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  1. Just thought I'd pop in with an update... I bombarded Giddy's owner with questions over the weekend. It seems his general anxiety may have been triggered by a 'clean out' over the last few weeks. Giddy's Mum had a big clean out of the family home, ridding it of much clutter as her two boys grow out of toys and clothes etc. As the family have moved house twice in two years, poor Giddy thought they were moving again as boxes were packed and stacked up in the back room. The boxes will be moved out promtly and his Mum will try and be more discreet in the future! Regarding his fear of hard fl
  2. My thoughts exactly, re: the floor issues. Will ask her to take him to the Vet for a full exam.
  3. Not sure. I know they aren't overly impressed with the Vet in their town, so generally travel to see my Vet. They always visit when they do, so I'm guessing he hasn't been for a little while. Will certainly suggest it. Thanks!
  4. I have received an email from one of my puppy owners who is having some issues with her Vizsla. This has happened very suddenly and has quickly escelated to become difficult to live with. Background: 6yo Male (Desexed) Vizsla named Giddy. Always been an amazing dog from day one. Never had an issue. Ever. Was one of two Vizslas in a family of two adults and two children. Adults have seperated and the other Vizsla has since deceased, but both these were at least a couple of years ago and Giddy coped well. Giddy is very much a part of the family. Lives inside but with access outside at all
  5. Thanks for the input. I'm still undecided.... I imagine adding garden lime would assist in breaking down the waste, but wonder if the lime would have an adverse affect on the worms?
  6. I've heard the same thing, hence my reluctance to just go and buy it! I've heard that worms won't work with dog poo because it is mostly meat-waste. Mind you, I haven't heard these points from overly reliable sources, so hoping someone here may use one! :laugh:
  7. Just wondering if anyone has used the Yard Art Pet Poo Composter and what you think of it? Would rather not spend $179 if it's no good! Thoughts? DETAILS HERE! :) WEBSITE HERE!
  8. aliwake this case can hardly be compared to a victim of gang-rape! We pay compulsary TAC insurance when we register our cars. This case was deemed a 'motor vehicle accident' regardless of the cause, so she has just (finally) received the compensation she deserves and is owed. If the victim of the gang-rape had been paying insurance against such an attack, then her 50K payout would seem unfair. You are right though..... when this accident occurred there was no law regarding dogs being restrained in vehicles. It was a freak, terrible (although somewhat strange!) accident that has changed he
  9. You can take us off the list Monteba.... no puppies for us this time around. Seems like October is NOT the month for puppies! :laugh:
  10. Congratulations on your little boy! I have experienced the same thing.... reasonably large litters followed by two litters of two! I have to say I much prefer having a smaller litter.... it allows you to dedicate so much more time to each individual pup. It's also a lot easier on Mum too! Within a week my bitch looked as though she'd never had a litter! She's in season now, actually, and has gone all broody.... has taken over the whelping box and is carrying-on as if she's pregnant!
  11. I agree with showdog.... best to use a 'premmie' nipple and baby bottle. Chemists sell the nipples. I think my fav was Pigeon brand or something like that. These flow slowly but consistently and seem to be the perfect shape (sort of 'flat') for pups. I tried the old-school latex nipples years ago and wouldn't bother with them now.
  12. Congratulations Valleygirl! A terrific AI result!
  13. Just reviving this old thread for more discussion. I have had a hell of a time with itchy skin on one of my dogs for the last couple of years. We tried everything available from washes to steroids. We recently started feeding her this Meals For Mutts, the grain-free variety, and within a week the itching stopped completely. Hair has started to return to where it had been lost as well. This particular girl always had a 'sour' smell about her too, as if she'd always just eaten fish, and no amount of bathing could get rid of it.... it was just her affected skin, I imagine. This has also alm
  14. Just my two cents.... I have always used DogTainers Melbourne for my domestic puppy shipping and recently contacted them regarding both an import and an export for two different countries. Within the hour I had received all the info I could possibly need as well as a follow-up phone call to ensure I received and understood everything. I know who I'll be using next year for my international requirements.....
  15. Such an interesting discussion. I can't really imagine how I'll feel later about taking on a new dog. Certainly even at forty I have reduced the amount of dogs I keep so I guess this trend will continue. I can't imagine not having a dog at all, but I guess when I'm "old" and find myself with no dog, I would be reluctant to buy another. I guess it will all depend upon my children and whether or not they would be able to/want to take on any dog/s after I pass or become unable to care for them properly. As a breeder, this is something that I have had to consider many times. I have refused
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