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  1. Dementia assistance dogs

    YES!!! there was a very good reason why the swaggies/alcoholics/ knobby-knee'd kids /widows, of years gone by usually had dogs .Those dogs were a part of life ..they provided different things to their owners, depending . Back when The Boss & I were quite young, we had a yellow lab . She used to always 'tell on us' , if we went somewhere/did something wrong/not safe - she'd race off & tell Mum ......... *sigh*
  2. Farewell Darcy

    An oldie but a goodie ..I remember Darcy Rest well, Old Fella ... So sorry poocow.
  3. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    those photo links are PDF ..which means they need to be downloaded ,then opened ? She is very sweet
  4. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    If you maybe start a new thread in 'General' asking for recommendations for BAER testing in Adelaide .. that way you will hopefully be told of the ones folks here know of or have used best of luck with it .. ( oh ..and we really need Ragamuffin photos !!!!! <3 ) owners of really cute pups are compelled to post pics :P
  5. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    Hmmm..a BAER test now sounds a good plan . The breeder doesn't sound at all concerned
  6. Poo bags and plastic waste

    these are made of corn ... scroll down to read ... https://compostapak.com.au/#story-part-1
  7. Kelpie Information

    LOL ... suburban kelpies certainly do not need 60 km run each day ... What they DO need is lots of MENTAL exercise Educating/using their brains will satisfy them and relax them . Some of these links might be of help to you LINK LINK LINK
  8. How do they know?

    oh..and you got close enough to take smartphone photos?? !!!!!!!
  9. How do they know?

    aaarrrrgh ...... Dogs hear/smell snakes ..and I believe the 'odd' method snakes move also draws a dog's attention .. ours usually bark/growl with a very different note of aggro/alert than usual for a strange human, or feral cat ....
  10. Staffy and Australia Bulldog

    If they are both female there may be more involved ...
  11. $10 bounty

    good idea in principle ... Hope cat owners now keep their loved ones inside- or they'll be easy pickings!! Unfortunately , it doesn't clarify how cats are to be killed.
  12. Perses' Pups

    Pud..his good side ...
  13. We Welcomed a new Dog to our home on Saturday

    I remember a photo of your Brother & his gorgeous dog ... I hope Lola can help improve his days with her quirky habits & cuddly looks <3
  14. We Welcomed a new Dog to our home on Saturday

    Lola ..welcome
  15. Quiz on canine body language

    14/19 as well