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  1. 44 minutes ago, Diva said:One of mine years ago developed a sudden and complete fear of part of the garden she had always been comfortable with. I never did work out why but it was months before she would go there again. 

    Anything’s possible. She’s usually stoic and won’t show pain and distress, that’s why this has been confusing 

  2. 1 hour ago, ~Anne~ said:

    Aww, Kat. I’m so sorry to hear Jodie’s not well. I’ve canned fb so haven’t seen any updates from anyone. 

    Could the excursion to the yard be coincidental, as mentioned above? 

    The only way you can really get it sorted is to take her to the vet. I’d explain your anxiety and reasons. I’m still on messenger if you want to chat. X

    Hiya I only just realised the other day I wasn’t seeing you on FB! 

    We have a vet appointment on Thursday morning for old-dog bloods to keep the rimadyl coming. I just caught Jodie’s panic and didn’t know whether I needed an emergency vet or if panics like this could come out of the blue. 

    She’s comfy and cool now, and finally drinking water like normal. I’m hoping for a peaceful night now, no more stressing!



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  3. 2 minutes ago, Dogsfevr said:

    Could be seizures and just coincidence she was outside .

    I wondered about a partial seizure of some sort, but it took almost an hour to settle after the first one. She's still pacing after the second one.


    2 minutes ago, SchnauzerMax said:

    How is Jodie’s eyesight ? 

    My Max is blind and has panic attacks when he encounters things that shouldn’t be where he encounters them. Massive, full on freak out like you are describing with Jodie.

     Wish they could talk. 

    Old dog, old eyes - she can spot a cat moving at the top of a street, and can find if I drop some food in the dark, and doesn't usually have any trouble recognising people as they come toward her. This has come on so unexpectedly today :( 


    She's been getting gradually more nervy with things moving around her in a strange environment, or if she doesn't see someone coming and they touch her she jumps, but today's extreme 


  4. Hi folks, long time since posting. I'm coming for all your experience on geriatric Jodie (16yo) Kelpie.

    Deaf, arthritic but usually pretty steady. No problems with NYE fireworks or anything.

    This morning she came skittling in from the backyard like a nutso panicking dog. 


    Ran through the house (losing a bit of poo on the way), sprinted back and forth, when I shut a door she jumped out an open window even though she hasn't been able to jump for a year or so. When I went to take her collar she screamed and strongly unhappy with being touched. Slowed down after 20 minutes to pacing, slobbering a bit. No obvious injuries, no bites, or scratches. Temp seems normal even though she was puffing and panting. Gums normal colour. After almost an hour, she settled to sleeping near me while I tried to work. We both had a bit of Rescue Remedy.


    Later today though, she took herself out the back to wee (I think) and again came scooting in. There was someone in the yard mowing that she might not have realised was there. She ran through the house to the window to escape but it was shut so she jumped on my bed for the first time in 18 months. She then tried to hide again this time under my desk, and won't let me out of her sight. She's eaten a bit of slurry (trying to get some fluid into her because she's not stopping to drink) and she's since done firm stools.


    It's bizarre. At 16yo, I don't want to take her to ARH/SydUni and have to leave her for scans etc. If I have to make a decision to let her go, I'll do that. But this has come on so quickly, I just don't quite know whether I've covered all the possible things to look for?


    Sorry if I'm not making sense. Five years ago I had a husband, cat and three dogs, Jodie's all that's left and I just want to honour that and have her comfy.


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  5. On my phone I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I know the Spring thing in August is always on the calendar but I'm looking for something similar, maybe not quite as big, in or close to Sydney.


    I've been talking to a young vet student who is keen to know more about purebred dogs. He worked on a Newfy today but had never heard of them before. He's down on Pugs and Frenchies because he's only seen unhealthy ones so far. I'd love him to see the passion and dedication and LOTS of different breeds for different purposes.


  6. Vebo - and a good crate is a lifelong investment. Ours has also housed a sick little rescue dog for weeks, our cat when we moved house, a random found kitten, a found rabbit (again for a few weeks, outside) and with a bit of extra wiring kept some visiting guinea pigs safe overnight.

  7. I found that our local Vinnie/Salvo groups are not allowed to sell crappy (non standard) prams or strollers for money but might point you to the 'no sale rubbish' pile. Sadly old Maggot dog didn't get much joy from our find because he wanted to sniff at ground level.

    I modified with bits of netting to stop most of his falling out but sometimes he just tried to leap

  8. Poor pug at the park yesterday had a tongue almost touching the ground. Just like that one I remember seeing ads for on Bondi Rescue that had to have surgery to put its tongue back in/together a few years ago. There's no way it would ever fit naturally. So I googled and it appears not an uncommon thing for pugs to have excessively long tongues?

  9. I need to replace the dog pool and can't seem to find the big square type I got a couple of years ago - just the small scalloped 'shell' pool. Anybody seen the big ones lately, preferably in Sydney?

    Or suitable substitute? I'd love one of those snazzy bone-shaped ones with a deck around it but they only seem to be in the USA and very expensive! Needs to be able to be tipped over or drained out, no pump.


  10. Five years ago to the day, 11 October 2011, I was posting on DOL asking for recommendations for surgery for an odd lump on Stevie's hock. We ended up with Stephen Fearnside at SASH who did an amazing job with a very strange growth in a difficult area.

    Today she's in with our local vet having a couple of small lumps taken off and he's also doing a proper biopsy on another big lump that's in the hip joint on the same leg as five years ago. Needle biopsy a few months back indicated standard fatty lump, but it's grown hard and 'different'. So I think - what if it's the same thing? Would it help with the pathology if they knew what it was last time - para-osteal-fibro-lypoma (sp?)?

    I rang SASH and within two minutes the receptionist had found our records, updated contact details, checked that all the case notes would be there (because they've changed computer systems in the last few years). Another 15 minutes later and she's called back to confirm she's checked with Stephen and they've been sent through to our current vet already!

    That's on top of just how communicative they've been over the years since the Orijen cat food horror, letting me send updates on Rocky since 2008 up until her passing earlier this year.

    :thumbsup: to SASH

    I know the $ are a hit when you first have to go there, but the long-term follow-up is fantastic.

  11. Stevie's starting on Previcox for her stiff old legs. The vet gave me the tablets and all the warnings and said 'once per day' but I forgot to ask if it's better to give in the morning so she has a better day, or in the evening to help with getting out of bed in the morning? Or doesn't it matter?

    She especially liked the instruction that she MUST eat before or with the tablet :laugh:

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