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  1. Thanks for your help. No excuse on her behalf but when I picked up my puppy the breeder (who is also a racehorse breeder) was super busy and didn't give me a sheet with all the foods etc. when I asked her she wrote them by hand but wasn't indepth. I know I could call her but I just wanted some feedback. I might try the necks but only under supervision.
  2. Quick question, I have a 13 week old puppy; was wary about giving her chicken necks at this age (she is a pug) but my local pet food supplier says it's fine. Also, she keeps eating my other dogs raw roo meat; I worm her regularly; is this OK? She doesn't appear to like the puppy food (Natures Gift canned puppy food) the breeder recommended. Can anyone help?
  3. Thanks for the feedback; I WILL contact the breeder; and speak to my Vet too. when I went to collect the pup the breeder had other people there looking at her racehorses and I know it's no excuse whatsoever but all she did was give me the pup; puppy pack (which included food, microchip and vaccination information) and nothing at ALL about worming. Didn't even think about it till yesterday when another friend mentioned it; although I've had dogs for years they have been mostly older rescues. One question, she told me to buy Natures Gift Puppy Food (FYI I am a little "anti" supermarket brand dog canned foods in any case). Loulou doesn't eat it; she'll eat maybe one mouthful at most but goes crazy on milk, dry kibble and weetbix! Which I know is the wrong thing to feed her all the time. Can I gradually change the food and does anyone have any recommendation on meat for 10 week old pug?
  4. I should add; keeping her in the bathroom when noone is at home; then of course socializing her with the other animals as soon as I get home again. And here's another photo!
  5. Here is a photo of the puppy; sorry for the late reply but things have been EXTREMELY hectic here. She is adorable. We have named her Lulu. I am keeping her in the bathroom (it has a automatic heater in there so she is warm all day), with her food, drink, toys, kong etc. The other dogs have been quite good with her but obviously it will take time to adjust PLUS I have two 17 yo cats who are a little upset! I'm sure everything will be fine. Thank you everyone for all your help and advice; ANYTHING pug related (she is my first pug) is extremely helpful. I will look for the pug thread; where can I find it on the forum?
  6. Just purchased a new pug puppy she is 10 weeks old. She is my first pug and although I researched it thoroughly before buying her I'm unsure about a few things. My other dog is a 4 yo Cav/Poodle rescue and I have my Mother's dog here regularly a 4 yo approx silky mix. I am keeping her in the bathroom whilst I am at work for a few hours a day; she has her bed, food, toys, kong toy, wee pad and everything in there.I thought it gives the other dogs a break too; and she sleeps most of the day but she is a feisty little thing. The other dogs have been reasonably tolerant but I wanted to ask about worming etc. I bought her from a breeder and they didn't really say much about it; because I got my other dogs at 18 month old I'm not really sure. Also desexing in pugs; because of the breathing; what is the best age to do it; I thought the younger the better; i'm not breeding from her. Any assistance on anything pug is MOST welcome!
  7. Just purchased a pug puppy from a breeder; I have a older Terrier female mix about 4 yo. My Mother's King Charles Spaniel is here often too. I want to know the best way to introduce them. Many articles I've read have stated to crate the pug; is this correct? i have a spare room do you think it's best to set the pug puppy up in there with food, water, toys and bed whilst i'm at work (I only work a few hours per day). The Terrier and King Charles Spaniel sleep in the lounge room.
  8. I got my Cairn Terrier/Australian Terrier X from a Rescue organisation so I have no real health history; but since I have had her I notice she has quite a sensitive stomach. I feed her special dry food for her condition; but I have tried to feed her raw mince which she often brings back up. The past few days I have found her licking the carpet and blanket on the bed where she sleeps. She has also been caught eating cat faeces from the litter tray! The problem only lasts for a few hours; I let her outside where she eats grass; which she throws up and then she is OK. Can anyone shed some light on this: I am planning on taking her to the vet to get allergy tested but has anyone had a similar experience?
  9. Question; our 2 year old Cairn Terrier X just attacked our 3 year old Poodle. Both dogs were originally rescue dogs. I've had the Poodle 2 years and Cairn Terrier X 1 year approx. There has been a little jealously but nothing major; although the Cairn Terrier X is always quite jealous at times; she was abused when a pup by previous owner and I'm sure this is one of the reasons why. Tonight she actually physically bit the Poodles Tail drawing blood trying to steal a bone from her (she already had one of her own but it was in another room). I've bathed the Poodles tail with salt water and will keep a careful eye on her tonight; depending on the state of the wound in the morning I may take her to the vet. My husband had to pull the Cairn Terrier X off of the Poodle. My question is what to do; obviously I realise to keep a eye on her but maybe obedience classes or animal behaviourist; can anyone give me any pointers. Thanks.
  10. We have recently adopted a dog from the pound who we have told had been "abused" by the previous owner. He is about one year old. although he will let me comb him, he will not let me trim his face with scissors. Does anyone have any ideas? The vet said if he gets really bad he might need a sleeping pill so they can clip him there. He is a Yorkie Terrier. Thanks for your help.
  11. I just wanted to say I used to go to Priority Pets all the time, I'm in the same area; then someone recommended me to Mega Pet Warehouse at Dandenong. They sell heaps of different varieties of meat and I must say one thing which impressed me was that you can buy raw beef / chicken with vegetables, much less time consuming. My 2 dogs loved it. The people at Priority Pets are very helpful though, if you need any info on foods etc. Try both of them I would recommend. Mega pet Warehouse have the cheapest prices and best quality meat I've bought for my dogs anyway.
  12. I used to feed these to my Maltese and Maltese Poodle X till one got stuck in my boy's throat! You definately feed them raw. I'd be very careful though I got the bone out but I feel they can be dangerous especially if the dog is unsupervised.
  13. I have a maltese poodle cross with loose kneecaps (!!! don't even ask!!!!)... when he starts limping occasionally if it gets bad I take him to the vet and they give him a painkiller and some tablets and he's generally good to go a day or two later.
  14. I have bought the frozen Leonards mince before; I certainly wouldnt buy it again; a friend of mine works there and said it's all the rubbish fat and stuff they used to throw away. For a extra dollar or two I'd go to a pet food store and buy the good stuff with no preservatives.
  15. Hi there, my 12 YO Maltese Poodle Cross has had epilepsy since he was around one year old. At that stage I was living alone and he must have had a few seizures when I was at work and I didn't know. Then he had one bad one one evening and I rushed him to the vet hospital, he was in there for several days and has been on phenobarb ever since. The above advice is great, but I also wanted to mention I believe we overmedicated Max for some years because when he was around 9 years old he got quite depressed; we took him to the vets and they lowered his medication and he has been fine ever since, runs like a puppy and touch wood hasn't had a seizure for nearly two years. My father in law is a pharmacist and when we told him about the dog being over medicated he explained what the side affects of the drug Max was on are. One important point I MUST stress is the importance of giving the dog the medication at specific times. I must say when I was younger I slipped up a few times and Max had a seizure so try your best to ensure the tablets are given at specific times....it really is most important. If any you require any further info or have any questions about it please feel free to pm as I have nearly 12 years of experience of living with a epileptic dog.
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