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  1. Further tests indicate B cell lymphoma which is apparently more receptive to treatment. Vet has recommended possible clinical trial - fingers crossed she's eligible!
  2. Sincere thanks for your responses. We're waiting for the additional test results and I want to organise a specialist appointment to really get our heads around her condition. SASH is on my shortlist. Thanks again.
  3. My mother's 9 year old corgi received pathology results today, stating 'probably lymphoma'. The first signs were a soft lump in her abdomen and bruising. My mother is beside herself and was talking about euthanising the dog tomorrow. While I persuaded her to give the vet the go-ahead for the lab to run more tests, she thinks it's of no use. I'm just trying to ascertain what stage it's at, whether the dog is in pain and what quality of life can be expected. Any suggestions/experiences welcomed.
  4. Here's an update on the staffy and other animals https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-30/disabled-dogs-new-homes-after-raid-storybook-farm-brisbane/11056074
  5. https://www.pressreader.com/australia/the-sunday-times/20190113/283412012856762
  6. Just in case you haven't heard of this competition: http://www.artandabout.com.au/australian-life-photography-competition/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=fb_AL_Bne-Syd-Melb-Adl&utm_campaign=AA_2017-18
  7. Apologies if the following has already been posted - http://www.executivestyle.com.au/a-dogs-life-tula-the-rescue-dog-is-a-better-photographer-than-you-gp54g9 Tula is a pretty talented photographer. Her Instagram account is better than yours, probably. It's definitely better than mine. This all seems fairly impressive to me, because Tula is a dog. The four-year-old rescue dog is the photographer behind Canine Happy Hour, which features pictures of dogs at dog parks, from the perspective of a dog. You can find her on Instagram and on Twitter. Facebook too, naturally. The brains of the operat
  8. This business apparently hires traps and is based in Prospect. http://feral.biz/cage-traps/
  9. My boy Louie gets intermittent head tremors which vary from 30 seconds to two minutes. He responds well to treats - they seem to snap him out of them.
  10. Many thanks for your suggestions and well wishes. I'm sure B will come around - it's just surreal to be out of favour after all these years, particularly when the other two haven't skipped a beat.
  11. I returned home yesterday after almost a month in hospital. Two of my three dogs were excited to see me but the third (B) didn't seem to recognise me. B came from the pound in 2006 aged approx 2 years old and has always had a few quirks, ie she's very wary of strangers and thrives on routine. Mum looked after the dogs at my place while I was away. While she previously didn't visit for a couple of months at a time, B never forgot her. Things haven't improved overnight - while curious, B is still very wary of me. Has anyone experienced something similar?
  12. http://www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au/news/l...rs/2130635.aspx KEEPING pets and their owners together is a specialty of Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Services, president Debbie Edwards says. A new grant from the Bendigo Uniting Care Outreach Board, Ms Edwards says, will help organisation to reduce the number of pets being surrendered by their owners. “It will help us support our community support programs in providing assistance to disadvantaged pet owners,” she said. “If we can keep people from surrendering their pets by covering the cost of keeping their pets, the better it is. It’s
  13. http://www.agedcareguide.com.au/news.asp?newsid=5473 People nearing the ends of their lives can turn to hospice care for comfort when there is no cure. And now, pet owners can get the same kind of palliative care for their dying companion animals. The American pet hospice service in Greater Cleveland, Rainbow Bridge Pet Hospice, offers in-home care for senior and dying dogs and cats. "Euthanasia used to be the only way to end a pet's suffering," says local veterinarian, Gretchen Kocher. "Today, as with humans, pet hospice provides care, comfort and compassion for cats and dogs when they c
  14. http://www.news.com.au/money/money-matters...9-1225887538529
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