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  1. Shar Pei

    What exactly are you feeding him at the moment ie what brand, flavour, etc?? Also do you feed him treats?? Once again what brand, flavour ,etc. I have heard of some Sharpei that cant have anything beef flavoured, even treats. We used to feed our two Sharpei just pet chicken mince and you can add veggies and/or rice plus they have a very high quality dry food to nibble on. Also does he like to go swimming. Maybe some salt water swimming might help??
  2. Sailing And Dogs

    I have a book out of the library at the moment called "Lucky for Me" by Frank Robson. See if your local library has a copy or can get it for you as probably answers quite a few of your questions as its all about a little dog who goes sailing quite a lot. From memory you need to be careful in bad weather and best to have a lifejacket for them. A friend of mind had a long piece of rope tied to their dog so if we fell overboard they could maybe quickly grab the rope and get him back on board?
  3. Yellow Dog Day Is Here!

    Thanks for letting us participate today. It was a very early start for some of the volunteers but everyone (people and doggies) were so lovely and friendly. It was great fun handing out the promo items and the public was so generous with their donations. The smile on peoples face walking down the road with their big yellow doggies was priceless. I think one office ended up with five big yellow dogs.
  4. How Close Are You To Your Breeder?

    I have kept in touch with our girls breeder for the past 13 years. We might only see them once or twice a year but I know they are only a phone call or email away. They came to our wedding when my dogs were two years old and were "Dog of Honour" with myself as bride and "Best Dog" with my husband as the groom.
  5. Happy Lost Pup Story

    About five weeks ago I was driving my dog to the cancer specialist to have an operation and found a SWF playing on the edge of the road ready to step out. Pulled over and re-arranged the car to put him in the front seat. Drove down to our local vet, rushed in and said can you look after him and then rushed up to our appointment at the specialist. That afternoon the vet called to say that they had kept him at the surgery but rang council and RSPCA and owner had come home to find him missing but everyone was reunited and now he is microchipped too. The lady rang me to say thanks for looking after Benjamin and I explained that normally I would not be there that early but was on the way to the specialist with my own dog so someone upstairs must have been looked out for him. Anyway a week later I got a lovely card in the mail to say thank you but that night by own dog passed away suddenly. At least it was some comfort to know that if Daisy did not have cancer that Benjamin might never have been saved.
  6. Looking For Doggy Playmates

    Send a PM to MumofMoo. She lives northside and has a medium size dog looking for play friends
  7. Only last Thursday I have my 12.5 year old girl pass away. She had a cancer operation one week earlier and had not recovered, even though the vet had given us assurances prior to the operation that there would be no problems. I took her back at lunch time on Thursday and she passed away unexpected during the night while at the surgery. I didnt have a chance to say goodbye or explain to our other dog or organise anything with Pets in Peace. It was so hard leaving her there overnight as I really wanted to bring her home. Our original plan was to have the vet some to our house if she had to be PTS and therefore my remaining dog would have more of a sense what to do. I also was caught unawares that I hadnt chosen her box or anything from Pets in Peace as I didnt want to temp fate. We have spent the weekend trying to recover so I would definately advise the vet to come to home and have everything planned on your terms.
  8. No Dogs At Cafes. Not Happy!

    We are having one this afternoon at Nudgee Dog Beach. Just hope the rain holds off
  9. No Dogs At Cafes. Not Happy!

    NSW isnt much better. We were having breakfast after the MDBA awards just so that we could meet my friend Bulldog. The cafe waited until they served us and THEN told us we couldnt have the dog there and go and tie her up down the road!! The day before I saw some people sit at another cafe around the corner and immediately a waitress came out and said that you cant have dogs so they moved to the table next door that was part of a different cafe and no problems. How can a space of one metre make a difference??
  10. Family Pet Dogue De Bordeauxs Stolen And Killed

    Wow, I feel sick. DDB are so beautiful. We have Sharpei which are a bit like a miniature version and we regularly camp at Moore Park Beach at Christmas. If we ever go back I will be certainly keeping a close eye on the girls. My thoughts go out to the family because its pretty impossible to move on from something like that. I would be totally devastated.
  11. - How To Get Dog Used To Back Of 4wd

    One of my dogs MUST be able to see out of the window or she will be sick. In our 4wd she sits on the back seat and only for long trips on a straight road such as the highway will she sit down. We put her in our Mini and had to put pillows and blankets on the seat until she was high enough to see out of the window. I recently had a foster that had to go in the back part of the 4wd behind the cargo barrier. He LOVED the car so no problems but he still had problems getting a grip on the flooring even though we have ex-convenyor belt on the floor. When we picked him up from the pound we had padded dog beds already in the back and he found that a lot easier to stand on and get a grip for longer rides and could eventually lay down. I have never had any other dogs actually lay down in the back part of the 4wd when driving around. I can understand why because give it a try yourself and lay down on the back seat while someone else drives and you cant see out of the window. See how weird it feels??
  12. Pet Friendly Caravan Park

    I have stayed at the Dural caravan park a few years ago. If you have a tent they have a lovely grassy area down the bottom with a camp kitchen and everything. We had two dogs with us. Dogs were not allowed to be left on their own which is understandable so we organised day care for them when we went to the 4x4 show.
  13. Enclosed / Secure Swimming Areas

    Nudgee Beach has a fully fenced run and then the swimming part is totally unfenced. Could you put two dogs in the fully fenced part with someone to supervise and then just have one dog on a long rope and let one at a time swim?? I had to use a long rope when I had a foster dog before Christmas but he still managed to nearly wipe out half a dozen people so I can understand your reluctance to do all three at once.
  14. Camping Adventures

    I'm glad that we are not the only ones with a sign that says "Camp as close as possible to me even though you have 100 acres to choose from". I guess we are extremely lucky that whenever possible my girls are never on lead and they have learnt how far they are allowed for a reasonable space. Our girls have an outdoor bed that is their space and the only time they really move off it is to get some sun on cooler days. Maybe Charlie needs to learn where his space starts and stops so he is not stressed about thinking that the whole campgrounds is "his" space. We were once at Roma showgrounds camping and the ferals from the rodeo had off lead dogs that when we walked past attacked our girls (who were on lead). When I had words to them they said that their SWF regarded the whole campground as "their " territory because they lived in the bus fulltime and didnt have a permanent house. They are lucky I didnt boot the SWF right out of "their" territory
  15. Old Dog Pictures

    I just posted in the other topic but will double up because I love "the girls" so much. Fuchsia will be 13yrs old in 4 weeks time. Most Sharpei have an expiry of approx 8yrs and 10 yrs is so special that you get a certificate all the way from America. She is deaf and have moments of blindness and sleeps a lot but otherwise not too bad. Daisy is only six months younger and last year had a mast cell tumour the size of an egg removed from her bum. Feel free to use any photos
  16. Gotta Love The Oldies.

    Fuchsia will be 13 years old in about 4 weeks time. In some photos she still looks like a puppy but is now deaf and has passing stages of blindness and arthiritis in her dodgy leg. Daisy is only six months younger and is now 12.5years old. She survived a mast cell tumour on her bum late last year that was the size of an egg. Sharpeis are normally past their expiry date at 10 years and the girls have a special certificate all the way from America to celebrate their longevity.
  17. Vet Recommendations

    Definately Dr Susan at Anvet Kedron. She is only 10 mins from us and only recently discovered as she is now treating all the Sharpei Rescue dogs. In return it would be good if as many people as possible can actually be proper paying customers!!
  18. Dog Friendly

    Your place sounds perfect for us. Most council regulations state 2 dogs can be owned so I think having more than 2 and applying for permits, etc is abnormal rather than normal. I am anti-children and we have stayed in numerous caravan parks, bed and breakfasts, cabins, etc with our dogs (they are now 12 years old). I dont care if the place is fenced or unfenced as ours are perfect offlead and dont move more than a few metres. I like the bathing area (esepcially if near the beach) but as long as they are allowed inside than I dont care about anything else. Personally I dont like dogs on furniture but like everyone else they do get up rarely so something that is dog friendly colours would be good. Certainly at least let us know what state or city you are in as you sound like our perfect place already.
  19. Minced Chicken Carcasses As Food For Dogs

    We have been feeding the minced chicken frames for 12 years now and the girls have lived well past their original life expectancy so cant complain at all. The vet said that they are well and healthy Originally we were adding rice and veggied but we got lazier as they got older and now just straight mince with a piece of frame or chicken necks or something wing tips if the butcher has them.
  20. Bad Behaviour Around New Boyfriend

    Congrats on getting a BF. I know Raf can be prone to stress so rather than a crate why not checkout ebay and find one of the kids gates. Easier than a playpen as you dont have to step over it but has a little gate that opens and closes. We have them all over the house when Jack was here so girls were separated at night. He had a bad habit of putting a cold wet nose on Daisy in the middle of the nights. My girls are fine with being patted while sleeping and I quite often check on them if I get up during the night and give them a pat. Other dogs that have stayed here are not so easy going. Can BF do some obedience training with them both, even if its a few sits and drops while in front of the TV?? Give them some treats each time they are good. Also have a chat with AMS if Stephanie is busy as she is wonderful with that type of doggy behaviour
  21. Shar Pei

    Generally Sharpei dont shed but I have noticed that the brushcoats seem to shed more than horsecoats. I NEVER see one hair of Daisy except when I brush her (about once a week if she is lucky). Fuchsia will permanently shed even though she is a horsecoat but she has soft fur like a brushcoat, just the length of horsecoat. Every time she shakes there is a small cloud of fur. Secret is to have a dog the same colour as your floorboards and then you dont notice the loose fur!
  22. Pet Insurance Question....

    We have AFSPetmed on one of our girls because she is so accident prone. We started when she was approx 2 years old and she is now 12 years old. I have certainly claimed back more than I have paid in premiums and last years cancer operation cost nearly $3000 and got around 80% back. I think AFS has changed a few things recently so need to read the inclusions for each policy like any insurance whether it be for house or car or life insurance.
  23. Shar Pei

    Get the Kong Zoom Groom. We only just got it recently after Jack was shedding so much and it really gets the hair out. Fuchsia has something weird going on and loosing coat like crazy and it certainly helps. Need to brush daily.
  24. Spectacular Petacular Brisbane?

    It was pretty poor attendance last year and the year before wasnt too much better. There were less and less displays each year too but they charged more entry fees. The one on the Gold Coast was soooo much better. Wouldnt be surprised if they cancelled because I certainly wouldnt have been going this year.
  25. What Makes A Responsible Owner?

    I have a friend with three dogs that are the same breed as ours. He lives on his own and absolutely loves them to bits and thinks he is always doing the right thing. My question. If one of his elderly (11yrs) old dog is grossly overweight and he knows it and admits it after several people have pointed it out BUT he does nothing ie doesnt change the diet or walk more often, is he still a responsible dog owner? To me it is just as criminal having a grossly overweight dog as a grossly underweight dog, especially in old age when it can affect arthritis and heart problems.