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  1. http://www.mdba.net.au/membership/becoming-a-member/breeders.html We start there and then take a quiet poke around to see if anything turns up that we might want to know to make an educated decision
  2. Yes I understand that is your perception and that some from the purebred pedigreed dog world don't see it as we do. We have been offering foundation services to the Australian Cobberdogs now for five years and our public trust is doing just fine. So far everyone is happy with their breeders and their dogs and membership is climbing at a great rate. I don't feel that the attitude to the MDBA has changed over all since the Australian Cobberdog came in. We have always been beaten up and that escalated with the pedigreed dog people when we introduced our registry.It just gave them something
  3. Yes we do have them in our registry and if the breeders wanted to advertise that they would do so.The website is where breeders can advertise if they want to - obviously as we have over 2000 active breeder members most don't advertise all the time and some only advertise in our directory when they actually have puppies for sale. We don't happen to agree that the current system of public showing is the best option for evaluating how a dog stacks up against a standard or of evaluating its fitness for purpose and we are not alone in that as is well evidenced world wide. We have our
  4. Cant see the general public has an issue with it and the Australian Cobberdog breeders are in high demand.
  5. There are no listings for Labradoodles in the breeder directory and the directory is where breeders can advertise if they want to. It isnt any indication of membership. Wouldn't matter if we had a foundation registry or not some people would still say negative against what we do as they were doing even before we ever registered our first dog and I don't see any negative impacts for us or our members for having allowed the Australian Cobberdogs into our foundation registry. We believe what we do is what is best for the dogs and that's what we have based our decisions on. I expect t
  6. The Australian Cobberdogs are not in the stud registry - they are in the foundation registry as they are developing a new breed. This means they are doing everything a purebred breeder does except that as yet they have not reached the criteria required for the breed to be considered a breed in its own right. That isn't the same as having people who are breeding crossbreeds. and it is allowing them to use our resources and accountability processes to ensure it is what is best for the dogs and the people who take them into their homes. the ANKC lists their criteria for a new breed to be recognis
  7. If they are MDBA members they have third party accountability and they are screened before they come in and we have a great system which enables us to spot any potential problems and act on them. Anyone that purchases a puppy from an MDBA member gets free membership and we build relationships with them and they are encouraged to tell us the good and the bad and share with all of us their journey as their puppy grows and lives with them. All MDBA breeder members promise to put the health and welfare of their dogs over any other goal such as ribbons or money or fame. We care most about how they
  8. In 14 years there have been 7 dogs allowed to be used which were on limited register and most with the permission of the breeder. No one just gets to use a limited register dog without explaining why or without approval from the breeder. We are not obliged to do that but we ensure the dog that comes in should not be eliminated without checking for health and welfare issues. Perhaps you should take a look at how many dogs have been upgraded to the main register without the breeder's approval by the groups who actually have that as their rules. Limited register is not always use
  9. Who don't follow ANY ethics? Hence encouraging breeding for the wrong reason? Define wrong? Is breeding with a focus on the health and welfare of a dog the wrong reason? Because that is the only thing our members are encouraged to do and as far as I know that is all that they do. We allow any puppy to be advertised which has been bred by one of our members who follow our ethics and because they are not necessarily eliminating a dog that is healthy, and well temperamented that is an asset to the gene pool because it is a colour that is not recognised in the show standard they have better a
  10. Well actually we do check every person who wants to join and we do know much more about any breeder coming in than the ANKC knows about their members because we have a huge focus on the people and we do screen them before they get in and we have several systems in place which are very effective at keeping an eye on what they are doing. We also believe that if you focus on the way the breeder feels about their dogs they are less likely to get into trouble with welfare issues and with or without complaints they have us in their hair. The MDBA wasn't set up because we were not
  11. You cant go wrong with these guys http://www.nirenokennels.com/
  12. Council cant insist on anything that is not state legislation and I've never heard of a single person anywhere in Australia that has actually been fined for not desexing their dog. They may have to pay a higher fee but forcing people to desex their dogs, their property - nup.
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