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  1. If anything herding instinct tends to be more about running around obstacles and flanking from the handler under arousal. Agree totally AD. IMO it's all pressure related. Some of the widest casting sheepdogs I've seem tend to be wide naturally in agility & some of the tightest dogs I've seen on sheep tend to be tight in agility. I've observed this in 5 of my own as well as many others. Doesn't mean it can't & shouldn't be addressed in training, but I find correlations between the 2 things it's the only aspect of instinct I see transfer from one activity to the other.
  2. I'm pretty late on this one, but have taught many dogs who started by jumping & biting. None were hard to fix :) The 5 biggest reasons for it I see are: 1. Handler watching dog too much & not setting good lines. 2. Dog lacks understanding of parallel position (related to above since handler is often not actually running parallel) 3. Handler not reading dogs commitment to obstacles 4. Too much standing still or decel & sending so dog is confused about whether decel means collect or drive forward 5. Handler "buys in" to dog jumping up by reinforcing it Leaving the course or stopping the dog is a bandaid. It will not fix the problem & can easily reduce drive IMO it is never related to herding instinct
  3. Colour Not To Standard?

    But there are plenty of main registered BC's with pricked ears in Aust. and plenty of main registered non allowable colours too. It seems acceptable amongst the community to main register them and breed from them...they just don't show them. I think its even more the case overseas. The BC's shown overseas are predominantly Aust lines & their deviation to the original working dog seems even more exaggerated. That is pretty much what happens anyway in BCs, despite the limited register I have owned 2 main register BC's with ABCA/ISDS pedigrees. Has this changed now? ANKC registered both of mine.
  4. Sheepdog Trial In Sydney

    Reminder that there's only 3 weeks to go till the Sydney Sheepdog Championships & Yard Trial. Hope to see some of you there! Admission is Free, will be a great weekend. Check out our website for updates www.sydneysheepdogclub.com.au
  5. Border Collie Pics

    :) I'm so lucky, she has been outstanding right from the start ...hassle free matings, easy whelping, nice fat bubs & a very clean puppy pen :). Only thing she got wrong was the order for sexes...but she's forgiven :) She started playing with them today...so cute!
  6. Border Collie Pics

    Lass would like to introduce everyone to her 4 babies. They are 4 weeks old
  7. Does anyone know if there is somewhere I can see the dogs picked up to go to blacktown over the weekend? Or do we need to wait till Tuesday?
  8. Lost 4/4/15 large red & tan entire male Kelpie. Came out of crate on back of ute somewhere near Ryde Bridge. Microchipped, but didn't have collar on.
  9. Sheepdog Trial In Sydney

    Awesome we'll see you there
  10. Which behaviours are you shaping? My terrier is brilliant at shaping, she totally gets the game and thinks & acts very deliberately. Of the 8 BCs I've had: 2 were a nightmare to shape 2 were brilliant to shape And the other 4 can do it with varying levels of frustration, but it's not the best training tool for them. I very rarely shape behaviours that are important to me. We do muck around shaping silly tricks, but anything that I need to be perfect, I prefer to lure & reward. I find it quicker & it allows me to present the exact picture I want, right from the beginning. A typical Border Collie's (and kelpie's) worst nightmare is for their owner to be standing staring at them & waiting for something. Lots, but not all will resort to manic behaviours and/or barking. Obviously if you are a very experienced trainer, your observations & timing & constant communication will reduce frustration, but it takes a while to get to that point for most. If you start with shaping & get barking or overexcitement right from the beginning, you are setting a precedent for future training. Most of mine (haven't taught the pup yet) are able to watch me do agility with my other dogs if they are in a Lie Down stay. Because they're in a trained behaviour, they are doing a job and they have been taught to wait for a release. They are more likely to bark in a closed crate.
  11. Sheepdog Trial In Sydney

    :) I can guarantee you're not alone there! True. They are very different activities though...sheep work is so much about instinct whereas agility is not at all about instinct.
  12. Sheepdog Trial In Sydney

    Be warned Kavik , I remember taking a very young Trim to the last big sheep trial in Sydney...I knew then & there that I would be out there with a dog one day. It's taken a few years, but now that I'm doing it, agility has definitely taken a back seat.
  13. Sheepdog Trial In Sydney

    It's very exciting And something you would generally have to travel a few hours to see. I'm pretty sure it clashes with Goulburn agility trial