxer: Bruno, Nelsson Brittany: Zora Bull Terrier: Bonnerville, Atlas Bull Terrier (Miniature) Lainie Cane Corso: Ali Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Bree, Ingrid, Jersey, Lacey, Fern, Floyd, Indy, Arnie, Joey, Renae, Bailey, Murphy, Maggie Chihuahua: Chelsea and Pansy, Heidi, Bertie, Moose, Archi,Pepe, Squirt, Limpet, Jasper, Bella, Dobby Chinese Crested: Louis, Daisy Cocker Spaniel : Maggie,Jesie, Bonnie, Chelsea Dalmatian: Appollo, Cleo Dogue De Bordeaux: Moose, Chevy, Bella, Molly, Digby English Cocker Spaniels: Jesie,Bonnie, Chelsea English Setter: Spartan, James English Springer Spaniel: Buddy Finnish Lapphund:Halo, Vienna, Jaana,Magnus,Aurora-Rose,Niina,Paddington,Maximus, Ahsoka, Fable, Demi,Varda, Asha, Boots, Echo, Alera, Annika, Ella Flatcoat Retriever: Moraig French Bulldog: Lola, FeeBee, Alexis, Claire, Lilly German Coolie: FlashBazil, Latte German Shepherd: Java, Odin, Tlaloc, Rebus, Indi, UnoBuffy, Bronx, Sabre, Kynan German Shorthaired Pointer: Pip, Coco, Polo German Spitz (Mittel)- Amber Golden Retriever: Onslow, Matilda-Rose, Chester, Genie, Ella, Rosie, Bruce, Chloe, Chaos, Ruby, Sasha Great Dane: Sparkles, Whitney Greyhound: Harry, Kiff, Sally, Clyde, Ryan, Amethyst, Stan, Maddie, Skye Griffon Bruxellois: Mocha Hungarian Vizsla: Flynn, Rogan Irish Terrier: Kate, Duke Italian Greyhound: Bella, Tari, Blaze Jack Russell Terrier: Ringo, Nandi, Chief, Louis, Matilda Japanese Spitz: Emmy, Angelo Keeshond: Jedi Labrador Retriever: Lestat, Bailey, Tia, Mieka, James, Harry, Lily Rose, Leonberger: Singe Maltese: Luna Miniature Fox Terrier: Cleopatra Miniature Long Haired Dachshund: Mini, Rover Miniature Pinscher: Mischa, Cleo Newfoundland dogs: Annabelle, Katy, Lukey Norwegian Elkhound: Odin Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriver: Nova, Darcy, Jovi Papillon: Blaze, Minka, Portia, Tyson, Coco, Tonka Pointer : Kite Audrey Poppin konrad, Badger Poodle (Toy): Chilli Poodle (Minature): Caroline Poodle (Standard) Merry & Pippin, Poppy & babies. Pug: LotusFlynn, Elyse, Ted, Misty, Elly, Poppy, Sally landers,Archie, Beau, Haidee, Millies, Ivee, Jack Pyrenean Mountain Dog: Sasquatch Rhodesian Ridgeback: Meisha, Bakari, Boss, Sierra Rottweiler: Roxy, Feonix, Radar, Neo, Abby, Dyzney, Fame, Jag, Nellie Rose, Baylee, Dee, Zephyr, Mini, Diesel, Fire, Flint Saluki: Bella Samoyed: Mistral, Alchemy, Yngvie, Dante, Bundy, Kamikaze, Fergus, Kato Schipperke: Taz Schnauzer (Miniature): Maximus, Coconut,Betty,Jigga, Riva, Amy, Indy, Amber, Grace, Guy, Blue, Connie Schnauzer (Giant): Tara, Darcy Shar Pei: Askari, Acheron, Asante sana, Sirius, Chippy, Christina, Diezel, Cassie, Orsana, Cimba Shih Tzu : Gizmo Siberian Husky: Akira, Tikaani,Romeo,Baby.Riddick,Indie, Esky, Blacky, Zuess Siberian Husky x: Luki Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Kiara, Zola, Diesel, Kaos, Brutus, Monty, Chaos, Bean SWF: Zoe Rescue Bitsa: Keely, Fred & Ginger, Ozzie, Tess, Maverick, Bosco, Kyah, Charlie, Astrid, Mala, Bella, Tiny Tim, Jen Jen, Lilly, Judy, Mini, Pixie, Ozzie, Dozer, Alaska, Logan, Buddy, Leela, Rusty, Pip, Brembo Welsh Corgi (Cardigan): Shandy White German Shepherd: Casper White Swiss Shepherd: Rakim, Whippet: Herbie, Buzz, Lewis, Rommi, Daphne, Elliot, Mindy, Whiz, Arizona aka Zassy , Griff , Weimaraner: Ariane, Lulu, Louie West Highland White Terrier: Penny, Mac, Daisy, Mac, Sarah, Andy
  9. Concerning And Confusing

    My last two dogs were desexed at 12 weeks and live long and happy lives until they were 13years old without any health problems relating to their desexing such as loss of bladder control. I think it better to desex younger than let them go home and forget all about it and before you know its too late.
  10. Not A Breed For First Timers

    My first dog as a married adult was a Sharpei. After six months we got a second one and they were perfect. No issues and everyone commented how well behaved they were. Sharpei are regularly not recommended for first time dog owners as they can be very strong willed and stubborn but we did go to dog training regularly for the first few years and even went to agility with our second girl. They both passed away last year after 13 years together and we still miss them terribly. I think we were very lucky in these two with their personalities as I regularly meet other Sharpei who are much more stubborn
  11. ***

    We have two dogs adopted. One through AWL so we dont know who the owner is but the other one was through a different rescue. I havent had direct contact with the previous owner so dont know if they care or not but the original breeder is a friend of another breeder that we know. Therefore we sent an email when she originally arrived to let everyone know she had settled well, a little update at Christmas and then another email recently when she was sick (and luckily recovered). If I rescued a dog privately direct from someone I would still do the same updates. We also foster and even though not technically our dog it is lovely to hear now and again how they are going as you do get attached but really happy when they get their forever home
  12. What Did You Take Your Pup Home In?

    Our have always travelled on the back seat. We have a back seat buddy so plenty of room for them and they cant fall down the footwell. I borrowed a friends puppy last week and had to return back to breeder on my own. Puppy was fine on the back seat stretched out asleep after a big day out. I agree that being on the lap gets uncomfortable and you dont want to start bad habits. What happens when puppy wants to be on a lap and you are the only one in the car and need to concentrate on driving?
  13. Sell Me Your Dog Toys!

    Our last two dogs loved soft toys which we got from Lifeline, etc for 50c to $2. Yes they pulled off the eyes and nose but if you are worried just pull them off before giving to the dog. The current three dogs wont touch the soft toys or anything else we have bought them. Cassie - favourite black plastic tubing ie irrigation pipes, toilet rolls, chux dish cloths. Orsana - just starting to realise black plastic tubing is OK. Cimba - lambswool seat belt protector (once again from op shop) Strangest dogs I have ever had in relation to toys!!
  14. Would You Give Your Dog Ice-cream?

    Mine have on the very odd occasion has about a teaspoon of icecream that we put on a piece of newspaper. it would probably equate to approx once every 2 - 3 months so I dont think it would affect their teeth since they get plenty of other stuff thats good for them. I wouldnt give them chocolate icecream though because its my favourite and too yummy to share with the dogs.
  15. Maybe you could suggest just trying fostering to start with. That way if there are any problems you can hand back to the shelter or rescue organisation. Once he sees how committed you are and how it all works out OK that you will have better luck adopting your own dog fulltime?
  16. Dogs And Holidays

    Funny that you say that your two are too much for family and friends yet you are asking about Dont Fret Pet. I used to have a Dont Fret Pet franchise and got really cranky with owners that only used the service over Christmas when everything else was full. The amount of lies that I got told about "they are no trouble" at all and then you find out that the dogs are a nightmare and impossible to move over the Christmas time. I'm not saying that this is the case for your dogs but you might need to double think that you would feel comfortable for them in a strangers home if you dont feel comfortable leaving them with family or friends in case they destroy stuff or something.
  17. I have been taking my dogs to Red Beach for years and never had a problem. Recently in the last 3 years we have also started land sailing and a couple of times a year when the wind is right we use Red Beach at Bribie. This beach is only used when a southerly wind is blowing which generally means the beach is not very pleasant for swimming or beach activities anyway. It has come to my attention that last weekend there was an incident between the dog owners and the land sailers. I wasnt there so it has been reported to me since I am both a sailer and a dog owner and we were up there yesterday. It seems that the weekend before that the dog owners decided that the land sailers were not allowed to use the beach and therefore blockaded the beach by spacing themselves between the water line and the sand dunes. Every time a land sailer came down the beach they stepped in front of the land sailer to slow it down or make them stop and not get through. Note THIS IS AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PRACTICE. Land sailer do not have brakes and the sailers watch well ahead and plan their route according to the hazards. Should these hazards (ie people) suddenly jump in front of a land sailer you are risking damage to both yourself and the person sailing the blokart. The blokart club has permission from the lord mayor to use this beach and should a complaint be lodged with the council I am sure that it will be the dog owners that will be banned before the land sailers or kite surfers. I dont know how many times yesterday I saw dogs doing poos that nobody bothered to pickup or just plain ignore the signs that state the off lead area is LEFT of the walkway and not right when you arrive onto the beach. Luckily there were no incidences of clashes between the dog owners and land sailers yesterday and as a dog owner I certainly dont want to loose this beach as we had a ball yesterday with our two dogs as well as being able to sail. So just a reminder to all dog owners that other people are allowed to use this beach whether it means they are riding a bike, a family without a dog or any other persons for whatever reason. Please be sensible and dont cause injury to yourselves, your dogs or other people just because you are trying to prove a point!!
  18. Congratulations, he looks fantastic. They shot a commercial outside our work recently and it took the whole day just for a road safety message. Your commercial looks a lot more exciting.
  19. Dog Minders In Syd Inner West Area- Recommendations?

    Have you tried Dont Fret Pet. They offer the kind of service you are asking about
  20. Dog Park Etiquette

    Our dog park is really lovely and we havent had any problems so dont let other people put you off. Its a good start if you have been past already and seen how the other dogs interact. When I first took my five month old down in the middle of last year I actually sat on the ground and she used me as a shelter to go out and explore and then come back. She now loves the dog park and cant wait to get in there and have a run. Maybe try and pick a time with only a couple of other dogs of a similar size and start of for small amounts of time ie five minutes. If you think the other dogs are too big and boisterous then easy enough to leave and continue on your normal walk. In regards to etiquette, I dont normally stand and chat with the other humans but move around the park, depending on where my dog is. Remember to keep a good eye on them if they stop and do their business because number one rule is to pickup their mess. Otherwise let them have fun and let them be dogs. If your local dog park doesnt have nice owners and dogs then sometimes it worth a drive once a week or so to another park until you find one you like. We quite often go to a park a bit further away because they have a beach which is good fun for them as well. Not all dogs enjoy the dog park. I actually have two older dogs that I know are not good around others so we keep them leashed and my husband takes them for a separate walk so if it turns out your dog is one of those that doesnt like the leashfree park then thats fine, I am sure they will still enjoy your company doing other things
  21. I know of a supposed purebred Sharpei that was purchased from PP and grew up to be over 30kg and looked like it didnt have an ounce of Sharpei in it but the pet shops swears that it saw the owners papers (yeah right).
  22. Long Lived Dogs

    There is also a longevity register in America for Sharpei. Both our girls that passed away last year were registered and there has been quite a few others bred by the girls breeder who were over 10 years old which can be pretty rare for a Sharpei. Hopefully they will be listed one day as well. I found it very interesting to look back and see which breeders are doing well with their dogs
  23. We are going away in April ie week before Easter plus the Easter break. We are now looking for either (a) a dog sitter where our dogs can stay at someones place or (b) a housesitter who will stay in our house. There are 3 x Sharpei to be looked after aged 12 months, 4 years and 13 years and all pretty cruisy but they are better with dogs the same size or bigger as can get a bit boisterous with smaller dogs. Ok to be split up to be minded. For any housesitters interested we are situated inner city Brisbane northside is a large three bedroom house. I think a couple or two friends would be best as easier to walk all three dogs rather than just one person. If anyone has suggestions or interested please PM me.
  24. Presented By: Ziggy’s TLC for a Happy Dog + Healthy You In Aid of: Best Friends Rescue Where: Commencing - Wynnum Esplanade (end of Chestnut St, Wynnum) Ending – Elanora Park Dog Off-leash Area, Wynnum When: Sunday 13th March 2011 from 8:00am for an 8:30am start Registrations Close: Friday 4th March 2011 - 5:00pm (Pre-registration only) http://www.tlcdogtraining.com.au/article_f...726_article.pdf http://www.tlcdogtraining.com.au/events.php
  25. There was also a car ad with a Sharpei. I think it was Holden Astra. When the car accelerated the wrinkles on the dogs face were pushed back. For ages we were stopped in the street and people would comment "Thats the dog from the car add" and want to pull back their wrinkles. No-one could ever remember which car it was so supposed the advertising people only got it half right