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  1. Girl Dog Names

    We have a Cassie but she also answers to Cass Our other one is Orsana but she answers to Sarni (which I guess is technically two syllabuls)
  2. Mdba Pacers Call For Help

    Dont you dare!! I am sure Steve will agree
  3. Brisbane Woofstock Dolers Meet

    I was just watching the video and my crazy two went racing out the front thinking there was a dog barking. I have a feeling the naughty Sharpei peeing in the water bowl may have been Vegas as the rest of us had on bright green t-shirts. I did take a couple of photos: Peiradise display - unfortunately not a lot of displays on the day Winner of Fashions on the Field Cassies outfit for Fashions on the Field Winner of Next K9 top model Cassie outfit for Next K9 top mode Cute Visitors
  4. Dog And Cane Toads

    I reckon fake cane toad as well. I have never seen a cane toad during the daytime either even though hundreds will appear at night time.
  5. Water Bowls Inside

    We have outside waterbowls at the front and back but they still like to drink from the inside one. The one inside we got from Petbarn and it holds two litres of water but only has a small amount about 1cm deep available in the bottom part of the bowl. The water enters the bowl through a small slit in the bottom. The advertising says that the water stays cooler but great also for travelling as it has a tap on the top where you refill and you can lock it off and no water enters the bottom of the bowl at all. Seems like World for Pets sells them too http://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/pr...tail.asp?ID=911 Can definately recommend as our three love it. They dont like those collapsible travel bowls so good for home and away.
  6. Brisbane Inner-city Meets

    We have been having sharpei picnic nearly every month for the past 12 months at Nudgee Beach and get at least 12 dogs and about the same amount of people. All doggies pei and non-pei dogs are welcome. Usually we meet at Nudgee Beach but last one was at Kalinga Park which is near Wooloowin and only 10 mins from the city. With Woofstock at the end of February our next meet will probably be end of March.
  7. Brisbane Woofstock Dolers Meet

    I will be on the Peiradise stall too and going to enter Cassie in a few events such as Fashions on the field and Next k9 top model. Just working on her outfits now
  8. Our sharpei also get Pug, Boxer and Bulldog.
  9. Curious Question

    Woofstock sounds fun. We went to the last three or four Pet Expos in Brisbane and they were pretty boring and not many people actually paid to go so I assume they stopped organising them. The Gold Coast Pet Expo is really good too.
  10. Running At Off Lead Dog Beach

    We were at Southport Spit on the Gold Coast on Australia day. The surf beach was really busy with heaps and heaps of people and dogs. There are signs up stating that is a dog beach and basically warning the public that you will encounter dogs off lead so I dont see how anyone can complain. We then got stuck in the carpark for 2 hours waiting for the traffic to move and when I had a chat to the police he said"Why would anyone want to come here?". Well um, have a look around, because we all have dogs and only one of a very few beaches we can use. He said that the road in should have been closed off at 1pm because there were too many people there. Well maybe they should have banned the hoons that were only there to drink and play loud music and only let in people with a dog would have been a better idea!
  11. Assistance Needed

    AMS and Peiradise would love some dog food as her order of over $1000 was lost during the flood as it was stored at RSPCA. AMS has been to hospital tonight with gastro and exhaustian so we are going out to Peiradise tomorrow to help care for the 10 dogs and 10 cats out there. Otherwise would love to come and help. Can anyone put some food aside and I will organise to collect during the week on her behalf?
  12. I have just found out that a friend of mine has lost over $1000 worth of dog food that was delivered to the RSPCA shelter only a few days before it was flooded. This lady works full time but also volunteers one of her days off each week volunteering at RSPCA and also runs a breed specific rescue fully funded by her own money from her own place. She didnt have a chance to collect her dog food from the shelter before she was flooded in and the shelter was evacuated. She doesnt know I am going to post asking for help so I am not sure how many of her details she would like put out there but people who know who I am talking about will vouch for what an amazing job she does and helps out so many people and doesnt know the meaning of the word "no". She never asks for help either but is always out there helping others. She has been cut off by the floods for the past week with no telephone or power and no way of getting out as she didnt want to leave the dogs unattended. Today the roads have cleared and she has worked 12 hours helping others and hasnt had a chance to get online and find out that the Fairfield RSPCA was flooded. She is doubtful that her dog food order was able to be moved and therefore has been lost to the floods. Would anyone like to donate dry cat or cat food to help her out as she is running very very low and now doesnt have any money left to replace the lost dog food? Please PM me and I can tell you where to dropoff the food or call 0414 513 129 Thanks so much to everyone who might be able to help.
  13. Queensland Floods - Contacts

    Ams is safe but flooded in and has no power as generator will not work. Her mobile does not work at her place either. We are safe at Wooloowin and high and dry. If anyone needs somewhere to stay we have two spare bedrooms and plenty of room for dogs, etc.
  14. Dog Hot In Crate

    My girls are not in a crate but I noticed they were panting on their dog beds inside so set up a pedestal fan for them and they are much more comfortable now. I think the pedestal fans have cooler air than the ceiling fans because hot air rises so all the ceiling fans do is circulate the hottest of the air. On our dog beds we use fleece blankets in winter and sheets in the summer.
  15. I have sent you a PM. We live 10 mins from the airport and can separate the dogs if necessary. Have two spare rooms 1 with a queen bed and the other with a double pullout couch and a side room to put an extra mattress if needed. A pretty easy straight road from our place to the airport.
  16. Dog Boot Recommentations Please

    We bought a set of the Muttluks for my girl as one of her back legs only has the middle two toes due to an accident and she tends to drag it from time to time. They were fine when walking but when she ran they flicked off. I would assume anything made of material is going to wear pretty quickly so you would need to look into a leather patch on the toes. What size dog are the boots for? We had to buy a set of four and dont use them now as she has a theauraputic boot which stays on better and we only had to buy one. Happy to send you a pair in the post if you want to try and if they dont fit just post back.
  17. How Do You Leave Them Behind

    We just got home from Bundaberg after 9 days up there. We were lucky to be at Moore Park which is about 20kms away and therefore not affected by any of the flooding except being cut off from Bundy and the rest of the outside world for 36hrs. The local ABC radio had lots of interviews and one of the things mentioned was that they were looking for crates for animals so they could be evacuated. Apparently they must be in a crate to go in a helicopter. Also the interview on the radio today said that there is no actual RSPCA shelter in Rockhampton and the closest is Townsville. The animals in Rockhampton are looked after by foster carers when they come into care and its called a "virtual" RSPCA. I assume therefore that they have limited staff available in Rockhampton. As we were on holidays we didnt have crates with us but certainly if we were ever in any danger of the floods we would have packed up and got out of there as we had about 4 hours warning when the road into town was going to be cut.
  18. Snow Dog

    Thats amazing. I was scared he was going to sufficate under all that snow. I wonder what happens when it gets too deep and he cant come up for air? Obviously he/she seems to know what its doing though.
  19. Out of 13 years of owning dogs the most problems we have encountered have been with labradors attacking my poor dogs. We have medium size dogs but they still dont like having a big bouncy boofhead in the their face, especially when they first enter the park. All other dogs seem to be able to keep away from the gate but there always seems to be a couple of labradors hanging around waiting to pounce on any newcomers. The first time I took my five month old puppy but spat the dummy at them and put them in their place and they now keep pretty clear but could have turned ugly pretty quickly.
  20. Dehydrated Doggie

    Cassie spent the day at the vet on Friday on a drip because she had vomited a few times on Thursday and then Friday morning. The vet said that there are a lot of dogs getting a gastro bug. Cassie came home Friday afternoon and was bouncing around and full of beans but have to wean her back onto food slowly as I believe the lining of her tummy was upset hence the brown colour of her vomit was a blood. I think we caught it in time and quite early on. Hope your dog is OK and getting better now
  21. I have one that I am not using on Sunday and I live at Clayfield. I will send you a PM
  22. My husband does that as well for the necks and wings
  23. For Those Sending Christmas Gifts To

    I took everything to the post office today and was packing it into the boxes. The guy said he knew straight away where I was sending it before I even put the address on the boxes. That was Arana Hills in Brisbane.
  24. Dog Bites Postie

    I think my first reaction would have been to save the dog. You cant sit back and go through several scenarios of "Oh what would be the best option if I try this or this or this" We have our dogs with access to both front and back yard because my old girl that passed away this year was claustrophobic and dug out of the backyard but had no problems sitting all day in the front yard watching the world go by. The back yard is way too boring with six foot wooden fences and cant see anything. My two new girls do rush the fence a bit if another dog walks by but they dont bark and usually spend most of their time just snoozing in the garden. We have a hedge about one metre high all along for the sole purpose of not letting the dogs get to the actual fence. They can only see out the driveway and a few metres down the other end. If they sit on the deck they can see the whole street. We have six foot deadlocked gates and NOBODY is coming onto my property without me present. The postie knows to leave a card and the meter readers do a guestimate. My law they only have to read the meter once a year and we usually fluke it that I am home at least once a year when they come calling. With my old girls we went through several posties over the 12 years and one guy in particular was totally scared stiff of any dogs and would just throw the mail through the fence and onto the ground if the dogs so much as looked at him sideways. Of course they took advantage of him and started running up and down the fence chasing him. The other posties would stop, ignore the dogs with confidence, put the mail in the postbox and keep going and the girls took absolutely no notice of them. It got to the point that the scared postie reported us to his superiors and they parked down the road to watch one day and basically told him that his body language was stiring up the dogs. I would have told him to get a new job if he was so scared as it couldnt have been pleasant lining up for work each day knowing that every second or third house in our area has a dog going crazy at you!!
  25. Shar Pei Meet

    I think the first black one is George. We met him a few weeks ago at Kroll Gardens and invited them along. Pandii, I am pretty sure that is Sasha. Dieseldog, you do the most amazing photos. I think you should be official Peiradise rescue photographer!!