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  1. Actually It's not marketing spiel that kibble helps with dental hygiene. There are studies that support the statements. Here is an organisation of professionals who have validated certain studies for products - http://www.vohc.org/index.html Generally the benefit comes from the larger size kibble or the shape of it - which works in an abrasive way. Further, in dental specific kibble there is an additive in it which targets plaque or tartar. Of course, kibble alone is never going to be enough.
  2. I've had a giant breed on long term Pred but never saw water consumption that great. I'd be reviewing with the vet ASAP as too much water can dilute bodily fluids and affect sodium levels - and this is a health risk. You'd want electrolytes in the water. Don't know the dog's weight or Pred dose but average water need is 20-70ml/kg a day.
  3. Depends how the dogs are. My experience with dogs in NYC is they are bought up in that environment so are used to things like walking in groups, dog daycare etc and toilet on command due to living in apartments etc. I have never seen a reactive dog there (not saying they don't exist). Leaving aside the rules here - I don't think dogs here would be as manageable in a large group.
  4. Royal Canin does not represent quality for money - look at the first 3 ingredients. Black Hawk is questionable in my experience - too many people report issues and variable quality between bags/ batches. Stay Loyal or Canidae would be worth looking at.
  5. If you're going to feed kibble heaven knows why they were the options given! Euk is not a great choice. I am not a massive fan of Black Hawk overall. Proplan do a sensitive stomach one. Or maybe look at the Prime 100 patties? Otherwise maybe look at gut health with something like kefir? Get in touch with sas at The Balanced Canine for some tips. It could be too that the Pred was actually masking the issue this whole time - rather than coming off it being the cause.
  6. @Panto - as far as I can recall, it is the same rules that apply regardless of origin of the import as it is the Biosecurity regulations re time and temperature.
  7. It doesn't really matter if it is or not. Fact is that regardless, it won't meet AU import laws so becomes a moot point.
  8. Well if it is not heated above 40 degrees Celsius then I suspect we don't need to get too excited about the product arriving in Australia as importation requirements include time and temperature heat treatment for meat based products - and from memory, the lowest temp (combined with longest time) allowed is 70 degrees. If a manufacturer cannot meet time and temperature then import permits cannot be granted. This is is a requirement of our bio security laws.
  9. What relevance does a Finnish database have for Australian bred dogs. Yes giants may not love as long but you're looking at 9-11 years on average for a Dane and in that time you are more than repaid for having them in your life. There is nothing quite like a giant breed!
  10. I'd go for a male Great Dane from a reputable breeder who health tests. Be prepared to wait for a puppy. Mind you, giant breeds and not long lived tend to go hand in hand though. Males are sookier - there are temperament issues in some lines so that's why research in breeder is critical. Generally low low energy aside from a daily walk. That said - my 9.5 year is still an energiser bunny and has been known to tire an Malinois out...
  11. OMG! Who has seen our own DOLer alumni's aka Serenah's new book?? I love it! I don't have a dog that will lie on his back with his legs in the air - I feel I am missing out sometimes! I love seeing 'our' people succeed - there has been a few here now (some still here!) which is awesome. ETA for linky: https://www.qbd.com.au/upside-down-dogs/serena-hodson/9780733639289/ - I think I have locked away a secret Santa pressie!
  12. Bitten 3 people and unpredictable behaviour makes it a no brainer in my books - PTS. It cannot be much fun for her in her head either.
  13. Just because breeders feed it (usually because they're on paid deals with the company as ambassadors) doesn't make it a good food! These are the top 5 ingredients: Chicken, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, and Maize Gluten - followed by chicken fat. The fact it is chicken vs chicken meal means that it is chicken with water weight still in it. Take out the water and guarantee it drops below rice as the number 1 ingredient and maybe even further down still. So you're paying $140+ for a large bag of mainly cereal. Compare it to Canidae All Life Stages - Chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal, brown rice, white rice are the top 5 and at the same price as Advance. Pretty easy to see the difference!
  14. Advance is a very low quality food for the price...to grow a large breed well look at something like Canidae.
  15. Surprised to hear quality issues given their experience with the DOOG brand.
  16. Don't believe everything you read - especially coming out of the US. I have never heard of road kill or dead live stock from farms being used in dog food. Stick to quality reputable brands and you will be fine. Of course your vet recommended a RC prescription diet - they stocked it and know very little about diet in the scheme of things. Go look at the Balanced Canine on FB and her truth about kibble series, especially what you see in prescription diets. A dog's weight can easily be managed on raw - just feed less!
  17. What Spotted Devil said. Stick to a high quality dry like Canidae until pup is grown. With respect to the prior poster - Black Hawk is a pretty average food in the scheme of things. If budget is a concern then look at Stay Loyal or Meals for Mutts.
  18. Go back to feeding him what he was on before perhaps? you might simply need to feed 2 different foods to suit their individual needs.
  19. Hope you are all across the phosphorus and calcium ratios in your raw diet if you are feeding it to a giant breed puppy. I'd always raise a giant breed on an appropriate dry food until critical growth had finished and then move to raw. Only get one opportunity to get their growth right.
  20. I'm so sorry to hear this. We've lost 2 of our Dane threaders this week
  21. @Maddy So I am coming to Hobart. Someone has suggested I check in with you as to which cafes you avoid so I know where to get good coffee?! Preferably no patchouli burners! Barista should have beard or man bun!
  22. Calcium to Phosphorous is more important for the growth of large breed puppies - studies support this. You want max 1.2:0.9 ratio. High protein levels are not the issue.
  23. Check at Sacha at The Balanced Canine - she has conditioning programs using equipment which are great for this type of thing.
  24. No set meal times here - I'm not creating a routine! They get fed when I get home from work, pee when I get home, poo after dinner and then it's on the couch for the evening and then off to the bed.
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