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  1. Juice, How did you go at the vets yesterday ? Gee has this thread gone off topic... what has children or their manners go to do with dogs on seats at the vets. Maybe in the near future vet staff won't let kids on the seats either...who knows.
  2. Dobermanns are great dogs but the breed has some serious health problems...so be aware because you don't want to spend the last 6 years of your dogs life on medication as I did and nobody cared.
  3. Don't forget to check out the signs and if dogs are on seats ask Reception why they allow some dogs on seats and not others.
  4. Not to mention toilet seats and take away food. A few years ago I went to the butcher in the shopping centre...as I was waiting to be served I looked down and saw two blowflies walking across the meat (maybe they were shopping too) anyway my turn came and I said "do you realize blowflies are on the meat" and the girl just brushed them away and said what would you like...to which I said "nothing now" and walked away...then rang the health department. Dogs on furniture here too.
  5. My Rottie (God rest her soul) who was a very gentle girl...walked her into the pet barn and people walking out nearly died of fright and all never came anywhere near her. One woman picked up her child and ran. Many years ago I owned a Dobermann and sitting at the vets was a couple and their kids...I said do your kids want to pat my dog and they said yes...they are all patting her when I said do you realize you're patting a Dobermann...well they all pulled their hands away husband said..."But she's brown".
  6. As you serious...it's the vets not someone's home. It's the staffs job to keep the place clean...not the client and as for kids they should be kept under control just like the dogs. As for Courtesy and manners...it should apply to the staff first as it's also part of their job...but you wouldn't think so with one or two staff who like to play God with people. What's happening next..frisking people at the door in case they have sharp objects in their pockets that might damage the seats. :mad
  7. Was this before or after the signs went up. In march at dog training I was asked what vet I went to and this person said..oh they don't like dogs on seats...I said I've never been told that...little did I know what was coming. Can't say I have ever paid attention as I waited outside. You missed my point though - it is pretty clear to a number of people which vets you are talking about and you're not being too kindly about some staff and you may be doing yourself a disservice if you intend on using them in the future. Glad some people know which vets I'm referring too...the more people that know the better as everything I've said is true...the whole purpose of this thread is to let others know how some staff treat some people...go there put your dog on the seat and see what happens...you'll either be told to remove it or nothing will be said...what a joke. I suppose in the end it's all a matter of how much crap a person is prepared to take...like any other business if staff don't treat clients with respect then they will go elsewhere.
  8. Was this before or after the signs went up. In march at dog training I was asked what vet I went to and this person said..oh they don't like dogs on seats...I said I've never been told that...little did I know what was coming.
  9. Then you know what it's like...yes the vets are very good but they're not the problem. When the manager (you know who) and the staff at the counter tells you to take your dog off the seat and the vet says "we have dogs on the seats all the time" and doesn't think it's a problem then something is very wrong. Years ago the staff were very nice and that's what you want...but it's not like that now. I don't care how popular they are either and I know they couldn't care less if I went elsewhere.
  10. These are the seats that all the fuss is about. As I said if the rule of no dogs or cat carry cases on seats was applied to everyone fair enough...but it's not and the rude staff doesn't help either.
  11. Chloe goes to this vet about once a month to have her claws clipped because she won't let me do it. Being an ex-Rescue it's a good form of socialization...the first time I took her she wouldn't go in the door...was very scared tried to get away and bit the vet twice and for the next few visits the vet put a muzzle on her. One year later Chloe walks in calmly...sits on the seat calmly (until the staff turned on her) and lets the vet clip her claws (no muzzle) and gets a treatie. She even sits on the scales...what a good girl. As I said before this rule is not applied to everyone which really gets me. Chloe went to open the vets door the other day (if you have a GSD you know what I mean) the receptionist said "don't let her do that,she'll damage the door"...true. How could my girl damage a steel door...these staff are bloody paranoid. Chloe had her picture taken with Santa two weeks ago run by Paws and Hooves...Chloe sat on the seat with Santa...yes on the seat and Santa didn't say no dogs on seats...I don't think Santa would visit this vet.
  12. My GSD boy Rex is also 11 yrs old and his back legs are going too...have him on glucosamine which helps but he still has trouble walking so I don't. He can hear but his sight isn't good now...unfortunately GSDs don't live very long. We hope he'll live another year...but who knows and we'll miss him terribly when his time comes. When you own a GSD the first thing you notice is how people are scared of them and I don't care what these people think...and you shouldn't either. These people are very ignorant and your not going to change their attitude...so why get upset it's not worth it. We know how wonderful the Breed is and that's all that matters.
  13. When Mrs Cranky walked out..Chloe was sitting next to me with her head on my shoulder and clam yet she still said take your dog off the seat...the vet called her Mrs Cranky... he would know because he works with her.
  14. Maybe it's time to change vets...or change staff. Next time I go I'll take a towel and Chloe can sit on it on the seat...see what they say. :D
  15. The seats are vinyl not that expensive and plenty of them...no person stands while dogs sit on seats. Chloe is a little big to sit on my lap... Tara use to sit on the same seats for years and nothing was said. Don't know why the change of attitude...as you can't punish everyone for the few bad owners because people will soon go elsewhere...sounds like BSL for vets.
  16. It's a wonder they don't check my fingernails too..just in case I might scratch the chairs. I did tell one vet nurse who also told me to take my dog off the chair..."over the years I've been coming here I've more than paid for your chairs" but I just got a look.
  17. I too am very upset...especially when this "rule" is not applied to everyone. I told them if my girl damaged the seat,I would pay...but it seemed to go in one ear and out the other.
  18. I cant get the video to work either...but sounds like just another sneaky R$PCA way to get money out of unsuspecting people...HO HO HO
  19. My GSD girl sits quietly and doesn't cause any trouble...don't know why maybe it's the breed...maybe Mrs Cranky doesn't allow her dogs (if she has any) on the lounge at home (unlike mine) and wants to enforce her will on others.
  20. Great news Dave...glad everything is going well.
  21. Several months ago I was at my vets and my GSD was sitting next to me on the seat looking out the window...we were the only ones there and there were plenty of seats when a women who I found out from a vet was the vet manager Mrs Cranky (not her real name but should be) said "take your dog off the seat,we don't allow dogs on the seats". I have been going to these vets for a few years now and have never been told to take my dog off the seat before...my other GSD used to sit on the seat too and nothing was ever said. I have been back several times over the last few months...only to notice many other people with their dogs on seats and nothing was said...even a large lab was on a seat. I said to the vet nurse if you don't want dogs on seats...put up a sign. One vet told me we have dogs on the seats all the time and didn't think it was a problem. On my next visit all these blue signs were all over the place saying something like...seats are for people not dogs and cat carry cases are not allowed on seats either... or words to that effect. The strange thing is...next time I went back after the blue signs were up...I saw people with dogs on seats and a cat carry case too...and nothing was said. The vets there are very good and I don't have a problem...it's the staff that need an attitude adjustment and a smile wouldn't hurt either. So people has this happened to you...please no arguments as to whether it's right or wrong...I just want to know if other vets do the same.
  22. Yes I'd have trouble walking one too...they do look mean.
  23. How very sad...I'm so sorry. RIP Strolchie
  24. Kirty, How sad..I'm lost for words. RIP Pye.
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