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  1. Uncle Troy will be cross.....
  2. @Roova Lovely @Scottsmum That is so pretty. I will get there one day ......
  3. So puppy is 9 weeks, and you've had her for 2 ?
  4. Gosh - that little leg does look as though there's some sort of displacement .... I agree with TSD ..Xray or second opinion is a good idea.
  5. YES!! buy yourself a large bottle of F10 ... and do bedding/shoes/patches where pup has vomited/pooed ...your clothes seats etc ... Hope she continues to be bright, and is well again soon.
  6. Gosh!! treating such a baby at home !! being so young , I suggest she goes back to the vet - or to another vet . Things can change very quickly with parvo
  7. K9 Angel - hello 6 years - wow .... It probably seems both like yesterday , and a lifetime ago for you .. Hope all is well with your family ..and that you are still enjoying making lovely things .
  8. Puppies are wonderful - also a LOT of work . These links might help you : I have not used these ... but find that input from many sources can help with making your own plan > Just remember - your pup is very much a BABY ..and will still be locked in to the habits of where she grew up . Much thought, time and patience will be need for the next 12 mths (and beyond ;) ) LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK
  9. Congratulations on the Full House!!! ;) Looking forward to photos at some stage
  10. Yep, sadly it is done to prevent unauthorised breeding
  11. maybe phone your vet if you are worried ?.. I don't know what's in Coca Cola ...or how it affects dogs ...
  12. Spent some time with this old guy & his dog yesterday (click on image to view larger )
  13. Cute little A.I punkin, and such a pretty pink sky, scottsmum!..once again , where you live has great views!!
  14. @SmokeyR67
  15. Aww.. half mast ears We have lots with our dogs . They just add character . As Mingaling said ( and she is a very experienced groomer/dog person ) It is NOT something to just "do" for a beginner ..or to a pup this age . The ears might still shift shape - .