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  1. Very common from what I have heard. Jedda was desexed at 7 1/2 months. The morning of her op I got a phone call that went something like this: Me: Hello Vet: It's Dr J from the vet surgery. Me: Oh? *panicking* Vet: We have Jedda on the table... Me: And??? Vet: She has an umbilical hernia. We can repair it while we're at it. Cost is $27 Me: OK. Just leave enough in her so she still works
  2. at Jeanne Jedda loves mandarins and oranges. Two nights ago Damien decided to have a mandarin after dinner. Conversation went like this: D: No Jedda, not for you S: Oh, you've got a mandarin... D: Yeah? S: Jedda loves mandarins D: *quizzical look* S: Those and oranges are in her top five foods - up there with hot chips and schmackos. D: Your dog needs help...
  3. Well, groomers, I am pleased to read that I am NOT an owner from hell and should therefore be free from the "Groomers Wrath"! I give Jedda a good, thorough brushing a couple of times a week (takes about 10 mins) and clean her ears every fortnight (floppy-eared spaniel). I must admit that in the past I have picked her up from my parent's place and taken her straight to the groomer - complete with the odd burr and twig! BUT, at least they aren't stuck in matts! A visit to the groomer every few months keeps those at bay. Though she is quite alot larger than the poodles her groomer usually deals with (John Edwards), I am told she is lovely because she is so sweet. Definitely no snapping, nipping or growling! Jedda prefers the 70s hippie approach of "passive resistance", or the "if-I-look-pathetic-enough-the-hooman-might-stop-this-torture" face. Basically she is a big sook and gives in because she knows that hoomans always win and she's too lazy to fight!
  4. This is my experience from dealing with a floppy eared spaniel prone to regular ear infections. I use Leo ear cleaner (less than $20 from the vet). I squirt a bit into Jedda's ear and squish it around (kind of massage). Then I soak a cotton ball in Leo and remove any visible dirt. I repeat this until the cotton ball is clean. "Proper" ear cleaners contain drying agents to help prevent yeasty type infections that love moist conditions! For this reason I don't think olive oil would work.
  5. Almost forgot that bit! Jedda has the inside of her ear flaps clipped and the hairs trimmed/plucked from inside. This is done every couple of months when she gets groomed. Makes a huge difference!
  6. I'd seriously consider changing your vet. When I got Jedda from the pound she had chronic yeast infections in both ears. The vet knew this because he took a swab and examined it under the microscope BEFORE prescribing treatment. It took about a month to clear up with oral antibiotics and drops (Surolan). I now clean her ears about once a fortnight with Leo.
  7. Hi Charlotte, I had the same problem with Jedda. Her anal glands would just "leak". They were not impacted or infected but just seemed to have a faulty valve! The fluid that comes out is watery and a bit yellowy in colour. ie. NOT thick or gooey as this could indicate an impacted or infected gland(s). I have found the best way to limit the problem is to feed her a bulky diet so that her stools are nice and firm and a good size (a bit graphic but anyway...). Anal glands empty naturally when your dog does a poo so the healthier the stool the more likely they are to empty. Jedda used to get really stinky in the afternoons at work (she comes to the office with me). I found that training her to poo in the middle of the day helped the problem enormously! Jedda gets chicken wings several times a week as well as a good dry food. I have also learned to express her glands manually and usually do this when I give her a bath (not all that often!). Maybe try changing your little pugs diet as suggested? BTW, Jedda is MUCH bigger than your pug at 19kg so expressing is not such a delicate job! Hope this helps!
  8. At least she'd be regular! Brianna is such a pretty girl and getting soooooo big! I remember the first pictures you posted of her when she was just an itty-bitty-baby! Jedda doesn't get a top knot - she just gets a feral looking gremlin spike!
  9. Oh, it's the curse of the floppy-eared dog! Jedda had chronic yeast infections in both ears when I got her from the pound. We went through a course of oral antibiotics and two bottle of Surolan drops before we got it under control! Now I clean her ears once a fortnight with Leo and that keeps it in check. I always keep a bottle of Surolan drops handy just in case it flares up. On average Jedda gets an ear infection once every two years. Good luck! Shelly Edited to add: I check Jedda's ears every day for signs of redness/brown discharge. Also keep an eye out for head shaking and ear scratching!
  10. Oranges and mandarins come a close second in Jedda's books! And ice cream, of course. And rockmelon, watermelon, carrot, apple, mango, peach, nectarine... Weird dog!
  11. Hi Wendy, John Edwards is in Baulkham Hills. I'll PM you the details! Shelly and Jedda (A.K.A. "The Orangutan")
  12. Well, it WAS her birthday! Maccas chips are Jedda's absolute all time favourite food item and she gets them every birthday.
  13. Exactly the description I needed! I really don't think Jedda needs the top clipped as it is naturally short and sleek. She has the field spaniel single coat as opposed to the springer double coat. Toohey, Toohey, Toohey... you're too funny! Made me snort! Jedda is a bit too, how to put this delicately, "simple minded" to be a floosie! Though she does put the boys in their place when they get a bit too fresh (just ask ClickingMad's Chester the Molester!). Skye looks very pretty with her summer "do" and I think Jedda may be in for a tummy clip. And I forgot to mention her armpits! How can a girl look her best with dread-locks in her pits? I will ask John about shortening and thinning her feathers when she goes in for grooming. I had no idea how hairy Jedda would get. This is what she looked like on her first birthday:
  14. And another, less flattering, angle!
  15. Hi all, Some of you have already met Jedda, my english springer x field spaniel. I am currently going out of my mind because she is constantly picking up debris in her feathers - burrs, bindiis, leaves, twigs... tree branches! Unless I get them straight away they matt-up. Took her to Bayview for a swim last Friday and she seriously looked like she had dread locks hanging down! I'm pretty sure clipping is out of the question as Jedda only has a single coat on top with prolific feathering on her chest, undercarriage, legs, butt and ears (think of a cocker in a show clip). But do you think I could really shorten up her feathering without her looking really silly? She's booked in with John Edwards for grooming next Monday. Here's a picture of the little, woolly mammoth!
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