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  1. Can you give him a toilet inside? Could be as simple as a puppy pad or some newspaper or even a "pet loo". Somewhere he can poo on that is easy to clean up. If not, consider a dog walker as someone mentioned above.
  2. I use a metal greyhound comb, pin brush, and a rake for when they're shedding heavily. Never, ever a furminator.
  3. I love Animal House shampoos, conditioners and sprays for my corgis.
  4. Try going to some shows and building a relationship with breeders that way. You will be waiting a while for a Pembroke puppy.
  5. Definitely look into bagged miele vacuums! I got one this year and will never go back to a dyson.
  6. I've asked once before and didn't get a response so going to try again. What exactly is required for someone to become registered with the MDBA and what does the screening entail, Steve? Very curious as I keep hearing that anyone who pays the fee can join...
  7. I have nothing to add except that I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember your dogs and always loved seeing photos of them.
  8. Carl the corgi national is coming up on June 7 and 8 so you will be able to meet a lot of breeders and owners if you go along. Details can be found here: https://welshcorgisa.com/important-dates-and-information/ Great way to start a relationship and you won't be dealing with scammers.
  9. Oh poor Tigger! He's been attacked there before hasn't he? I've definitely seen a worrying number of irresponsible owners and rude dogs there when I've gone past. Where is the park in your videos located? Looks very nice (and quiet!) Ronin looks terrific, by the way.
  10. Off-topic but, hi luffy! You popped into my head the other day! If you're on facebook come join our group "Australian Welsh Corgis Group"
  11. Lots of good suggestions here. You will likely need to be on a waiting list for a while to get a corgi puppy, but a well-bred puppy is worth the wait. I would take up the offer to have your email wording looked at by members on here, as that may be putting off breeders, and be mindful of the weather poor QLDers are dealing with at the moment.
  12. I've had 5 girls and 2 boys of the same breed (well, one was a very similar breed to the others) and while each one has been very different from the others, the girls have definitely been more affectionate than the boys. Small sample size though so who knows!
  13. I would put this down to not all registered breeders being ethical. Plenty of dodgy breeders who are registered with the canine council.
  14. Can you sew thistle? I made a crate cover and it wasn't too difficult.
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