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  1. Thank you so much for this update it sounds ad if the universe is getting things organised for you !
  2. Oh. Are there Pluto Lippizaners?
  3. I have trouble 'reading' him ... He does't show a lot of emotion, really ..Dear Don is an open book .. as was Molly . Puddley - I am now spending more time with him , using a lot more treats, and hoping to fall in love properly at some time ;) The Boss bemoans Pud's hearing/sight limitations, as The White Hound can really cover a lot of ground with an easy lope , like his mum & grandma ... he does have 'eye' , and enjoys chasing the feral goats (on the other side of the yard fence ) Pud also doesn't have a lot of delicacy or finesse LOL- 'bull in china shop' comes to mind .When he jumps into the rear tray/cab of Rodeo ..he is only stopped by the cab wall ! Thankfully he does love his bed - now I've fortified it with a HUGE thick blanket that he can't scratch out the front onto the dirt ... He gets called Pluto , Pud, pudjly (my most common nickname used for him) , and gives us lots of laughs :D
  4. Time to start taking dog photos again .... I so miss my Molly ... Anyhow .. here's the Puddeny one this morning , sniffing out rabbits in the paddock ..and using "eye" on Mary . (doesn't work on her)
  5. Lovely update
  6. wow..guess alpacas are still 'wild' animals then? usually (feral) kids & lambs happily accept bottles after the first one or two . makes for a lot of work
  7. So, at half the size..... pruning of trees would be a much lower level ;) a good thing!
  8. @Jodipug How's the search going ?
  9. maybe a squeaky toy ..or his ball , or one of your sox ... ..a bit of dry rabbit skin can work wonders ;)
  10. What a fantastic photo!! Shows the lad looking all fired up <3
  11. My little Molly's favourites were an opshop grab basket children's toy .. a soft face thing with a horrible laugh when squeezed/activated .. and a mini Jumbo jet soft toy , with all the sounds of a take-off !! Don loves that one as well .
  12. T - how big do MINI's grow? (thinking only)
  13. It is not sensible .. but desirable. baby kids are adorable ..and cute, and fun , and ... I have had numerous over the years .. the old pic here is Gladys .., with her favourite ball , her browse branches hanging on a chair... she lives indoors for a couple of months, as she was only a week or so old when I was given her . yes, that is her cushion by the heater ..she would sleep on that during the day , and in a cat basket at night . she was taken outside often, of course , and rarely messed indoors. She lived happily ( and crankily) with us for some years until, unknown to us, she stole a whole loaf of bread, which caused her demise from bloat . Kid goats are certainly one of THE most entertaining of baby animals .
  14. @Carl These things to read may be of help to you CLICK CLICK
  15. Is it really necessary for dogs to be worm and flea treated every month? it seems a lot of chemical every 4 weeks or so ..., esp in these times of most everyone cleaning up dog poo... I seem to remember worming every 3-4 mths , and flea treatments if/when needed. Obviously in paralysis tick area the procedure will be different ;)