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  1. Glad to hear she's coming down. That sounds like a Phil Thomas diagnosis ;) I've just been through Black mastitis and eclampsia with my bitch when her puppies were 4 weeks old. We nearly lost her. Babies are now 7.5 weeks and she's recovered and healed well. I don't think eclampsia was the issue and they were treating her for that, when it was the mastitis that was the issue. But anyway. She pulled through after 6 days in ICU thanks in the end to Phil and his team at Pet Emergency/QVS. I hope she continues to improve for you.
  2. Not many of us for November! Here's a photo I took of all my babies:
  3. My girl did the same as last time! Temp dropped on day 63, had them day 64 (06/11/2014). Was lovely to have a daytime litter. She started after 4:20pm and had the last one at 7:06pm. She had 7 puppies (5 boys, 2 girls) from a surgical insemination. Very pleased :)
  4. Good luck! I hope it all goes well.
  5. Asalei - Beagles due 2nd November
  6. How many puppies have you had in the successful litters Lablover?
  7. Congratulations! On the weekend, I showed all three of my beagles, father, mother and son and after my boy getting his title two weekends ago, he came out this weekend and beat his mother and father for BOB. I was pretty stoked!
  8. I'm so extremely proud, I have to post a photo! On Sunday, my first home bred boy was awarded enough challenge points to obtain his title! The first Champion for our prefix, and the first Champion progeny of our first show girl. Quite an emotional day for me and an amazing feeling to have bred, whelped and raised this puppy! I love this little boy, he's a showman and loves being out there. I just hope he continues to mature well. Introducing Ch Asalei Finders Keepers (pending) at 12 months and 11 days. He was also awarded Junior in Group to top it off.
  9. Regarding live imports, this is what Genes In Motion have on their page: Changes to Live Imports 1.Reduction in quarantine stay from 30 days to 10 days 2.RNATT Test (rabies) previous blood sample taken a minimum of 60 days prior to export, now increased to minimum of 180 days 3.Change of categorisation of country – category 1 & 2 (former category 2&3) are rabies free, category 3 (formerly category 4&5) are rabies affected 4.Residency change: category 1 no residency requirement (formerly 90 days) 5.Brucellosis blood sample extended to within 45 days prior to export (previously 30 days) 6.Ehrlichia blood sample reduced to within 21 days prior to export (previously 30 days) 7.Leptospirosis blood sample extended to within 45 days of export (previously 30 days) or a new vaccination administered between 12 months and 14 days prior to export. 8.External parasite treatment to commence 21 days prior to blood sampling for Ehrlichia and maintained until export (previously commenced at time of sampling and 4 days prior to export) 9.Internal parasite treatment now increased to two treatments given within 45 days prior to export and at least 14 days apart, with final treatment given 5 days prior to export (previously one treatment within 4 days prior to export) 10.Nipah virus is no longer required to be tested 11.Final examination extended to within 5 days prior to export (previously 4 days) 12.The health certificates know as Certificate A and Certificate B have now been collapsed into a single document required to be signed by an official government veterinarian. 13.Seals on crates are now no longer required for animals that have been rabies blood tested (previously all crates were sealed by an official vet)
  10. Is she not willing to feed them SLF? You might have to get someone to help you hold her down, while you make sure the puppies are on. Put them on every hour to get her milk going.
  11. Wow, that was an exciting scroll through the thread! Congratulations to you and Reba, what a miracle litter :) I hope the continue to thrive for you!
  12. What fantastic news SLF. Thank you for your information, it's interesting to know! Crossing fingers for the safe arrival of your babies and health for your bitch!
  13. What an awful situation. I find it weird that you say she looks bright and active, but her bloods aren't good. I would have thought that bad bloods would mean she wasn't very well. Or have the affects not taken hold yet? I hope her vital improve and everything is ok.
  14. I guess my boy is still my rising star! Into puppy in 2014, he was awarded quite a few 2nd's in sweepstakes, a 3rd and was also awarded 3 baby puppy in groups and 4 minor in groups. Has amassed 62 points in 2 months of being able to obtain CC's and I'm very excited about showing him in 2014! Our first homebred baby :) Asalei Finders Keepers - Bo (8 months) It's not his best photo, hopefully we can get a better one of him in the new year.
  15. My girl has seen a few of her babies since they left and she just looks right through them and ignores them! Which is quite sad to see because they are also so excited to see her But when she see's her mother, she's beside herself!! Go figure.
  16. Does that mean it works the other way too? If it goes in for Group, and is beaten, it doesn't get to go in for Puppy?
  17. I can confirm that this horrible story did happen and as the OP said, it's something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. I actually felt extremely guilty through the whole thing as my litter was a few weeks older and my girl naturally whelped easily and had very little wrong through the raising of her puppies. It was my first experience and I had the amazing help of my husband who was there every step of the way. I felt so awful that CrazyDaisy was going through what she was, but circumstances prohibited me going to help. I hope the mental scars will heal eventually Leah xo
  18. I think I'm still in shock! My two home bred babies took three of three baby in groups on offer at Durack over the weekend! My Girl Asalei Keepin Up Appearances was Baby in Group and Baby in Show on Saturday night and her brother, Asalei Finders Keepers was Baby in Group at the Open Show and Baby In Group at the Champ show on Sunday! In addition to this, their sire, and my rising star from last year, also achieved his Title! What a weekend :) They all did SO well and I'm so proud of them!
  19. Yep! That's all we did, my cousin made the coat and we sent it off to the company that was embroidering our shirts and stuff to do the coat.
  20. I got my cousin to make one for our Beagle National held in QLD last year. It came up really well! Everyone loved them.
  21. Well done Cassie! What a cuddly teddy bear of a boy! I love my girl too, she's exactly what I wanted from the litter. I think she's a bitch version of her father. I hope she develops to be! She's the goofiest, funniest little girl. Just love her! The boy is very arrogant and loves himself. He prances along like he's a veteran show dog. I'm very excited to get these babies into the ring and hopefully have some fun with them.
  22. These are our first home bred puppies that will be hitting the ring with me in July :) Asalei Keepin Up Appearances Asalei Finders Keepers
  23. My babies were three weeks old yesterday :) growing like weeds! Stumbling around and having a good play after each feed. Very cute :)
  24. My babies are one week old today! They are doing so well :)
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