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  1. The only good possum is a dead one! When I was a kid, it was common for boys to go out and trap possum or poison them, then skin the carcasses and sell the pelt to the buyers. It was a good income for a young boy. Nowadays the possum carcass is plucked using a machine. Possum fur products are lovely and warm. Nothing better than a pair of possum fur lined ugg boots to keep the chill away. Possums are a huge pest in NZ, very much as unwanted as foxes are in Australia. They prey on our native birds, strip our forests and can spread TB amongst dairy cattle.
  2. The South Taranaki District Council (NZ) did this at the end of the season this year. All three pools in the complex were open, from a toddlers paddling pool, learners pool, and the main pool. 80 dogs turned out, from little poodles, Rottweilers, bull terriers and of course Labradors. Most of them were offleash and had the most incredible time. No aggression between any of the dogs. It was such a success the council is planning to make it a yearly event at the close of season.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'd hate to think that she has been shocked.
  4. No, she's not debarked. The short hair is from her current collar rubbing. I can't take it off to let it heal as I need to be able to grab her quick if she decides to play up. She's not very well trained. She has aggression issues with other dogs and I thought possibly the owners had decided to use a shock collar to "retrain" her. If they did, it hasn't work, lol.
  5. Hi. They look to be three to four cm apart. Sorry I can't find my ruler.
  6. Sorry had trouble with uploading. This one shows one of the scars close up
  7. This dog is in rescue in NZ and I have just noticed that she has these two scars either side of her windpipe. She didn't have these scars 12 months ago. To me they appear consistent with the use of something with prongs. I guess they could be from a badly fitting collar where the buckle has rubbed as well? Photo one shows one o the scars close up and the second photo shows both scars.
  8. Schedule 4 (the one which bans importation) was only added to the dog control act in 2006ish after an attack by a crossbred dog of a young girl in Auckland. The breeds were here way before that. The Perro de Presa Canario was added later, after the death of the woman in the United States.
  9. There are APBT's and Dogo Argentino's here. Apparently there were a couple of Fila's at one stage that were show dogs. The other breeds apparently do not exist in NZ. No, the breeds specifically named in the schedule of the Dog Control Act cannot be imported. Australia has a similar ban on specific breeds entering its borders.
  10. Not seen it but have skimmed most of the thread. The five breeds banned from importation are also classified as menacing automatically, meaning they must be muzzled and leashed at all times when in public. If the local authority has enacted section (blah blah, can't remember the clause and part) of the Dog Control Act, then those breeds must also be desexed. It is these breeds that the Auckland City Council is targeting. I'm guessing once the amnesty is over, Council will be going door to door seizing unregistered dogs.
  11. I don't think calling the purchaser dumb is warranted. She wanted a specific crossbreed, searched for it, and when she found one advertised, went and purchased it. Not everyone wants a pedigree dog, for what ever reason. She was right to sue on the results of the DNA test which she feels proves her dog isn't a cross of the breeds he was claimed to be. The test may or may not be accurate. I'd lean to not accurate given the results I've seen from other tests. If only more duped purchasers of purebred, pedigree and crossbred puppies would stand up and make the breeder/seller responsible for
  12. Have to agree. A barking, rushing bullmastiff is enough to scare anyone. I'm sure the police weren't there to hand out lollies.
  13. Bull Terrier worst for a lazy teenager? Bull Terriers love sleeping in the bed with you all day. Sure they love a good walk as well, but are just as happy to sit with (on) you and watch TV, or snore under the blankets.
  14. :laugh: Yes, she would be. Happy to send all our possums back.
  15. The video says that the cat and dog were adopted together from a woman going into hospital. Nothing about the cat being a stray.
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