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  1. one at dawn at one at dusk.
  2. You cant go wrong with these guys
  3. Council cant insist on anything that is not state legislation and I've never heard of a single person anywhere in Australia that has actually been fined for not desexing their dog. They may have to pay a higher fee but forcing people to desex their dogs, their property - nup.
  4. At least once a week I have to go after someone who is advertising as an MDBA member who is not and that's not just on gumtree - it can be anywhere and nothing anyone can do to stop it except what we are doing and belt them when we catch them and answer questions about whether someone really is a member when we are asked. So as with everything else someone can buy from anywhere - its buyer beware and good ethical breeders shouldn't have to be over regulated and treated as potential criminals because others are doing the wrong thing. No matter what the laws say or requirements to advertise are on any site if the buyer is going to buy without doing some basic checks at the end of the day nothing will stop it. If anyone really thinks that being registered with a state CC is some kind of tick that they wont be stung or that the pup will come from a good home should take a good look at this.
  5. I just advertised my new Maremma babies on Gumtree. I was asked if I was a breeder and if I was registered.Clicked yes to both. Ticking anything else such as vaccinated etc was optional .I was never asked for my member number, or chip number of puppies etc and the fact that I put my Dogs NSW member number in the ad was by choice because of DogsNSW rules not because I was compelled to do so to place the ad via gumtree.
  6. To the OP there could be any number of explanations - go back and ask the breeder before you worry about it being shonky. If you aren't satisfied you could then ask for help in what you could do.
  7. Well done!
  8. Ive never had to do any of that stuff to advertise on Gumtree.They ask if you are a registered breeder and you tick yes - certainly nothing specific about ANKC Sorry just because you think ANKC is the only way a breeder can be registered that doesn't mean everyone else thinks the same way. Anyone can advertise on Gum tree thankfully without any requirement for numbers or evidence they are registered with one group or another. People I speak to don't expect ANKC registered and all that and so far only one state makes you ad a microchip which you can ring in or a license number. Dogs NSW require a member number but half their time would be taken up with trying to stop people using them when they are not members. In the last week the MDBA has had to report two who have advertise they are our members and even added a fake member number.
  9. Try this one - Beautiful dogs and really great breeders nireno
  10. In NSW [which is Where Deniliquin is] WORKING dogs have to be registered but its free - ordinary farm dogs still need to be chipped and registered.
  11. This has never made any sense to any breeder who knew the science of breeding dogs and who knows that the canine reproductive system is unique .It is detrimental to our female dogs to wait too long to breed them and to breed them with gaps rather than back to back. This is a prime example of when it should have been that our CCs were saying "bugger off and don't tell us how to suck eggs because we are the experts at it " But this is how it goes - the do gooders push for anything they can think of to lower the numbers bred then the government call together a panel of "experts" .That turns out to be welfare, animal rights, vets and one representative of a state CC and that is usually someone who knows jack shit about actually breeding dogs and the science for the species. So they sit us down as a sheep with a pack of wolves at the dinner table to vote on what is for dinner and before we know it everyone is being educated on how to breed dogs and what is best for them by animal rights.The code of practice comes in and then the state CCs have to tell their members they have to stay within the rules .At no point does anyone ask what is actually best for the dogs - and you have to be brave to say what is best for the dogs out loud because then you get flogged including flogged by breeders who at some point should be told the truth about the science.
  12. This is the year 2017 and this colour issue is easily tested for and eliminated. I promise you some colours are kept out for no other reason except that the founders dont /didnt like the look of it and these days its about politics where those who are running the breed clubs play power games. Colour dilution alopecia does not occur in all dogs with blue or fawn coats, and the frequency varies within affected breeds. It is the result of a faulty version of the d allele, known as dl. Not all breeds carry this faulty allele, and the majority of blues are completely healthy. There are various different D alleles, and only one of these causes CDA. Technically this makes CDA a recessive allele, as it is recessive to D (non-dilute, non-CDA) however dl is dominant over the standard d allele. What this all means is that CDA can be bred out of most lines by careful breeding and genetic testing to eliminate the dl allele in favour of the healthy d allele.
  13. Breeding more litters does mean you place more pet puppies but it also means you have more choices in which ones you keep and breed on with. These days if a breeder is breeding to work toward betterment of the breed by upping the numbers they are spoken of as pond scum because they are only in it for the money - puppy farmers. But a breeder who breeds more has a greater chance of making a difference to their lines and the breed in general. How can what is happening be good for the breeds? but you cant have it both ways - if we breed less others will breed more - grown up people who want Frenchies wont change their mind because registered breeders want to limit the supply especially when in the wings they are being told the show breeders are the cause not the solution of their dogs having a chance at being healthier. Wake up Australia.
  14. the fact is a breeder cannot contribute to the breed if they are only breeding a litter or two per year. This clearly is where the CCs want us to go as they fall in line with animal rights but any breeder that wants to make a difference to the breed where it really matters needs to breed MORE litters and MORE puppies.Or we need thousands of small breeders breeding a few litters each per year actively working together for the common goal of improving the health or whatever of the breed. This is the only way you can select for the all of the things that go into the betterment of the breed - you simply cant do it if you have limited choices and shrinking gene pool with less diversity. Genetics experts reckon you need about 20 irls and 5 boys to be able to select the healthiest and best to breed on with.Its not the non registered breeders who are doing harm to the breed its the CCs and the show breeders who think that breeding less makes them more of an expert and breeding less is better. Its not - its straight out propaganda that most of us have swallowed and perpetuated.
  15. But the problem is that puppies from healthy parents that have been tested for everything imaginable still get sick and if its due to a conformation issue such as Brachy head health testing isnt going to help. Breeders have to select for dogs that are less extreme to lower the incidence of health problems. Hip scoring has been the biggest rip off of the century and any dog can still get it including those that have parents that have been scored or tested with perfect hips.Insurance companies would still be paying the same whether breeders test or not.