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  1. Perhaps the dogs would do better on separate diets - My allergy girl got different food to the rest - might help
  2. http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/aug/31/labrador-retriever-genome-dogslife-data-disease
  3. mmm do you think he asked before he patted???
  4. Couldn't agree more - the fencing was not adequate to contain 4 large, strong dogs. Owner's description of the fencing makes it sound rather ad hoc. If you can't afford the fencing - don't get the dogs or if you are a renter and the fencing is not adequate - don't get the dogs - simple really isn't it!!!!!
  5. I don't care if the child was looking for his brother or selling cookies or seeking help - he suffered a sustained and vicious attack by approaching someones front door - dogs need to be destroyed and owners need to think about how they house their dogs :mad
  6. You were lucky staffyluv - my grandparents lived at Broken Head and I remember having to climb trees several times to get away from Afghans who were not being friendly
  7. What a complete sweetheart - so glad you could take him from the pound - those eyes tell his story - how sad that he ended up alone and frightened in the pound when he had already lost a much loved owner but one week on and
  8. Good luck with your girl - keep us updated :D and thank you!!!
  9. Little gifts - you have given me the best idea - never thought about stuffing with fabric remnants - my guys will love this!!
  10. Actually, I wouldn't call it plucking a random breed from the air - its not like they said it was a jack russell or an airdale is it
  11. I hope the dog is pts - and hefty penalty for owner - so sick of these attacks :mad
  12. Since you are bringing these pups into the world you need to be responsible and desex them before they go to their new homes - as someone else posted staffies and their crosses are way over represented in pounds. If your vet doesn't want to do it - find one that will!! You have had first hand experience of the difficulties of having entire animals - don't let the same thing happen to these babies
  13. Gosford City Council have a facebook page and there are numerous comments about their poor record in dealing with dog attacks - go and have a look people - and maybe leave a comment
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