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  1. My Friend Is Selling Her Husky :(

    From now on I would only buy from breeders who offer support and will take their dogs back if the situation came up. I have no intention of returning any of my future dogs, but for the dog's sake I'd rather have that comfort in knowing that things will be ok. I do think that your friend should contact her breeder first. I think she has made a good choice in ensuring that her pup has a good life where it gets the training and attention it deserves. It may have not necessarily been a 'poor decision', for lots of people this may have worked. In hindsight, it hasn't but sometimes we don't know our limitations until they are tested. Good for her for thinking about the dog first. I think some dogs in this situation just get relegated to life in a backyard 24/7 and do not become part of the family.
  2. Three Syllable Dog Names

    Barry the pug. That's cute. Didn't someone on DOL have a cat named Kevin?
  3. Retirement Breeds.

    A Cav has always appealed. With some of the other breeds I am considering for my next dog, I wouldn't be 'downsizing', not that size matters in terms of energy levels. But I'm thinking more of a breed where we would just potter around doing stuff, and going for nice relaxing walks, but not as full on with the training activities as I once may have been. I've finally figured out that I am a small dog person at heart, as much as I admire other breeds.
  4. An Unenviable Situation

    We had some fun with dogs/family over Christmas just gone. My uncle was coming, then he wasn't, then he was, then he wasn't, then he was and 'btw - we are bringing the dog'. It was fine. I played rotating dogs and it went without a hitch. I have one dog that isn't good with other dogs, depending on the dog/introduction etc, but this pairing was not suitable. Our other dog is fine but being a bit older and the visiting dog quite a bit bigger and boisterous, we kept them separated for the most part. I stayed over my nan's in the evening with my girl, more for my sanity than anything else. I'd spend the evenings with nan and glass of wine, debriefing about the day's events, whilst the rest of the family was living the chaos back at the house. The dogs cope better than the people. It was a great setup really, because families members could just excuse themselves to play with/walk the dogs and go and hide for half an hour. Worked for me anyway.
  5. I feed my little one the Canidae Salmon mostly and the other Canidae grain-free sometimes for a change (it's a little lower in protein - 34% from memory...I'll go check... yep I was right, a rare memory win for me). I can't say I saw a great jump in activity levels in her, but she was fairly active to begin with. She also gets regular bones though, so that will also effect the overall protein levels in her diet. I found the Salmon especially really agrees with her, lovely coat and bright eyes, nice stools and minimal upset stomach (she's a little sensitive).
  6. Not A Breed For First Timers

    Well, my first dog has been a difficult girl, but I'd say it's less about breed and more about breeding especially and socialisation. I did the wrong thing and bought from an unregistered breeder, we did socialise but I was too inexperienced to pick up the more subtle signs that I was going to have major problems. The first two years of her life were trying, now she is a complete joy (she is four and a half), she is better than what she was but I will always be managing her. There are aspects of her personality I love - she is clever and very keen to engage with you when there is something in it for her (yes, it took me a while to cotton on). I love training and playing with her. She is just full of energy. And she is lovely to relax with on the couch or curl up in bed with at the end of the day. Whilst I don't mind her slightly independent streak and her tendency to be a bit bossy, I'm looking for a softer, more people-focused dog for my next dog. From great breeders with dogs with wonderful temperaments. Combine this with an owner who has learnt lessons the hard way... I am pretty confident that my next dog will be a totally different experience. Edit - there are heaps of breeds that I admire and appreciate that I would never own. Just not the right fit and I've got a much better idea of my limitations now!
  7. Chihuahua - Menacing Dog

    No problem with this dog being declared menacing. As an owner of a small dog, with anti-social issues to boot, it makes me quite angry that folks do not protect others from their animals, and their animals from harm. My girl would never be allowed to wander in my front yard, she would never be allowed offlead except in private fenced properties. The incident in question was completely preventable. Pity the owner is not taking responsibility for the incident. Edit - oh, and is it ok to get shitty with people who don't care about small dogs behaving inappropriately? I take my role of guardian very seriously with my current girl who is well-managed and much improved, but in the future I hope to have small dogs that are a complete joy for everyone to be around and that I will be proud to have in the community.
  8. If I Died - Dog Retirement Villages?

    My girl with issues is to become my parents dog in the event of my death. She is to be PTS if they cannot look after her or if they die. She cannot be ethically rehomed and I'd not ever want her put through the stress of being away from her home and people and in a shelter environment which she would not cope with for the last days of her life. I would do things differently depending on the dog. Either they are rehomed via breeder/family or rescue group that fosters or they will be pts. I think it is important to think of these things and it is another reason why I will always go with a ethical registered breeder/rescue group that will take back my dog in the event of this happening. My current girl is a BYB special. My family and I have had this discussion and are well aware of our wishes. Edited to make sense.
  9. Yes, I have certain colour preferences with my potential next breeds. I would prefer a sable and white or black and white pap, a black mini/toy poodle and a fawn and white or brindle and white whippet. But honestly, when the right dog comes along, I won't care about the colour. I'd not make a choice based on colour. I'd not wait for the 'right' dog with the 'right' colour, but I would wait for the 'right' dog no matter the colour. I don't see the problem with waiting for a colour preference, as long as your other requirements are met as well. I'd only be concerned about it if you were compromising in other areas. ETA -toy
  10. Dog Just Died Anyone Up

    So sorry, Jules. Run free Brock.
  11. Would You Give Your Dog Ice-cream?

    The little one loves yoghurt. Licked from the tub/bowl after I'm done. It's the sweetest thing... she knows she gets it and I can tell she's excited when she sees/smells the yoghurt, but she just lies beside me until I ask her if she want some yoghurt and her little butt wriggles and the chops are licked. Dawww...
  12. This is very objective research. Which breed has the cutest puppies in your opinon? I'd have to say that Corgis are the cutest puppies in the world to me. Both Cardigan and Pembroke. Whippets are also very cute as babies. And Italian Spinoni. I love seeing puppies and saying hi, I'm not such a big fan of raising baby puppies (just prefer the older pups and adults is all). It's nice when the puppy is someone else's - you can just admire them. I would never consider a breed based on cuteness as puppies, obviously. Corgis are not a breed I'd consider, although Whippets are. I really like Poodles (smaller varieties) and Tibetan Terriers, but I don't think as puppies they are very cute. I think they make beautiful adults though. To me, the most beautiful dog in the world as an adult is the Saluki. Gorgeous. But not for me. I can see there may be a lot of Sid references here. Feel free to post pics of gorgeous puppies. Edit - Ooops - Spinones!
  13. Breed Prejudice

    I often walk my parents' staffy x and sometimes people cross the road. I think that's just fine. An ounce of prevention. I can see why people wouldn't want to take chances. Sometimes they even wave from across the road, so I don't think it's a 'zomg, I hate your dog and death to all staffies!' I truly think it's people just being cautious. I think that's great because so am I. I also acknowledge that some people have dogs with issues and they are trying avoid triggers. I like to see dogs owners in control and on the ball and I try to be the same. The staffy x is a good natured dog who has some select doggie friends, but she isn't a candidate for dog parks (I'm personally not a fan anyway). She is what she is and I'm watchful in her interactions. Can't say I've had trouble, but I've also had an offlead small dog come at her very aggressively and she didn't take to kindly to it, but I had control. Of course the owners just laughed it off. If it were my small dog (of which I own one, see previous post), the scene would've sent chills up my spine... I wasn't very comfortable myself at the time and my dog wasn't in any immediate danger. The staffy is constantly outrun by my nan's whippet. She whines and dives down on to the floor in a play bow. She is used to being slower than other dogs, even my little one can outrun her. A sudden burst of energy and it looks like she is in with a chance and then Abby takes off and fifth gear and is all over and she's left standing there. She can be a rough dog, but she seems to match other dogs fairly well. I've never had a problem with her and my little one, but I acknowledge that her style of play is not fun for a lot of dogs. Therefore, she doesn't even get to play with every dog she knows. Edited to make sense.
  14. Breed Prejudice

    I don't like seeing any offlead dog. My girl doesn't like other dogs and it becomes tiresome when other people's dogs are offlead and don't have control. And from experience, the great majority of people don't have that control. But yes, I do cross the road if dogs are onlead in certain circumstances. I don't really mind what others think. I always have the safety of my dog as a first priority. Also, I wouldn't put her into a situation where she could frighten or hurt another dog either. I always try and be two steps ahead. She is a small dog.
  15. All Things Whippet!

    I didn't even think about the microwave. We don't really have food out often anyway. The muffins I had just bought over to Nan and I was in the process of finding another suitable container to put them in but I got carried away in a conversation lol. They were slighty warm and I had taken the lid off and they smelt pretty good to me, so I figured that the temptation was just too much. Lovely pics, Merrirose. I especially love the ones of the bubs exploring the water.
  16. All Things Whippet!

    I have one who is terrible. I've caught the whole dog on the bench twice, not just paws. Lets just say I wouldn't even leave a piece of bread on the bench and turn my back. If I have something cooking or thawing and I want to leave the room, he comes with me. My Afghan once ate the remains of a loaf of bread (about 3 slices) including the bag Needless to say I made him vomit pretty quickly :D Well, I had a sneaky suspicion that Locke had it in him, cause I have seen him up on his hind legs having a good old look at the bench a couple of times. Yet, I still left the muffins out on the bench today. Clever, huh? We will have to make the kitchen a food free zone except under supervision I think.
  17. All Things Whippet!

    Are whippets notorious bench surfers? You know, when you leave yummy cheesy muffins out of the bench.
  18. Is This For Real?!

    I was horrified when a 'family friend' informed me that she 'had to get rid of Zues.' When I asked why she had to get rid of Zues, she said that she had been informed that he wasn't a purebred SBT. I said, 'Well, you got him from f&%*$# PP, so what do you except?' And then I asked why on earth she surrended him anyway. 'Oh, I don't want a mutt. I want to breed. I already have another pup lined up.' Through my anger, I asked if this new dog was a registered dog with papers. Nope. I do believe I walked out of the room in anger that day and I've actually never personally spoken to this women again - not that I really liked her anyway, she was my parent's friend. No point even trying to point this women into the right direction. She had no feeling toward the dog she just sentenced to death. To make me even more upset, she told the RSPCA that the dog jumps up and bites. Now, I had seen this dog. It was a young boisterous dog that needed training and more exercise than it was getting. I told her as much on that occasion but she wasn't all that worried about it at that point. Sorry, some dogs are just doomed from the moment their family chooses them.
  19. A Small Brag

    Well, it's a brag of massive proportions for me... I am so happy! My 4 1/2 year old girl is fear aggressive. She has her best friend - my parent's dog - to play with and they get on wonderfully. She used to get on with my Grandma's older girl, who has since passed on. She was raised with these dogs. My nan recently got a lovely whippet boy. He has been a great dog, a wonderful companion for my nan and a great exercise partner for me (now I'm walking three dogs), not to mention an interesting introduction into the world of sighthounds. I previously thought that my girl was destined to have one canine friend in this world and in the back of my mind I was starting to worry for the future. I never intended to have just one dog. If I didn't have more than one dog, I'd certainly want my dogs to have some canine friends. Anyway, this feeling of her having just one mate has been playing on my mind for quite some time. Can you imagine my joy, when today, after some very careful introductions and some time and patience, my girl and my nan's whippet boy played together? It's early days yet, of course, but I feel that they will be great together with some careful supervision and common sense. Edited to add something. I am so grateful to this beautiful whippet boy, who shows wonderful calming signals (also very impressed with how my girl has come along in this department). He has impeccable manners and his play signals simply cannot be misread, even by my socially inept poppet. I've shed a few tears of happiness today. I simply didn't think it possible.
  20. A Small Brag

    Thank you guys, I am still buzzing. :D Here are just a couple of pics of the dogs in question... I was kicking myself for not having a camera charged and ready to go yesterday. I was probably too busy enjoying the moment anyway. Edit - not the best pics out, sorry. And yes, whippets are pretty special, aren't they?
  21. Training Treats

    Man, I've been so lazy lately. I'd love to do what you do B_Q. Usually, I just forage around in the fridge and find some cheese. I do cook up chicken and use left-over meats. I did up heart once and she didn't like it. For special jack-pot treats, she loves to lick (sweet) yoghurt out of a container. Makes me wonder if she is a sweet tooth... maybe I should test her on doughtnuts for some extra special treats? I find that we do better when I chop and change my treats (fair enough, I like variety too). I have a vest, a couple of jackets and about 3 old pairs of pants that are dedicated to training. I stuff pockets full of treats and make sure I retrieve them out of pockets when I've finished. And I don't go anywhere else with my dog training clothes. I don't like training bags. I started out using them, but it's just easier for me to use pockets. Much more natural for me and therefore it makes it easier to reinforce in a timely manner. I used to get my treats stuck in the corner of treat bags and would spend most of my time rummaging around awkwardly. I don't seem to have the same problem with pockets. Spelling, grammar etc.
  22. Post Puppy Depression

    Zug Zug, you should not feel guilty (yes, I know... easier said than done) about rehoming your little dog. It simply wasn't working and you rehomed responsibly. You made your dog and another family very happy. I don't think for a second that I could 'stuggle on' with a dog that I simply did not click with. For all I said about my Abby, we did 'click'. It wasn't the wonderful bond we have now, but there was something there that could grow. It was difficult at times, but it just needed time and some dedication on my side! Sometimes that isn't enough.
  23. Dol Slow Cooker Cookbook

    Thanks Hesa, I've paid.
  24. My girl would prefer the bed over the crate anytime. But we've had a very long reinforcement history with that. If the crate is out at home in my bedroom (usually only in winter) then she will seek it out if she isn't invited elsewhere. She will choose the crate over her dog bed. But the crate is usally set up outside where we play crate games. She drives into her crate and loves hanging around in there when we are training. If I ask her to go into her crate at any time she is happy to run in there and stay there. Yes, I consider her crate trained as she is happy to be in there. On the occasions I have decided to sleep her in the crate, she is content.
  25. Fixing An Issue

    Completely OT again, but this really resonated with me in my approach to piano practice. I have pieces and techniques that I am quite ok at, therefore I love them, therefore I practice them... ALL the time. I have pieces and techniques that I suck at and therefore do not practice them anywhere near as much as I should and I have a tendency to gloss over them. It's not as simplistic as above, because I do try and shift my focus but I do have to force myself. There is a very deep satisfaction when you do make improvements with things that challenge you. And yes, I do this with training a lot. Lately, I have been trying to plan my sessions around what I need to address and balance this with stuff we love and do well. My ultimate goal is that both categories merge together lol. I find that if I don't sit down and think and plan, I just do what I have always done.